"Battle LA" Coming Tomorrow!

**I did a teleconference Q&A with Josh Gates today. Expect the recap of it tomorrow**

That should get you wondering...

This is a much-anticipated action movie. There really haven't been any of these this year to speak of and honestly since the beginning of the year, I haven't turned my head for any trailer except this one. I usually hate CGI and over the top stuff, but if you're going to attack LA, it makes perfect sense; don't do a half-assed job.

Get in the mood on their site and play the game.

Here's the trailer

I'm actually stoked for this one. I do admit being sucked into "Independence Day" and "Cloverfield" and this looks like a combo to me. Admittedly, this is not a new concept, "Signs" and "Independence Day" spoke of us being colonized. Still, I think I might like the characters enough to give a shit what happens to them. That's a rarity these days.

Starts tomorrow, March 11th!


  1. Sounds like a great Drive-In
    movie .
    Do they still have those things ?
    I would like to see it at a Drive-In.
    I wonder if I could get someone to
    see it with me at a Drive-In ?

  2. I'd totally see it at a drive-in with you. I see a few other cool horrors coming out that might be good for a drive-in too like Red Riding Hood and Insidious.

  3. so looking forward to this :)


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