(Witchy Woman done a cappella by Calmwaters23 on YouTube. This dude has serious talent. I figured since the Travel Channel promoters left me in the dark about this episode, I'd leave the Eagles in the dark too! You won't miss a thing, this version rocks!)

I don't know whazzup with the promoters, but they said goodbye for the season and see y'all next fall with the new season and then they burped up the Valentine's episode without warning and now a Salem episode that is new. The season isn't on, but apparently they had some straggler episodes?? I'm not going to complain! God, I miss new episodes of GA!

The boyz are hitting Salem. You knew this would have to happen and with Zak being a superstitious type, he's going to be all heebie jeebies, might be calling on an incubus or being burned at the stake (even though they were hung actually).

Drinking game tonight will have a new twist. I'm going to give you the rules and send you to my buddy The Liquor Guy to find out what the drink(s) are suggested. He has a classy, witty and wicked site for people who are interested in all things liquor

1. Stay Home.
2. Take a sip (or gulp) for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak thinks he got touched by a ghost and every time Aaron's mouth becomes unhinged in horror.

Tonight is going to rock! There's something about Zak and the dudes in Salem that gets me all excited for a good time and lots of chuckles. Don't forget--tonight is Lonely on a Friday Night. Join me on here all evening. I'll be here to hostess if you want to drop in and leave comments and chat.


  1. I read his blog before yours, and my drink of choice is the Ectoplasm.

    It will be a hoot to send you comments after the show is done! Dunken typing is always a blast.

    jebv 21394ubn34 meep.

  2. L.I.I.;
    Knowing the content of the average GA episode, you should get pretty damn buzzed! I picked the ectoplasm drink too-yum! The Liquor Guy is one sharp dude!

  3. Makes it a pun. Zak is going to hang out with witches...

  4. I don't believe in pseudoscience and metaphysics, as I have searched for years for proof and answers and have found none. I do find it entertaining however, so I'm following this blog. Plus you seem crazy, which I also find hilarious and entertaining.

  5. Ilir;
    You are exactly the audience I need. Check out the "LAUGH" tab above and enjoy yourself, buddy. You've found a great place and a person who hits with skepticism. I have experienced the paranormal a lot, but I'm not so woo-woo about the subject as most TAPS drones.

  6. Can't wait to see Zak mix and mingle with the witches.

  7. No doubt he's going to use himself as bait instead of Aaron.

  8. Yep, he wouldn't let Aaron have the female ghost last week. He slept with her instead, lol...

  9. I just got back from NOLA. I'm hungover as is. I'll have to play in spirit.


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