Ghost Adventures New Episode: Drinking Game!

("Ghost Town" I love finding new young talent--Alana Holcombe from YouTube-listen to the entire song--it will haunt you)

Well, don't know what's up with the promoter, but he said goodbye a while back until the fall season for GA, but hey, a new Valentine's episode, then a new Salem one and now one tonight at an active place I've been in Jerome, AZ! I won't complain. Keep `em coming boyz!

Now, I've stayed at the Jerome Grand, way up in a little old mining town in the AZ desert. This hotel was once used as a hospital for the miners there when the town was actively mining. At the time, I was with family and not doing a hunt, but woke up all night long to someone coughing just inside the door of my room. Very clearly. I got up many times and looked out into the empty hallway. One time, as I turned away from closing the door and going back to bed, the coughing occurred directly behind me. I was a bit annoyed and said, "Please cough somewhere else." I fell back asleep and didn't hear it again. Don't know if the miner was being polite, but at least it ceased.

From a psychic point of view, the place seemed very much a typical residual haunting site, but there were a few times there, where I sensed a bit of intelligence, like when I asked it to quit coughing.

As well, a man was supposedly crushed by the elevator, so there's a creepy death factor there, as well which I am sure Zak will take full advantage of.

Tonight's drinking game is same as last week. Go to my good buddy, "The Liquor Guy" and see what the suggested drinks are. This classy dude knows his stuff. I got some great ones last week from him that are in my recipe file now.

1. Stay home.
2. Take a drink for every "bro," "dude, "man," every time Zak thinks he's touched by the unseen and every time Aaron's mouth comes unhinged in horror.

Tonight is another "Lonely on a Friday Night," so feel free to come in and out as you wish and chit chat. Anyone who's bored or lonely, hang out with me.


  1. Good for your Rule #1.

    If I were a drinking man, this would be a hoot!

  2. I have to say, the vodka he recommended is one of the best ones I've ever had. I'm not a big vodka person, but it made me a minor convert...

  3. Love the song... very haunting! I did see what the Liquor Guy had and I am liking his Six Shooter drink. It sounds yummy!

  4. Eric;
    More often than not I end up drinking beer. This show stresses my stamina since I'm a lightweight and they say "dude" and "bro" and "man" so much!

    That ghost vodka last time looked fantastic--I found out it's just sold in the Midwest. I'm going to have to try and order it because the bottle alone would be wicked cool on a shelf of "creepy" themed bottles.

    I have the ingredients for the Copperhead. We should have one during the Oscars when we hang out on Sunday.

  5. Sounds great... we can have a drink and do our critique of the Oscars.

  6. That's a good hunting song you got.

  7. Echo;
    That song is a winner! It's embedded in my head and I hear it all day long. It's so catchy and so pretty. That girl is something else!

  8. Loving the rules :D They sound fun! Great song too.

    However, going out for a bit. Will be back later so might join in :)

  9. I wonder if they will find any thing good at the Jerome Grand...some people have--all the times I've stayed there--ZERO!

    I did have a better experience at the OLD hospital next door (the Clubhouse as they call it now)

  10. Debe;
    I think the Grand gets more attention just for its looks alone. The big old behemoth with bats flying around its eaves is pretty Munsters-ish. I only stayed one time, but the coughing was definitely in my room and not us. I leaned over my ex just to be certain. It was coming from near the doorway. No culprit was found, but when I did ask it to shut up finally, the tin trash can near the door made a clink like someone ran into it. Hee hee. I suspect Zak will just play up the creepy old feel of the place and the elevator incident which I have yet to find out if it really happened.


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