Movies Based on Murderers

It's a stellar lineup. Hard to believe this many emotionally and mentally crippled people walk the earth, but they do and we keep adding more and more as the decades pass. Seems like nowadays the old-fashioned serial killers who stalked and killed individually and then left BTK or Zodiac-type notes for the police and press are going by way of the lunatics with high-powered rifles hitting a mall at Christmastime. Ironically, it was the former that inspired these bizarre and unnerving movies (below) and the latter whose names you forget a week later, never to be thought of again. It's poetic justice since they probably thought it would immortalize them. It's truly disturbing and yet, in a way, seeing these movies sort of helps one to realize that we should be prepared and live defensively. After all, the killer could be in the apartment next door, beside you on the bus, or stalking you on a quiet country drive.

If you enjoy movies based on real life incidents, here's some movies and some serial killers that really make you wonder about the evolutionary process of man. Thankfully, the justice system snagged them all, with the exception of the Zodiac and that's one I'd like to feature in a future post.

I lived through the Nightstalker Richard Ramirez era myself in the 80s living in the LA area. I remember triple checking the sliding door and windows. At the time, I had a stalker so it made it even creepier. Nothing like sleeping with no air-conditioning in the summer and the windows closed, but I survived. Ironically, he was supposed to have been sighted in a yellow Corolla, which what I drove. For a time there, I had cops cruising alongside me on the LA freeways checking me out. Well, apparently I don't look like the "type," so I never got pulled over.

Perhaps watching these movies is a form of problem solving and imaging our own scenarios for survival. Without further interruption--here's your viewing list and the killers who inspired the films:

“Monster” Aileen Carol Wuornos killed 7 men in Florida, executed in 2002. (A female serial killer is an amazing thing when you think of it. It seems to go against nature since women's instinct is to create and support life. Perhaps Ms Wuornos couldn't produce estrogen?).

“Citizen X” Russian mass murderer Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo who killed 52 women and children in the Soviet Union executed 1994. (This butt-lick managed to get past the crippled criminal system in the Soviet Union for years and keep murdering. The justice system there basically killed the last victims. Lesson: Don't expect policing in a communist-run country).

“Zodiac” Zodiac Killer, a Northern California killer in the 60s, never found, left taunting letters, claimed he murdered 37. (Never found. Sometimes, I think with California's justice system, they should just put up a sign saying "kill here--we never convict!" Even if they found him, he'd probably get 3 warm meals a day in a cell the rest of his miserable life and do interviews for cheesy news shows like the Octumom and other famous-for-nothings)

“Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” “Psycho” “Silence of the Lambs,” “The Strangers” “Ed Gein” Ed Gein in the 1940s and 1950s exumed bodies to use and killed women, died in prison mental hospital. (This dickless dude was apparently inspiring for a lot of movies because he didn't just dig up dead bodies and kill folks, he used them for parts to make things.)

“Night Stalker” Richard Ramirez, convicted of 13 murders in the 1980s in California, on death row. (A real poster child for birth control)

“Gacy," “To Catch a Killer” John Wayne Gacy, raped and murdered 33 boys and men in the 1970s, in 1994 he was executed. His brain was removed and examined and nothing unusual found (something tells me the rotten parts won’t be found in the architecture of the brain, but perhaps in the seat of the soul)

“Dahmer” Jeffrey Dahmer, killed 17 men and boys. (In 1994 he was thankfully beaten to death in prison)

“The Deliberate Stranger”
Ted Bundy, over 30 murders in the 70s, executed in 1989. (Supposedly one of those cute friendly guys you'd never suspect. I think I sat next to a dozen guys like this in junior high. Makes me wonder what they're doing now...)

“Helter Skelter” Charles Manson gang, orchestrated his commune members to kill several people in California, still in prison.(And on the news whenever they can interview the ball-sac)

“The Boston Strangler” Albert Desalvo, the Boston Strangler of 13 women in the 1960s, 1973 was found murdered in prison. (Once again, a prisoner did our work for us))

“Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” (Really disturbing movie) Henry Lee Lucas, could have killed 350-600 people. George Bush, Governor of Texas comminuted his death sentence (WTF????) He died of natural causes in prison (I sure hope that natural cause was a pillow to his face)

“Summer of Sam” Son of Sam, David Berkowitz, terrorized New York in the 70s with a gun to unsuspecting people, killing 6, wounding more. (Really, pathetic loser. Couldn't really face his victims, just lifted a gun and aimed)

“The Hillside Strangler” Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono. Bianchi was also suspected in the alphabet murders—yet another film based on that. These cousins in the 1970s pretended to be cops to lure women and teens to torture and kill them, both carrying on their life sentences. (Yet another bad thing that resulted in a good thing in that a lot of women were more critical about who was a supposed cop)

“Speck” Richard Speck, raped and killed 8 nurses in the 1960s, died of a heart attack while in prison before turning 50. (Thankfully we didn't have to give him free food and health care for another 30 years!)

