Syfy Happenings and My Upcoming Josh Showcase!

Tonight, new season of "Ghost Hunters" (yawn) Did I mention "Ghost Hunters" is starting ANOTHER season tonight? At this point, I think some viewers wouldn't mind watching them pick lint from their bellybuttons. Personally, they showed no growth or change in all those, what is it--7 seasons??? I say "off with their heads!" It's not entertaining and it's not even informative anymore. It's like taking Algebra for the fifth time, all I hear from the teacher when he speaks is "wah wah wah wah wah." All I hear when Steve explains the haunting to Tango is "wah wah wah wah wah." And, at the end of the episode during reveal, Jason will say for the umpteenth time "and things of that nature."

(Josh's head on Indiana's body)

On the bright side, my favorite guilty pleasure, "Destination Truth" has a live episode kicking off its new season on the 17th of March looking for Banshees in Ireland--wahoo! God, I want his job! No, I'd rather be his sidekick. Expect me to launch the show with its own goofy show-day fun. You know how FoF I do the tank top shots and then LAUGH episodes? For GA I do music videos and the drinking game? Well, Josh baby needs his own showcase and I'm going to give it to him like only Autumnforest can when she's stalking, ahem, admiring someone. You'll have to see what I have planned on St. Patty's Day.

I hope you're watching "Face-Off" on Syfy Channel. I am addicted to it. I find myself rooting for certain participants. I really loved last week's when they were designing new horror movie villains. This week, they are going to do old-age makeup.

Syfy has announced a new show in conjunction with one of the most disliked Top Chef contestants who was rather young and cocky but a damn good cook! He was very much into the new technology of cooking using rather space-age appearing techniques. Here's what they have to say about this one--I like the idea and will be following it avidly:

"Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen."  The series, premiering March 22, follows Marcel as he dreams up creative menus and produces extraordinary events and celebrations for all types of occasions while having to use every ounce of imagination and scientific experimentation in order to deliver a once in a lifetime experience. 

Syfy still needs me to orchestrate my brilliant paranormal show concept, but for now I will watch their other programs and amuse myself until they decide to get serious about their ratings.


  1. Paranormal Pajama Party! Woo! (trademark: me)

    I agree on Ghost Hunters. It's hard to stay original after so many episodes (see: Mythbusters) while keeping the same format. I'm still a fan, but not as much as I was, say, 3 years ago.

  2. Tonight Modern Family and Hot in Cleveland will be on my TV. As for GH, I will record it and maybe watch it later. I am very excited for the return of DT and can't wait for their first live show. I am curious to see Josh doing an investigation live instead of just hosting. The man is a hoot. I am also a fan of Face Off. I enjoy watching how they get their ideas, create the product, materials used, how they solve the problems, and what the final project looks like.

  3. L.I.I;
    Check this out:

    I would really like to see Face-Off continue or perhaps do something similar with up and coming horror directors.

  4. Can't wait to see the live Destination Truth episode. Hopefully, it won't be saturated with Q & As and celebrity investigators who talk about themselves WAY TOO MUCH.

  5. Andrea, don't you know it! I hate the inbreeding occurring on Syfy. They get one show with ratings and they make everyone else dangle from it to try to get attention to their total crap shows. Poor Josh, he's kind of carrying the channel right now.

  6. I've caught some Face Off here or there. It was entertaining.

    Marcel stole his coiffure from the Heat Miser.

    Ghost Hunters. Oh, man.

    March 17th is a long way to wait for banshees.

  7. Pangs;

    Face Off-very cool, but it's on super late here at 11 pm. I hate that!

    I agree--heat miser, definitely or the Dutch Boy.

    I don't now why, but 3 weeks doesn't sound that long for me to wait for Josh. I am eagerly making amazing pics of him for the posts. The one for St. Patty's day made me laugh so hard, I fell off my office chair. I can hardly wait to do up the DT episodes in a manner they deserve.

    Yes, GH, (shrug)

  8. Restaurant kitchen is a good scary start for new season.

  9. Echo;
    I'm willing to give it a look and see if it gets my attention. Not sure it'll be anymore interesting than the boring food channel shows.

  10. Dammit, I'm stuck without cable, and no "Face-off". That show sounds completely awesome! Ah, well, wait 'til DVD it is.

  11. HN;
    At least it might appease your curiosity. They have had them do some amazing things but my favorite so far was they made them come up with a new horror movie villain and then they had to design a catch phrase, a storyline behind it and a poster.

  12. Sorry the GH boys are a disappointment. I felt the same way about Buffy season 6. :) I'll have to check out the other syfy selections.


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