My Paranormal Bucket List!

Ordinary people want pictures of themselves in front of Disneyland and on the beach. Oh, not me, unless of course a UFO crashed into Disneyland and the beach had a Montauk Monster wash up on its shore.

I thought I would entertain you and myself with a top 10 paranormal bucket list I had assembled. One thing I know about life is that I would go into these situations with certain expectations and goals and come back with completely different ones. I will include you in on what I naively hope to achieve in each of these adventures.

I am very curious to hear what you might put on our own bucket lists. Please share. I will put these in order of what I would most like to do and descending order of importance.

1. Ghost hunt in my childhood home to communicate with the Civil War soldiers, my father, mother, brother, sister and family friend who all vowed to haunt it. My expectations going into this are that my family, knowing I seek answers from the other side and swearing they would haunt it, would give me some serious signs of their presence. If they do not, I might consider hanging up my ghost bag.

2. Hunt for Bigfoot in British Columbia/Vancouver Island. This would not be a stroll into the woods, set some trap cameras and high tail it out. I would want to seriously hike in, spend an extended period of time making a base camp, as well as a single camp alone as bait. My ultimate dream is to witness this creature for myself. I would like to leave with some kind of proof of stalking and maybe some signs he was there, such a footprints or sounds.

3. Camp in the Suicide Forest. This is purely for the adrenalin ghost hunter and nature lover aspect of myself. I love camping and the woods there look like you could get positively lost. The thought that others have died around there and the emotion that would generate atop of a volcanic area intrigues me. I know I would be psychically on alert, but I wonder if it might heighten my skills. Purely for the creep factor, this might be the one place I sleep that would freak me out even if I never showed it, I would feel it inside.

4. Examine and hunt at Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum where ideal haunting conditions exist. This location will be the basis of the spirit vessels book as an example of the ideal conditions for a perfect haunted building. I would like to touch it, walk it, and hunt it as alone as possible so I can gather clear information without others around me who will penetrate my readings with their own residual.

5. Touch a genuine crystal skull. This is purely as a psychic and specifically a psychometrist. Quartz is a fantastic holder of energy and memories. I would very much like to discover what I get off one of these babies. For that matter, could I please be allowed into museums to touch artifacts? Pretty please... I usually get chewed out for touching the cases!

6. Perform a ghost hunt in a castle that is unoccupied by others. I simply want the opportunity to walk the history, feel it, see it, hear it, understand it. Without anyone to make me stray, I could get a very good collective picture of events and know just where to go and when to get the best action. The very construction of these buildings makes them great retainers of history. It would be a fantastic read.

7. Some time to study and examine Skinwalker Ranch in Utah and come to my own conclusions about the conditions there and what might have been there or is still there where supposedly a cluster of freaky creatures emerged from portals, UFOs were seen regularly and poltergeist-like activity.

8. Examine a crop circle. This is for context. I would like to walk around, examine the area, examine the way it looks and feels, walk it, see what it was like to create it and try to see if there is any residual I can pick up psychically. I also am curious if standing in the pattern might do something in a kind of feng shui manner to the human body. I have always laughed at crop circles, but I would like to really experience one before pushing it off as all hoaxes.

9. A night on doll island in Mexico. This is for my own freaking entertainment. The idea of walking around in the dark with thousands of creepy dirty nasty dolls staring me sounds like trial by fire. As someone who reads objects, I know that dolls being on the receiving end of attention, have a directed memory and emotion held in them that is rather potent. I think a collection of them, surrounded by water and its churning efforts might actually generate something rather disturbing.

10. UFO hunt in Peru. I suppose I could have said Florida or Phoenix, but I have a theory about Peru because it is a huge mining country and I think they go hand in hand. I also think that given the Nazca lines, if UFOs are aliens, this should be one of their ways of knowing where they've been.

I have a million other smaller things, but these are ones that call to me strongly.


  1. Pitch your idea to Syfy. Sex appeal meets the paranormal. They'd bite. Especially if you're into biting...

    I'm not 100% sure what I would add to my bucket list. I have a DEEP-seeded fear with aliens (especially the grays) and would love to swallow my anxieties and hunt for explanation.

  2. L.I.I;
    I'm with you on the grays. I've had not only many night terrors involving them leaning over and staring at me up close, but in hypnosis to go back to my childhood, I saw one in my bedroom wearing what I can only describe as some kind of decorative ornament on his forehead. I thought it was so impossible that I decided not to be hypnotized again because I do not believe in grays, but I am compelled to learn more about why they show up in the culture and people's sleep and dreams so much. So far as the show, I had something as a cross between ongoing research in one location meets Big Brother and with cameras everywhere, there's bound to be some PJ hunts. Funny thing is, I don't wear PJs. Well, I guess I can class it up for TV. Haha

  3. i don't have a list, but i would love to visit the suicide forest. don't know why that one appeals to me. skinwalker sounds awesome, but for some reason i think i'd be too afraid there.

  4. Sandra;
    I think suicide forest would be scarier than skinwalker. From what I understand, activity there supposedly died off. New portal type features seem to pop up all the time around the world. I find them so interesting. In fact, I really should be put that circle in the romanian forest where Josh and the team went as one of my choices. That was very cool and I'd love to examine the features--which I believe is mining country--always a "weird" magnet geologically.

    I'd like to hear your list.

  5. “The more intensely we feel about an idea or a goal, the more assuredly the idea, buried deep in our subconscious, will direct us along the path to its fulfillment.”
    - Earl Nightingale

  6. HN;
    You're always so much further ahead of the curve. Are you sure you're young, because you're always such a wise old soul! I find that in some weird way, when I set goals in my mind early on, I achieved them. I wanted to model. I did. I wanted to be in Miss USA. I was. I wanted to get published. I did. My last big want is to make a documentary. I don't have any doubt I'll get there. There is a subtle guide inside and if I get off track, it sort of re-guides me back to the course.

  7. that's a great list lined up for future hunts.

  8. Echo;
    I would be thrilled to do 3 of them, but all 10 would mean I'd be bored the rest of my life. Guess I should spread them out.

  9. Something has to be up with the grays. Because I remember having vivid night terrors before I even familiarized myself with them on tv. Maybe something is ingrained into our instincts, and that image, for some reason, stays with us long enough into our childhood where we actually retain the memory??

  10. L.I.I;
    Some folks say it's us recalling our birth and the big gray lit face of the doctor leaning over us when our vision is still new. I get those night terrors about once every 2 years. It is the most primitive terror in the entire world, heart pounding insanely, screaming, hitting, fighting, because a huge gray face was right up against mine. Once I hear my screaming, I wake myself up. Strangely, I take some deep breaths, roll over, heart still pounding and fall back asleep again. Night terrors are weird things. It does intrigue me because a stranger's face should hold more terror over me in my bed at night, but instead, I see this rounded looking large gray face and totally lose it.

  11. That is a great list and I hope to be with you on some of those hunts.

  12. Sis;
    I want to see you actually fall asleep in the suicide forest--hee hee, I suspect we'd both have our eyes open the whole night.

  13. This is cool! I need to make a list like this too! I hope you'll complete your goals :)

  14. Thanks Tilen. I'd love to hear your bucket list.


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