“Green River Killer”
Gary Ridgway, over 50 women killed, incarcerated. (I'm not sure about this justice system, I think 50 female relatives of those women in a room alone with him-might just do the trick more expeditiously)

Tomorrow, enjoy my little modeling show for you of what to add to your ghost hunting wardrobe--men and women both.


  1. great info! my parents don't want to watch Zodiac because it happened in the general area back then

  2. BTK movie didn't make the list?
    Apparently it was god-awful, so no loss. I read the biography about him and his crimes though; he was one messed up dude.

  3. Charles;
    Zodiac one is fascinating. I had a theory on it once. I should revisit that...

    Yeah, BTK not one of the more noteworthy ones made of a killer. It's amazing how many movies were modeled after Ed Gein. Jeez! The BTK dude--could be your crabby neighbor, kind of scary, huh? We all know a dude that's like him with "small man" syndrome and a chip on his shoulder.

  4. I watched a show on Ed Gein and I could see all those killers you mentioned in one man... creepy! These killers reminded me of the "Mummy in the bathtub" post I wrote as part of April's stories. That happened here and was very bizarre. I will never know how that man lived in the cottage with a dead man mummified in the tub... gross!

  5. Julie;
    Guess some of those oddballs get lonely for human company. I don't what is worse--having a mummy in your tub, or not being able to use your tub. Ew

  6. Maybe he had a seperate shower. Either way the whole story is just twisted.

  7. It's pretty sickening how these freaks get immortalized by the media. Generally, I don't like the death sentence, but in certain cases, I'd LOVE to make an exception. Oh, and does that surprise anyone that GWB got rid of Lucas's death sentence? Ol' George was really one of the biggest dopes who ever lived.

  8. HN;
    Ironically, I am extremely anti-gun, but extremely pro-capital punishment. We keep too many people alive in this overpopulated world that will never ever be able to be in society and shouldn't be kept alive in prison with food and health care while our people live on the street. Keeping them alive in prison, too, seems to just create sick little fan clubs that makes them more forbidden and therefore more attractive. It's a sick set of circumstances. I think the world would be better if we made it forbidden to study science and math and pay our medical researchers like basketball players with contracts and all. Okay, that's just my version of the world. Hey, you got me in the mood for The Fog original (I won't discuss the remake), so I'm going to curl up tonight while it's raining and watch it with the lights out and some hot cocoa in my paws.

  9. Yeah, I'll have to try and catch on Netflix. The Fog remake, on the other hand, can kiss my... well, let's not go there...

  10. great list! there is great hunting dark movie called Clay Pigeons, is one of my all time, favorite movies.

  11. Hey Echo;
    Going to put that on my list for sure!

  12. For a strange twist:

    A movie about a (I think freshman) college student that begins a letter correspondence with Gacy for his school project.

  13. RR;
    Nice find! I have to laugh. I saw it started William Forsythe and I thought, "he's still alive???" I was thinking John. That's a creepy premise.

  14. Hey, just have to put my two cents in here--I agree that all these guys are sick and twisted and not worth living really, and it's cool as far as I'm concerned to disagree on capital punishment (I'm very against) but I must say--your color commentary on each of those guys is strangely bloodthirsty. It just seems out of character (not that I really know you just from reading you blog). I'm of the general opinion that the less sensational we allow our own reactions to be, the better. It really doesn't help anything to voice a wish that some killer gets his just desserts in some gruesome way--it only adds to the violence and negativity to the world. We should take solace in the cases where the guys were stopped, and let that breathe something positive to the universe. Now just 'cuz I think that doesn't mean that everybody has to, but it just came off as strange coming from you, from whom I generally get a vibe of warmth and love. (And it's especially discordant after your comment on Aileen Wuournos, where you indicate a belief that women are naturally more life-affirming and thus ought to be less prone to violence, theoretically.) So i guess I'm just, like, saying all that, and wondering, wha' tha dillio. (That's my attempt to end on a humorous note to defuse tension. But if you have thoughts on the matter, I'd be super interested to hear.)

    All THAT said, I must say I'm fascinated by serial killers (and while I hate that they do get those little fan clubs you mention, I still eagerly eat up these types of movies). Have you heard of the Monster of Florence? Another unsolved case where somebody killed, like, 8 young couples gruesomely in the course of a couple decades. Really sad and horrifying. And a movie's coming, so yay!

  15. AndAlex;
    We seem to be two ends of the spectrum, buddy. You are intrigued by the killers but anti capital punishment. I think it takes being a victim to understand the kind of ineffectiveness we have in salvaging anything worth preserving for another few decades and paying for housing, food and health care for someone who crossed a line that line and has to be isolated for life. I think my tongue-in-cheek comments are meant more as a sort of Joel McHale commentary on people whose lives should not be either glamorized or even idolized. I'm simply voicing what probably 99% of the frustrated public is thinking when they hear about these deviants. I get your point, but we will not agree 100% of the time, which is why I am me and you are yourself.


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