Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Son's Blog: The Desert Fallout Journal

My son started a blog and I'm thrilled that he did. He's an accomplished artist and writer. He not only photographs abandoned sites, but he makes videos from them that are mesmerizing.

The Desert Fallout Journal
is a fantastic concept. He covers photographers of abandoned sites, zombie and dark-themed video games, video art of abandoned sites, the process of writing his end-of-world novel "Latitudes of Flint and Dust," and many more other things including Cold War era influences, atomic influences, the crumbling infrastructure of the baby boomers that his generation has grown up in, the boomtowns gone bust.

His art can be found showcased at his website and his hilarious YouTube videos and other videos can be found on YouTube under "beatemorburnem" (line from "Night of the Living Dead").

My son is a complex man who recently graduated from college with honors with a Fine Arts degree with an emphasis on video. I have watched him run his own t-shirt and logo design business in high school and do a winning job of making a profit, watched him go through gifted program his whole life and maintain an amazing GPA, and have admired him produce jaw-dropping short films and even a few commercials he filmed and edited.

There is just about nothing he won't try. And, his writing makes me very envious. I am a mother, I must brag, but he's turning 23 and I still am waiting or the terrible 2's, but they never came.

You will find his blog a fantastic getaway. If you think my blog is thought provoking, his is equally well-defined. He knows himself well and his influences, from being raised in the desert to his mother dragging him around to abandoned and haunted sites and getting him into the horror genre. He has taken horror to a new level that only a man with great insight into the psychology of horror could do.

Honestly, I cannot wait to read his novel when it's published later this year. Enjoy his blog. Just one visit and you will know what he's like right away.


  1. Can't wait to check out this unique-sounding blog!

  2. I was expecting your son's blog to be about Barney the Dinosaur. You really don't look old enough to have a 23 year-old.

  3. I'll have to give it a read. Sounds smart, like his mama. I wanna check out that trailer too!!! So psyched for you.

  4. you must be a proud mama! i just checked out his blog; very cool!

  5. Light introduction to the heavy subject!

  6. Y'all will be pleased. He did not fall far from the tree. Perhaps not a brassy redhead, but the creativity, drive and intellect I will take full credit for :-)

  7. Nice blog, I am a follower. He has his Mom's talent for writing.

  8. Julie;
    Thanks. I actually envy his style. My horror is a bit more romantic, his is definitely a male's POV.