Trolls! Can't Get Enough? Here's More!

This is out on Netflix (above). Bless my Norwegian brothers who made this film! I'm so excited. I've waited my whole life for a movie about Trolls. My father told me as a child that trolls were used to frighten children into behaving. This movie looks like it might just frighten adults into--running! Looks like fun and I have yet to see a Scandinavian film I don't totally get!

Here's the premise according to IMDB: A group of students investigates a series of mysterious bear killings, but learns that there are much more dangerous things going on. They start to follow a mysterious hunter, learning that he is actually a troll hunter.

(above: Troll dolls. My favorite troll ever--a statue made by artist Kim Graham. A video of creepy disturbing trolls)

According to Wikipedia, a troll is a “member of a fearsome race of creatures from Norse mythology…human-like folk of the wilderness, living underground in hills, caves or mounds…A cunning and deceitful people, living in the woodlands or mountains. Trolls come in many different shapes and forms, and are generally not fair to behold, even though the female trollkonor, or sometimes even male trolls, could appear very attractive until a character spotted their tail. Trolls were often said to be able to change their appearance, and did so in order to trick humans into doing what they wanted. For example, a troll may present a beautiful appearance in order to trick a character into following them into their mountain home, then hold the character captive for year.”

I became obsessed with trolls from my father who came from Norway. He had a reverence when speaking about the mythical creatures. I also grew up in the time period of troll dolls. Admittedly, I didn’t like the bright happy colors. I wanted trolls to be something that should remain hidden beneath a bridge, lurking in the shadows, haunting the forest caves where they scare away other creatures. I’d love to see someone do a scary movie with trolls that is worthy of the dark creepy aspects of them instead of the gremlin-looking badly automated beings of past movies that make you giggle instead of cringe.

Literature about trolls:

Short stories:
“The Billy Goats Gruff”
“Peer Gynt”

Troll limericks

“Lord of the Rings”

Contemporary: Online, a troll is someone who wanders from site to site leaving grumpy-pants negative messages. Obviously, a term referring to coming out from under his bridge to gobble up the passersby. Luckily, there are no trolls in my blog’s followers, must be a sign of luck.


  1. So I was completely convinced that this was the COOLEST documentary ever until I saw the troll attacking them. Meh. But still looks awesome! I'm going to check this out on netflix once I'm finished watching Spartacus: Gods of the Arena.

  2. Oh oh!!! Finntroll! You MUST look at them! Lol!
    That band is built on the essence of trollishness... They even sing in Old Swedish because it simply "sounds more trollish" :-p
    Their songs are all about trolls and everything, different stories about trolls (Of course it's in the swedish but there are translations everywhere :))
    And Skrymer... He's the guitarist, He draws all the album artwork and everything... I LOVE what his trolls look like.
    They have a song called Eliytres, which is where I got my WoW characters name. :-)

    Not Finntroll related: When we were packing up my house, I actually found one of those troll dolls. ;-p

  3. L.I.I.;
    Report back. I expect this to be of Syfy caliber, but I will watch anything with trolls attacking--it's just too damn awesome!

    I am going to get one of their albums pronto! My son's fiancee got me hooked on the icelandic band Sigur Ros. The movies of Scandinavia are as good as the music. Unfortunately, you can't have everything because the food seriously sucks, except for anything tastes better with lingonberries.

  4. Great blogticle, Starry Sister! Of course, as you must Gno, the "truth" about trolls being cannibalistic was toned down by certain tourist boards in Scandinavia as to not scare away prospective touristy revenues. Ever hear of this Horror gem about Elves? I have gotsta add it to my collection.

    Best wishes, always,
    Bror of the Boar Clan

  5. Bror;
    Oh MY GOSH!!! Was that Dan Hagarty? Holy hell! I gotta see that one. Thanks for the heads up, bror! I'm still laughing my ass off.

  6. Cheesy as the effects may be, this thing has gotten pretty favorable reviews so I am hopeful that it will at least be watchable.

  7. Keep me informed! I am DYING TO SEE IT! I'm so in the mood for this kind of movie and trolls are my favorite thing in the world.

  8. Well, since your blog has no trolls, I'll fill the void:
    "Blogging iz dumb, yo!" Just kidding, the post is awesome.

  9. yes @ Finntroll, they are pretty cool folk metal

  10. HN;
    Yahoo--my first troll! I have The Fog lying out on my coffee table to remind me to watch it when it gets dark. Let me know ahead of time about your event. I'd love to be a part of it and promote it.

    I just heard some of Finntroll and I am impressed. BTW, your profile pic confuses me greatly.

  11. Quite the troll historian you are, child. This was all news to me.

  12. MM;
    Glad to inform you on important matters, my friend!

  13. Heh, the best thing about Finntroll is they (all excluding Skrymer and Vreth) resemble trolls. :-p Skrymer and Vreth just look like Elves. Pretty Tolkien Lord of the Rings Elves.
    I do suggest looking at the translated lyrics though. They have some fun stories. :)

  14. Hey Soraya;
    I just looked at one of their music vids. I really love their look!

  15. I just watched that movie not too long ago. It had it's moments. Good sound work.
    I would have killed those kids out in the middle of nowhere though, if I were the troll hunter.
    Ignorant punks follow me on to boat...:D
    (Best one-liner in any movie; surprised it hasn't made the rounds as some sort of meme.)

  16. RR;
    You've teased me enough! I'm can't wait to see it. I loved "Gargoyles" from the 70s and I get the feeling this will remind me of that, just campy fun. Plus, the Norse know how to make it dark and moody in the atmosphere department.

  17. I am a bit sceptical to watch it. It plays as an amateur documentary would.

  18. Hey Echo;
    Yeah, it's one of those Blair Witch/Paranormal Activity types of movies that sucks you in with the real feel and then gets kind of weird. I admit that I loved "Gargoyles" from the 70s and this seems to have that campy feel to it. Sometimes, I like campy horror, like "Dead Snow" and other times it totally falls flat. Since I find Norwegian films usually do a great job of spooky atmosphere, I'm probably going to like it just for the location. Fingers crossed!

  19. hey, good luck on the movie being the best! oh well, you know, if it's 'lame', you make a REAL one!

  20. I have a screener of TROLL HUNTER in the mail on the way to me as we speak!! I've been following this one for almost a year and cannot wait to finally see it!!

    There's no telling when it will actually be available on netflix .... I've had "saved" films in my queue for years now!!

  21. Wait, Syfy caliber like Sharktopus? Or Syfy caliber like MegaShark vs Crocosaurus?

  22. Scott;
    I cannot wait for you to review it!

    I'm thinking the caliber of "Abominable."


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