Mind Fuck Tuesday: Dogs Mark Their Territory--Maybe We Do Too!

Looking at many elements of psychic/paranormal phenomena, you find some interesting themes that run throughout.

Psychometry, or the ability to read object’s history by touching them, involves psychic elements no one has been able to accurately describe, other than to say, “the object holds information and it’s accessed somehow.” Buildings leave residual hauntings, or events that replay over and over again as if recorded into the very woodwork. Traumatic events scar historic places and leave issues with hauntings. These are widely accepted within the paranormal investigation world, but has anyone asked why?

If dogs can mark their territory, is it possible that humans can, with a strong mix of emotions, chemistry, and elements we have yet to understand like building construction, geology, geomagnetism, etc, possibly mark places too?

Do humans depend on a sense (other than olfactory as dogs use) to discern if a place or object has been marked? Was it a sense developed from early times that allowed us to know if a place was good or bad, a person was genuine or lying?

Are we psychic bloodhounds and don't even recognize it?

Do we experience haunting apparitions, sounds, and other types of phenomena through a sense we have yet to name, perhaps the one often referred to as the sixth sense? Or, is it possible that since we possess souls on a soul-level we read other souls are near and catch glimpses, recognizing our own like-beings?

Going by the assumption that traumatic events leave places haunted, what is it about trauma that locks in a haunting? Are we assuming that somehow the soul is confused upon leaving the body with such agony that it remains or is it possible that an event left a kind of psychic marking that we can sense? Perhaps something that is essential to our survival? A sensation some of us call the “creepy willies” or the “heebie jeebies.”

Have you ever gone into someone’s house the first time and felt a sudden sweeping sense of unease or perhaps complete and total bliss? Did the family leave an imprint? What about historic sites? Have you ever passed by someone on the sidewalk and suddenly get goosebumps/chills throughout your body like a strange premonition that makes no sense? What about that person whose eyes you feel on you in a crowd and you look up to stare directly at him?

People often report elements within inherited objects that make them either quite pleasant to be around or something they’d rather hide away in a closet. If you’ve ever watched a show where a psychic holds a crime victim’s possession and begins to feel and see the final minutes and hours of that person’s life, you’ve watched this in action. The victim in a moment of extreme distress leaves an imprint. That imprint is a marking that other humans can pick up on. Do you leave an imprint just having an ordinary day but most humans ignore those markings for the more emotionally impacted ones? A sort of subconscious way to sift through information for the most critical aspects for our survival?

It we can tie together residual hauntings, psychometry, crime scene psychic readings, and traumatic events being locked into an environment, then this theory of mine would cover the whole gamut of phenomena.

The next questions are; How do we mark it? And, what senses are we using to pick it up?

As someone who’s read objects for decades, I can tell you that everyone who reads and object reads it differently. To some, they hear things, others see things, others simply “know” things. For me, it’s like acquiring someone’s memories. I can feel associations, know inherently, feel emotionally, and visualize some of the residual images. But, like the sense of smell is in the nose but interpreted by the brain, reading an object enters you one way and depending on your talents, you see or hear or feel it your own way. The only way I can describe it is to say that somehow I hold the object, synapses in my brain reform somehow to match the owner’s brain. When I obtain his memories, I feel his emotions associated with it, quirks like visual distortions (i.e. remembering your childhood home spatially off which many of us do resulting in "it's smaller than I remember" comment), and it is as if for a time, my brain becomes his brain. I even keep his memories (unfortunately, and the reason I don’t read anymore) forever.

That being said, the question is still what part of us is able to leave our body and mark a place, leave a residual, or pick it up? That’s still the great question. It can’t be too superficial because older residuals are still on objects being worn or used by other people for good lengths of time. Homes being remodeled and having haunting issues also could be an example of deeply embedded markings.

Some things I’ve noted from reading objects is that the composition of the object can affect its ability to record. It appears from what I’ve experienced that the more density to the object, the easier it is to read. That probably seems counterintuitive if you consider that a dense object should be therefore harder to mark with any penetration, but what if the marking process occurs in each micro particle? (excuse my wording, since I’m not a scientist). It would seem if that were the case, then a dense item containing more would have more potency when retaining information. I’ve also noticed that an item worn by someone regularly and then borrowed by another can often times have more of the last person wearing its information. For example, a watch my friend liked to wear was borrowed by her daughter’s friend for one day. When my friend got it back, she put it on and went out to lunch with me and I proceeded to read her daughter’s friend and not her.

It is worth trying in experimentation to take an object that can retain well, like a crystal, a piece of jewelry, something metallic, and give it a good hold, look through a happy old photo album, think about loved ones, daydream about good times, give it lots of happy energy for a good half hour at least. Set it down. Now, take an identical item and recall every bad and traumatic thing you’ve gone through, have a good cry, let it out. Set that aside. Now, without telling someone the experiment, have him pick up both items and choose the one he likes better. Take note. Whether people are inherently aware of it or not, we have this radar.

I hope to continue experiments in this in the future and encourage others to do ones like in the last paragraph. Keep me posted on your findings. I’m curious to see how much an untrained psychic (we all are psychic) can read an object through this means of marking territory and reading the markings.


  1. I love simple-to-try experiments. I think I'll give it a go, as soon as I can find a suitable pair of objects :) Also, I think your theory on the density of an object makes a lot of sense. It's probably a false correlation, then, that "old stuff" is more likely to bear psychic imprints than "new stuff," as casual observers might predict; rather, dense and/or metallic objects are more likely to last a long time, so there's an inordinate amount of 'old stuff' that bears psychic echoes. Folks should feel free to test more recently-created pieces of jewelry, household objects etc--they're probably just as capable of holding that psychic impression as any antique, if they've been in the position to 'experience' powerful human emotion. (Bit of a tangent there, sorry.)

