Let's Write a Horror Short-Now!

It's Wednesday and the new thing is us writing a horror short. I will begin with an opening, each of you come on and consecutively add to the last guy's piece. Keep it short. I want you to try to do it in a sentence or two.

First, here's last Wednesday's. If you liked someone's addition, click on their name and go to their blogs. These are some of my favorite bloggers! I'd like to see more of you jump on this time and show your hidden talents for horror.

ME: "Locked inside the blackened room, he felt the walls, pounding, waiting to feel a door, but there was none."

Eric “Bubba: Alder: He tried to remain calm, struggling to remember how he'd got there in the first place.

He walked slowly about the room until he bumped into something very near where he figured the middle of the room would be.

He reached out to feel what it was...

HalloweeNut: His hand grasped a dry, hard lump about the size of a baby's head. it was...

Gnostalgia: "Damn! This is giant bat guano!"

Cullan Hudson: A sudden shriek erupted from the darkness, followed closely by a thunderous flapping that stirred the dust around.

Anadae Quenyan Effro: ……. by the time they had entered the centre hall, the sound of rocks scraping against rocks, probably from the roughly hewn stone blocks weighing many tonnes a piece, abruptly sounded from within the walls, creating quite a clamour amongst the surrounding forest's wild life. But, then again, strange goings-on were legendary, especially from this Scottish ruin, allegedly built by goblins' hands …

Lost In Idaho: His heart was pounding in his throat. Gasping for air, he remembered the lighter in his pocket. He flicked, flicked, flicked until the flame whithered up, revealing...

Monkey Man: ....his own face in a mirror but it was what the reflection next to him that made his mouth as dry as the Arizona desert and the chill run through his veins.

Echo: An enemy, it was a face of his enemy. He knew that squaring off to fight a mirror opponent can be worse than fighting a real foe.

Okay, so this is the new one for this week:

"Something growled lowly behind him, but Jack could not turn to see it. He was tied tightly to the tree, in the dark forest, completely deprived of even the tiniest shaft of light."


  1. "Something growled lowly behind him, but Jack could not turn to see it. He was tied tightly to the tree, in the dark forest, completely deprived of even the tiniest shaft of light."
    Jack remembered an old MacGyver trick,and was able to reach into his front left pocket. He had a lighter with his smokes. He grabbed the lighter, and then lit it. He also remembered having a chimichanga with beans earlier in the day. He had enough gas in him to nuke a small acre of land. Jack knew what he had to do, even if it was going to cost him his life...
    Dun Dun Dun !

  2. with a quick *woosh* the lighter became a torch and Jack could smell the buring of the ropes. As panic started to set in because the growls got louder...

  3. The blue flame technique taught to him by his college fraternity had saved his life yet again. Facing the growl he saw what appeared to be Joan Rivers in a bikini and armed with a whip. "My eyes", screamed Jack!

  4. But just as suddenly as that horrid vision had appeared, it was gone. "What the hell am I doing?" Jack asked himself. The last thing he could remember doing before waking up in this godforsaken forest was playing beer pong at the Slaughtered Lamb. He walked forward a bit a few steps before a loud cry of "CHRIST! Why do I smell burnt shit!?" pierced his ears!

  5. Remembering a snappy come-back from his favorite book, "There's More Than One Way to Skin a Tribble" Jack said, "You! Off my planet!"

  6. Acid-peeled skin stretched taut as a sumo's jock split to reveal two rows of too-perfect, too-large teeth. A voice from beyond the grave rasped "Can we talk?"

  7. I'm afraid you are on your own I have to expel a rather ferocious hairball. Jack said.


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