QUIZ: Your Knowledge in Paranormal/Horror

First, let me say that yesterday's let's write a horror short-now was fantastic! I am going to do that every Wednesday henceforth. I want everyone to feel free to jump on and add a piece to the horror story. Let's make a regular thing. You are fantastically creative!!

I do my goofy quizzes all the time, but this time, let's test your IQ for all things horror/paranormal.

Pick your answers, scroll down and find out the right answers. See how you score in your level of knowledge.

1. What started the conversation about alien abductions?
a. “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”
b. Betty and Barney Hill
c. An anonymous unnamed child abducted in Alaska in the 1970s
d. “Fire in the Sky”

2. Which type is NOT a commonly classified haunting?
a. Residual
b. Harbinger
c. Shadow Person
d. Intelligent

3. The infamous Patterson-Gimlin film was shot in...
a. Oregon.
b. Washington
c. California
d. Idaho

4. Who is NOT a team member on the Ghost Hunters/TAPS teams?
a. Kris
b. Dave
c. Reece
d. Amy

5. Which movie does NOT have to do with zombies?
a. Fido
b. 28 Days Later
c. Dead Things
d. Dead Snow

6. Which is NOT a famous horror writer?
a. Blake Thornton.
b. Shirley Jackson
c. Richard Matheson
d. John Saul

7. Which famous site is NOT known for ghosts?
a. White House
b. Alamo
c. Empire State Building
d. Washington Monument

8. Which cryptid was first made famous in Puerto Rico?
a. Lobodero.
b. Chupacabra.
c. Montauk Monster
d. El Rojo

9. Which horror movie personality killed first in childhood?
a. Jason Voorhes.
b. Freddy Krueger
c. Michael Myers
d. Hannibal Lecter

10. What city had one of the biggest mass sightings of UFOs ever?
a. Montreal
b. Phoenix
c. Richmond
d. Newport

Okay, scroll down and check your answers. Here's your knowledge scoring:
If you got 8-10 right—you are a horror/paranormal genius
If you got 5-7 right—you are not stupid about the paranormal but not a seeker of knowledge in it, in other words, an average joe
If you got 2-4 right—why are you reading my blog? Hee hee
If you got 0-1 right—you are really in the wrong place.

1. B (Betty and Barney Hill—first famous abductees)
2. B (Harbinger)
3. C (California)
4. C (Reece—who the hell is that?)
5. C (Dead Things—it's about killers)
6. A (Blake Thornton—but he sounds like one, huh?)
7. D (Washington Monument)
8. B (chupacabra)
9. C (Michael Myers)
10. B (Phoenix)


  1. Wow I am terrible at this. I only got Micheal Myers correct.

  2. I suck. I only got 4 right. Of course, I'd never seen any of those movies, nor watched Ghost Hunters enough to remember their names. (I'm bad at names anyway)

    But that's exactly WHY I need to keep reading your blog, right?

    (So I'll do better on the NEXT quiz!)

  3. Les and Eric;
    You are forgiven if you you come to the blog in search of knowledge. I'll help get you guys up to date. :-)

  4. Well, I got all the horror questions correct, but it turns out I know diddly-shite about the Paranormal.

  5. HN;
    Hang with me, dude. It's my life!

  6. i got corect washington monument and phoenix questions. My knowlege in paranorma/horror is very bad.

  7. Echo;
    But still you love the subject, which means you need to stick with me, sweetie, and learn some more. :-)

  8. I'm a horror/paranormal genius, I have NO life.

  9. Brilliant, Barry! Congrats my savant friend.

  10. i'm a genius, i'm a genius! got all except # 5. i never get to say i'm a genius, lol!


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