  2. AndAlex;
    You are seriously the perfect person for this blog. I am up for experiments and if I had unlimited time and funds, I'd turn y'all into a giant think tank where we sit around and discuss theories and ways to test them. Some day, I dream of having a show with a long-term study of researchers living in a haunted house and adapting their methods for testing by what they notice in patterns and instigators of activity and coming to some conclusions in a place where they can witness the same types of activities and figure out what they're about. The same goes for how we read items psychically. I truly believe people can feel things from objects. I once handed an old family ring to a person to look over and it had been stored after my very sickly arthritic mother had worn it nearly her whole troubled life. A very gorgeous ring, but the person handed it back quickly and did not want to fondle it, and yet didn't mind holding a similar ring worn by me most of my life. The person wasn't even aware of why one was uncomfortable and one was comfortable. And, this was a person with no belief in anything paranormal.

  3. You are right. Every place where we live, apartment, house, etc. has lock, this is part of marking the territory, isn't it. If i am in somebody's house and am invited i am welcomed, if not, at least i let people know i am in the area and will be visiting.

  4. Echo;
    We are certainly leaving behind feelings. I remember one time standing at the Lincoln Memorial. I had gone there a zillion times as a kid growing up in the DC suburbs. Still, every time I stood there, ( always felt the crowd's reaction to this enormous man sitting in the chair, looking out at the reflecting pond and the Washington Monument. It creates a strange kind of mixture of architecture that amplifies the emotions, I believe. But, this one time, I was there early and no one else was there. I was standing there just reading something in my hand, but I couldn't stop feeling the sensation I felt every time I was there with the crowd. I stopped and looked up because, without even looking at him, I was feeling the "awe" (like angels singing) feeling I felt when everyone was near. I always assumed I was reading the crowd's feelings, but I was feeling it without the crowd and without looking at Mr. Lincoln. It made me realize the very stone of the structure may retain a collective prayer-like feeling because you can't go to a monument like that and think what a different country we created because of him compared to the "Little England" we might have made because, irregardless of our words about freedom in our Declaration of Independence, our actions had to match this new vision of a new world.

  5. Interesting. I love the dog scent analogy. Dogs read so much more info from scent than we do and in a much different way, such as by smelling time, in essence.

    Certainly, there is a chaos of imprints left behind by people on places and things.

  6. I'm going to go pee on something right now!

  7. Vapor;
    I suggest Sarah Palin's pant leg.

  8. wow....This is a subject i've always had interest in...

    I've never had an ability to read any past from an item but i do get an emotional attachment to certain items that i can't explain...
    I can't part with items i come across that have no monetary value and sometimes are downright ugly...i really don't understand it...But i do get a heart-tug from these items...I wonder if this is common with others...

  9. Adele;
    It is there for everyone which is why I wanted so much to write the book about psychic abilities that I'm working on now. It will help the average person who doesn't consider himself/herself to be psychic to develop latent skills they didn't realize they use every day. Your instincts with regards to objects sounds very much like psychometry. Check out this previous post and see:

  10. I'll tell u a true story. Last year I went to Texas to visit my gf's friends and we stood in a room. That same day I said, This place freaks me out and I slept with the lights on. Later I find out that a previous tenant had stayed there and one day suddenly left without saying a word. Then, my GF tells the previous renters of what I felt and the renter goes on to explain that her aunt had slept in that room and felt someone touche her! I knew I had felt something. I don't really consider myself psychic but I do have an ability to read people and places. I don't know what that is?

  11. I am so looking forward to reading your book...Your knowledge on this subject is far reaching and i can relate to a lot of what you mention in that post...It's quite a bit to marinate on so i'm going to read it again...But, i do see myself in many things you touched on...I never realized there were others out there like me...Kinda scary huh...LOL

  12. Israel;
    You're an empath. Very cool! Every single person has psychic abilities, but everyone has one they specialize in. You're picking up feelings of others who have been there, dude.

    I have to say that I never knew that what I did was psychic. It is very natural to feel a certain way when touching others and objects. If you learn to sit with it, more information comes. It's because most of us having to handle objects all the time, we learn to make those images/memories/feelings take a backseat and just ignore them, don't let them in. Once you do, you realize that everything has a huge amount of knowledge attached to it. The book coming out today on Kindle and hopefully tomorrow on Nook, Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) shows you what it's like to be a psychic reading abandoned sites. I don't see them as lonely leftover places. I see them as repositories of history.

  13. Objects may not just be recording emotions or events, because when a psychic is called in for a missing a person case, they may use an object of that person to hone in on where the person is, but if the person didn't have the object with them when they disappeared, then the object couldn't have simply recorded what happened to them. Some objects must have a way of making some sort of subtle connection with a person too.

  14. Unless they can somehow record future events too...

  15. Jeff;
    A very good point! My guess with regards to objects and victims of murders is that psychics are using the object as a way to hone in on the person, sort of like remote viewers might be given some numbers for a location and then it helps guide them to that location, or if I read someone's dead relatives, I am reading that person's memories of the dead person, perhaps not the dead person. It's more like a beacon to unit with that person. But, to do that, the object had contact with the person at one time and left some kind of psychic tracer. What is that tracer? How long and how well does it last? I picked up Civil War relics out of the ground and they still had their tracers...


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