Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Creating a Haunted Room

Bless their hearts! I love this one! Researchers at London's Goldsmith College decided to create a haunted room to test some theories about infrasound and EMF. Now, we're talking!

We've long been talking in the field about EMF and infrasound (levels with frequencies so low our ears can't hear it, but our body can--kind of like that bass sound in surround sound systems that you feel in your body).

So, they set out to design a room where people would be, in certain areas, bombarded with EMF and infrasound and other areas would be clean.

After an hour in the room, three quarters of them reported at least three of these symptoms; dizziness, tingling, disembodiment, dream-remembrance and “a presence.” Several felt sexually aroused.

Here's the catch: None of these symptoms had anything to do with where they were standing in the room! It only showed a slightly higher chance that those who experience transcendental experiences(like those with temporal lobe epilepsy and unstable temporal lobes) scored higher at having these feelings in the predetermined areas.

So, what does this study show us? That some people are more susceptible or suggestible? That perhaps the conditions cannot be replicated that are found in the real world, such as variances in frequencies that we might be noting and not long periods of the same frequency that we might become tolerant of?

Where do we go from here? More lab studies? More field studies? Once and for all, perhaps we should put to rest the theories of EMF and infrasound as possibilities or perhaps prove that they might have an influence instead of making assumptions on what the "big guys" are saying without anything to back them up.


  1. One inherent problem with validating many such techniques: There's no scientifically-proven standard by which to measure.

    But that's the nature of things experimental. Sometimes results can be misleading, and it takes time and perseverance to proof techniques and obtain tangible, measurable data.

    This approaches the problem from the opposite direction. (It hearkens back to Plato's original notion of questioning authority)

    Hopefully this will 'put the squeeze' on the field and show positive results somewhere in the middle.

  2. Eric;
    Good points! What I find to be difficult about a study is the ambient noise effect. If you live in a place that say has a fan running all the time, you become numb to the sound of the fan. But, should someone keep turning the fan on and off, you would notice it. Should this room be bombarding folks with constant infrasound and EMF, you will not notice it. You need to vary it. It's in those variances, people will be annoyed and upset.

  3. Yes, but these researchers are from London. Tea party lovers. haha. Should we really believe them or are they just yanking us yanks?

  4. CB;
    You're a goofball, you know that, right? I think they're onto something, just went about it the wrong way.

    Thank goodness! We have people like TAPS telling us gospel that ghosts create changes in EMF and people rush out to by meters that do nothing more than tell us that our world is filled with EMF shifts.