Horror Movies Locations Revealed!

I love to do this: Look up cool movie locations. Just go to IMDB and look up a movie and scroll down and they give you details including filming location(s).

Ever wonder where some of your favorite horror movies were filmed? Some of these locations may surprise you. I’d like to hear which ones shocked you.

“Twilight” Most locations were in Oregon. I recognized a lot of them and they included Oregon City which I consider to be the scariest town I’ve ever been in and I’ve been in some crazy backwater mountainous towns in Appalachia. If you watch the movie, you can understand why I think Oregon is Nirvana.

“Rose Red” The exterior shots were from Thornewood Castle in Lakewood, Washington. The interior shots were a giant set built indoors at a hanger at an abandoned Seattle Naval Base.

“Signs” Bensalem Township, PA. No surprise here. M. Knight loves his home state.

“30 Days of Night” New Zealand. They had to do a little to pump up the snow, as New Zealand wasn’t producing a lot, but filming was at the time of the year when it was winter there and summer here, so they had to go to the source.

“Burnt Offerings” at Dunsmuir House and Gardens in Oakland, CA. I thought the home for this movie was really creepy.

"Halloween" Pasadena, CA. No surprise here, they used a pile of leaves and a fan to make it look like Halloween, but still some shots showed bits of palm trees and endless greenery.

“The Covenant” Quebec and Nova Scotia Canada. Every time I see this movie, I feel like moving to Nova Scotia (another of my dream places to experience). Now that I know part of it was filmed there, I understand why I love the concept of this place so much. It’s probably as close to living in autumn most of the year as I could find.

“The Fog” (original) Point Reyes Lighthouse, northern California. Loved this lighthouse. When I first saw the movie, I wanted to be that totally cool DJ (well, except for the part where the ghosts attack).

Quebec, Canada. This was dark and dank. Seems like Quebec is a real fav to film at, along with Vancouver. They’ve certainly got the mood and weather. Every movie I've ever seen filmed in either location--I totally loved.

“The Hills Have Eyes”
Victorville, CA. It’s funny, when I lived in Redondo Beach, I used to think the movie had to be done in Victorville, which is where all the guys liked to go motorcycle riding. Every time I went out that way, I was really worried about the hills and felt like I was in the movie.

“Jeepers Creepers” Bushnell, FL. I knew this one was in Florida for the movie, but I didn’t know they filmed it there. I figured they’d gone deeper into Alabama or Mississippi.

“The Omega Man” Los Angeles, CA. I figured it was probably mostly on sets, although in the opening scene when he’s driving around in the daytime. He gets out of his car and in the distance, you see a single car cross a street far away—oops!

“Salem’s Lot” (original) Eureka, CA. You know, in “Halloween” you knew it was filmed in California and not Indiana—there weren’t any autumn colors anywhere, just some dead leaves they threw at a fan and an occasional palm tree in the distance, but in this miniseries, I thought for sure it was filmed in the NE. Surprise!

“Session 9” Lynn, Massachusetts. I wasn’t surprised. Seemed like somewhere in the NE.

“Stir of Echoes” Chicago, IL. Felt like it.

“When a Stranger Calls”
(remake) Culver City, CA This was a big surprised to me. I got the movie (not because it was any good--it was awful), but I adored the house and setting.


  1. So cool! Too bad all of them are toooo far from here:)

  2. None even close to Michigan!
    (But maybe that's a good thing?)

  3. I love that the Hills Have Eyes was done in Victorville. It's fitting for that ass-backwards town.

    And I came from the Inland Empire, so I have every right to make fun of my own people.

    Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go visit the Rose Red house.

  4. Yeah, Victorville--not so charming,huh?

  5. "Session 9" was filmed in a real, supposedly haunted abandoned asylum or hospital. I remember that movie "looked" good, but the story was weaker than it should have been. There were some solid bones to work with it, I don't know why they held back or got lost or whatever.

    On a side note, Dunmuir is Gaelic for 'Sea Rock'. I don't know why I tell you this other than I knew that. Is that pedantic? :-D

    Gothika was a cool flick. Aside from Quebec, a lot films in the 90s and early 00s went to Prague to film to get that grungy, post-Goth look.

  6. Hum, some were not surprises but others were.

  7. I would have bet that Hills Have Eyes was Nevada. close enough!

    also, the Birds was (at least partly) filmed on the coast of California, near Jenner I believe. you can see some sets from the film in the area.

  8. Charles;
    Yeah, I used to spend some time in the CA deserts and the hills definitely looked like that desert to me, but I have to admit, living in AZ, when I drive through the desert, that movie is all I can think about and I just whisper "don't break down, don't break down" to my car.


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