Sunday, March 6, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Documentaries!

It's Adventure Sunday. I plan to stir up your lives and make you think about living and being adventurous. Even if you can't go Josh Gates style to Indonesia (and who the fuck wants to take a 15-hour flight?), I plan to get you going with adventures. First, I did how to dress for adventure.

Since the weather is not accommodating for most folks now, we're going to focus on adventures from with-in and then as the weather gets better, with-out. Today, we begin your life as an adventurer by learning, asking questions, seeking truths. Documentaries are the perfect place to start and I have a place online where you can pull up any that strike your fancy.

I found an awesome site called Top Documentary Films and sat back, delighted to find in their "documentaries list" that they had just about everything I could think of. Here's a sample of the types I pulled aside and watched.

5th Dimension Ghosts
Ghosts of the Underground
Crystal Skull Legend
Dan Akroyd Unplugged on UFOs
Ancient Mysteries Bigfoot

I do admit to a certain obsession about documentaries. A dream day off includes rain falling outside, a steaming cup of my homemade hot cocoa and a marathon of documentaries. I love the music, the narrator, the creepiness, the experts, the whole thing. I want to go into it with questions and come out of it with even more!

The thing I am discouraged about is that in recent years documentaries have changed. I love Michael Moore and I know his heart is in the right place, but I'd honestly rather have him hounding Capital Hill than making documentaries. I don't want someone going in and saying this is a documentary when they have an agenda. I want lots of information, spread out in a way that says, "we know you are intelligent and will gather your own conclusions, we will not spoonfeed you our point of view."

Consider this the prep for the Sunday Adventure posts to come. I am going to teach you more about how to bring adventure into your daily life and as the weather gets nicer here soon, I will give you unusual and often unknown places in your area to do a day hike to a ghost town or abandoned area or some famous movie location, weekend trips that include ghost-related stops on a road trip with a stay-over in a haunted locale.

My goal is to make us all shake up our lives, look for new experiences and bravely take that road you don't know and go forth with the curiosity and bravado of a child. As you can see above, I have my hat am ready to join you!


  1. Will be looking up the documentary site. Sounds like it should be a lot fun!

    Nice hat, BTW!

  2. The hat is perfect. Especially necessary in our brutal sun here. Enjoy, HN! If you haven't seen the Dan Ackroyd UFO one, it's good.

  3. What a cool site- thanks for the links!

  4. Sounds like fun, but I will also be headed to the fod channel to watch Chopped All Stars. I love cookin'.

  5. You're welcome, Bleaux

    Have I got a show for you! I'm a very good cook and I love food channel, but I just got the first two episodes from Syfy of Marcel's Quantum Kitchen and I will be featuring a post on it this week. It blew my mind away! It was my favorite cooking/reality show of all time.

  6. Sounds like a cool site. I will have to check it out. I also love being lazy on a rainy day, drinking hot coco and watching a bunch of great documentaries, especially those on BF.

  7. There's an old abandoned mill in northern Utah that mormons use for graffiti to welcome home brothers returning from missions.

    Some people say it's haunted...

    I'm planning a trip there in the next few weeks. There will be pictures, hopefully vids...

  8. Julie;
    My dream would be to own all the BF documentaries. Right now? I have about 15.

  9. I'll be sure to check out the documentaries... I agree with you about Michael Moore as well

  10. G;
    We are kindred spirits. I know it's not popular to say that about Michael. He's not a documentarian, he's an activist. I'm a leftie liberal and I admit that.

  11. Wow this sounds really cool and I look forward to your documentary posts to come. I just love going to places and learning new stuff. Just not of alot of that in my area that I know of.

  12. I think all documentaries express the filmmaker's a point of view to some extent; it can't help but come through in the editing process. Decisions need to be made about what to include and what to leave out, how much to compress timeliness in the interest of cohesion, etc. Those are subjective decisions that will certainly influence the tone of the finished work. The best documentaries strive to give you the most concise, well-rounded picture of the subject possible. They don't pre-package (or as you say, spoon feed) the conclusion. It's not easy.

    Just as an aside, I also agree with you about Michael Moore. Even the most ardent Moore fans I know no longer attempt to make the case that his movies are legitimate documentaries. His shoddy fact checking, misleading editing, and willingness to censor critical data that conflicts his pre-determined narrative conclusions have been pretty well chronicled. He's about as much of a documentarian as Sean Hannity is a reporter.