Destination Truth: Josh Gates Journals

(Enjoy this installment of my tween-like Beiber-crush'ish journals about Josh Gates and his fantastic show, "Destination Truth" and always shown with an appropriate pic of Josh and his necklace in keeping with the episode. Oh, and don't miss the trick quiz question at the end.)

Josh Gates Journal: March 22, 2011

Josh is looking for the Ucumar in Argentina, a Bigfoot/Yeti-like creature. They will be poking around an abandoned prison. He's sooooo brave! (heart beating fast)

I wish I could send Josh a protective cape like a superhero. OMG! He'd be so cute in it! I guess his totally cool necklace will protect him. (dreamy sigh)

He better not go to any beaches down there. Those women in bikinis in Argentina are beautiful. What if he falls in love? What if he marries a supermodel? What if they have kids??? OMG! I'd be totally devastated! (deep breath)

Just in case, I looked ahead in the TV guide and it doesn't look like he stops to get married along the way. (exhales) LOL, now I can concentrate on really important things like seeing Josh in his khakis! LOL

Josh, this video is for you. You won't notice any other women while in Argentina. You'll just be seeing this in your head the whole time...

What piece of evidence got Josh international news attention?
a. Bigfoot hairs analyzed to be nonhuman primate.
b. A cast of a Yeti footprint.
c. The bones of a potential alien from a Chilean cave.
d. A photo potentially of the Orang Pendek.

**Don't forget tonight is the new show "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" on Syfy and I do believe it will be one of my top favorite shows. I've seen 2 episodes and I'm very pleased!**


  1. I have a sudden hankering for a burger and fries. ;)

  2. Don't mess with Sasquatch,and bring plenty of beef jerky.

  3. Way to distract a guy...

    Didn't they make a cast of the Yeti foot that was proven to be legit? I think I remember hearing about that.

  4. It was the Yeti footprint...

    I am so excited at DT and Marcel being on tonight!!!

  5. Bingo--you're right! Yeti cast! Hey, that video was for Josh, did you watch it? Shame on you!

  6. I'd better not tell you how many times I replayed your belly dancing video.

  7. Timoteo;
    You crack me up! Do you think that would keep Josh from looking at the Argentinian women? hee hee. You'll like my post going up in a few minutes. I'll be hiking in Tucson in mid April.

  8. Not a josh fan I gotta say. Doesn't do it for me. Now your video....well...haha
    Oh, my answer is B, no A.

  9. CB;
    I love Josh. He's smart and funny and a big kid which I totally relate to. Well, perhaps I should do the show with him and then you'll like it, huh?

  10. Timoteo;
    You like hiking and live in Tucson--we should bring you on our adventure!

  11. Timoteo
    We're probably going Sunday the 17th of April.


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