Wicked Cool Site to Help Writers and Bloggers!

You have a blog and sometimes go blank on what to write. You should add some new content, but it's so much effort. What if you could jump onto a site that shows you lots of eager writers who want to promote their books? What if you could interview them by email and showcase their book, allowing you to have an easy post and content that makes people take your love of your blog's subject matter seriously?

What if you're a writer who wants their book to get noticed, the word to be spread through the blogs? You can put your book's info on here for bloggers to decide if they'd like to showcase your book and interview you.

This site, "BlogTour" is brilliant!


  1. This place sounds great. We need to get the word out about our book with every source we can find.

  2. They seem like a good source and the idea is a strong one. I am curious to see how it grows as time goes on and how many people catch on. It's always good to have a new source for post ideas.

  3. Aw, crap! You mean I can't just sit around waiting for my brilliance to be discovered?

    I'll check into it!

    (Just what I need - another way to avoid work! Ha-ha!)

  4. I know. Isn't work just that thing that gets in the way of the Internet?

  5. Thank you for the link! And the book is wonderful, ladies. Well done!


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