Samples from "Was That a Ghost?"

(my son designed this cover. He's also working on my book trailer. If you're interested in his art, check it out at

I'm working the final edit on my "Was That a Ghost?" book. It's written to help people with the #1 question I am asked over and over again, "this thing happened to me, was it paranormal?"

Each chapter has a little introduction to make you think about the subject matter, followed by a quiz. Here is the introduction to the chapter on "Belief Systems" and their role in what we encounter and how we interpret it:

The spiritual is based within the person and doesn't need an intellectual filter, it's as instinctive as sense of smell.

I kind of look at it like this: I can't explain how electricity works, but to me it magically gives me what I need when I need it. If I learn how it works, it becomes a science. If I don't know how it works, I take it on faith.

I don't think it hurts to take things out of the faith and into the science because it actually makes it more miraculous.

When you look at the human body, if you know nothing about it, it's a wondrous thing, but when you understand how the components work and how amazing the odds are that an ear would be shell shaped to pick up sound waves, you now have more proof of the miraculous.

So, education should generally make people more awe-inspired.

At one point in the book, I make this observation:

Just remember this; it takes only one paranormal event for a nonbeliever to suddenly want to seek answers for the unexplained and change his entire life. But, one debunking in the field will not make a believer stop believing. Having a genuine paranormal experience forever changes one.

In my chapter "What is Paranormal?" I put this in the introduction:

It doesn't matter how it comes to us. Paranormal events can take many forms, change people's lives, disrupt families, create dialogues and investigations, wonder and amazement, fear and horror. But, when we get to experience it, we are baffled how it can coexist all our lives and we don't notice it until one unguarded moment. Some never experience it. Others experience it frequently through life. Ultimately, at some point we must come to a conclusion; is it spiritual, is it physical or is it mental?

This book has been my total baby. I love it so much. It contains a lifetime of knowledge and insight, the experiences of dozens and dozens of clients I've helped over the years with skills that are unique to my own life experience. You can find just about anything in here from shadow people to ghosts as scapegoats, from signs from the universe, visitations from dead family members to ultimately what you do one you determine you've experienced the paranormal, where this knowledge can take you and how it can change your life forever.

It has quizzes and tons of examples of what is and is not paranormal from real-life cases. As you go through the chapters, you can learn if you might be able to explain your event as real-world or you can continue on through the chapters until you have verified you have encountered the unknown.

The thing I really love about my book is that I get to do what I do for clients every day, give you skills that help you not only in handling the unexplained but in your everyday life. You will be able to have healthy feelings about the paranormal world and learn to be an expert witness, as well as applying skills on how to handle ghosts on your relationships in your daily life.

I expect to release my "baby" in March and will keep you informed. I can't thank y'all enough for sharing stories, asking awesome questions and generally appreciating the way I present the paranormal world for public consumption.


  1. Your son did a excellent job with the cover.

  2. You should be a proud 'mommy' because your 'baby' is beautiful!

    (Nice cover art!)

  3. Looks like a must-read book! Good work :) all the samples.

  4. Max;
    Thank you. I wanted to give him one cover to do. I have a positively amazing artist who will do the others for me. I'm surrounded by talent :-)

    Thanks. I find myself rereading it because it's the book I always wanted to find about the paranormal. Finally, I just wrote it myself instead of waiting.

    Thanks! I don't think I spared a word or thought in the book. I'm very proud of the content.

  5. whooo-hooo, good things come from all around you. nice work your son does and i look forward to this book...

    now i get the third book, wink

  6. Your son's talented. He's not a graphic designer, is he? Congrats on all the published books all at once!

  7. HN;
    He actually just graduated from college with a degree in Fine Arts with emphasis on video.

  8. Sis;
    Neither can I. I mean, completed and edited and online. It will feel different that way than in a word doc.


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