Thursday, February 3, 2011

"Paranormal World": Add to Book Collection

"Paranormal World" by Gregory Branson-Trent

This is a serious nonfiction book about all things paranormal. I'm keeping it as a reference guide but it's an enthralling read. If you're like me and ghosts are your thing but that doesn't preclude you from seeking info about all things paranormal including Bermuda Triangle, Bigfoot, Werewolves, UFOs and more, then this is your book.

I was pleased too that added in the end of the ghost stories were tips on how to hunt. What a great idea! It comes in hardback and Nook/Kindle, but honestly I love having the hardback because it's awesome on my shelf and I can grab it up and read about any subject any time I want to. It's broken up into fun easy to read portions so you can just read about one haunt or one incident and then go back later when you have time. Yes, we are all highly distracted these days.

This book is a keeper and reader and re-reader. Let me tell you, I'm very picky what gets to stay on my bookshelf. It has to be something I will refer to often. The last time I added a book to stay on the shelves was a year ago, so I am not a hoarder.

One thing we all know about me is that I like to ride around in the paranormal world, now I can also read about it.


  1. Definitely chock full of info. I am an info freak.

  2. if only i had the time.. ahhh so many things to do, so little time.

  3. Invagrantly;
    I relate. This book was great for me because I have it on my coffee table and was able to just read passages from it. I love books that break it into small bits where you can read one section and then set it aside and haven't lost your place.

  4. Thanks, Autumn, for yet another worthy title. LOL! I honestly do not have the shelf space for my library anymore. Time to either take up carpentry skills, or look for secondhand barrister bookcases (I just love those things) … I wish that Joseph H Cater's The Awesome Life Force was widely available, too. Originally published in '82 by Cadake Industries, it's been picked up & partly downloadable here … I mean, whoa. Jus' look @ that Table of Contents.

    Busy otherwise doing art & Thee Art,

  5. Bror;
    Be sure to add my book to your computer--you can do that on Kindle/Amazon. The button is on the right hand side of the screen and it's only 2.99 to find out what it's like for a psychic to do reads of 12 abandoned locations in the desert. I'm sneaky-I found a way around your lack of carpentry skills. Stay warm and safe in the hills, brother.

  6. I'll get it in hardcover to see what you have etched there.

  7. I need to add to my tiny book collection and this one sounds perfect.

  8. I would love to add ALL of his books to my collection! Of course I must have the physical book because I'm just weird like that. I like to hold them in my hands and read and flip pages, etc. LOL

  9. Yes. I had to have the big heavy sucker myself! It's sexy on my coffee table and I look brilliant by osmosis. It's fun too, because I can just pick it up and read about any subject I love.