Erotic Horror Short: Stalked!

He watched her come every day except Sundays, along the woodland path. The sound of her footfalls on the hard earth of the forest floor drew his attention. It took her exactly 13 long-legged strides to make it from his boulder to the next one. Her breath always carrying the same well-practiced rhythm of a lady jogger who had grown bored with the same routine.

Still, she came six days a week. And so did he.

Her breasts were bountiful and barely contained in her sports bra, bouncing rhythmically with each stride. Their lightly golden tops were sprinkled with freckles that fascinated him to no end and created a tightness in groin as blood directed itself to his growing arousal.

Unaware of his grip on the boulder as he peered down at her, he leaned further to view her taut buttocks straining against the tight shorts. Her athleticism attracted his eye, but it was her long limbs and glistening flesh that consumed his every thought, every minute, of every day, even on her dreaded “day off.”

His breathing see-sawed wildly as he pulled away from the boulder. His body hummed, blood coursing, veins and arteries throbbing, his cock in full erection. His nostrils flared and he growled lowly in frustration.

Tomorrow. Yes, he would have another chance tomorrow to plot how he would take her and get his needs met.

And, so he came the next day. This time, poised near the pathway. A recent rain made all the greenery glisten. The trail was damp but not muddy. Conditions were ideal. She would slow down her pace a bit today for fear of spraining an ankle. He had watched her for months since springtime as she adapted to the fallen tree he placed in her path, giant puddles and piles or rocks.

The woman was smart and set on her course, but he had a greater hunger on his side. This time, she would not get away.

He imagined her flushed skin in his hands, her slick body gliding against him, the scent of her sweat, the salt of her skin, the warm folds and creases that every woman possessed, offering such promise and release.

Trying to hold back his arousal at the hunt, he stepped back into the bushes. It would not be long now. She would pound the ground just feet away from his reach. He could imagine his hands gripping her shirt, pulling her back, knocking her off balance.

His nostrils flared, his mouth salivated, his groin throbbed and his blood surged, barely contained by the constraints of his body. He was giddy with anticipation and the desire to stalk and pounce, to dominate and have that which he had coveted for months on end.

Yes, his patience would pay off now!

The sound of her footfalls brought him to attention. He licked his lips, grasped the limbs, peered out from the greenery to see her sprinting easily over a small puddle and avoiding the boulders he had placed, bringing her directly to him.

He held his breath, his belly tightened, his erection stiffened painfully as he pulled back the bush and grasped her as she passed him by, his fingers catching the edge of her top, pulling her back, just as he had planned.

She cried out as she fell to the ground, the wind knocked from her. The sight of her heaving breasts made him growl lowly as he lunged upon her. Her struggles were useless. She was a runner, but he was pure muscle.

He tore at her clothing, the ripping of it making his mouth water more. She was his, a feast for his desire.

The beast opened his mouth and clamped it down hard on her shoulder, tearing the lean flesh from the bone, chomping wildly. The werewolf tasted her hot blood and continued to chew and gulp her muscle eagerly as appeasement spread through him, making him more determined to finish her off quickly now that she was no longer struggling.

He feasted ravenously on her salty golden skin, reveling in the knowledge she tasted exactly as he had imagined, providing fine lean muscle and just the right amount of female fat content. Men never tasted this good. The women were made to breed. Their bodies had little veins of fat, even on the leanest of them.

Becoming aware of his surroundings now that he had something in his belly, the beast pulled the body deep into the woods where no one would interrupt his interlude with the female jogger and the fulfillment of his appetite.


  1. Thanks! I kind of enjoyed making people think of one appetite while be sideswiped by another appetite all together.

  2. Oh, it says werewolf. I like the twist of thinking it's just a rapist stalker and then it's really the werewolf with a completely different appetite.

  3. You had me sucked into the story in a matter of seconds. Nice twist!

  4. L.I.I;
    I'm glad I sucked you in instead of the story just sucking...

  5. It's not easy to find a fresh angle for the werewolf theme.

  6. Echo;
    I actually saw that picture online and it made me think about jogging through the woods and what might be watching you. At first, I thought Bigfoot, but that didn't seem as scary as if you had to run from a werewolf, but everyone runs from a werewolf. So, then, I thought what if the werewolf stalked her without her knowing it? Learned her patterns like any good prey? Then, I thought we always think of women joggers being vulnerable to rape, but what about werewolf attacks? Then, it came to me (lightbulb moment) that there are two different appetites going on and everyone knows a werewolf hungers for flesh, but what if I made people think he was hungering for her flesh in a purely male way? This was a fun piece to write and you seriously don't want to know the convoluted paths my mind has to go to come up with this shit.

  7. You have such a wicked imagination! Gotta love it Sis!

  8. Wasn't this in Harry and the Henderson's ?

  9. I have to say the title got me at the start ^^

    However you have got some great imagination there! Awesome twist :)

  10. Doo;
    Glad to throw a zinger your way.

  11. Thanks sis! It was oh so much fun to write.

  12. Cool story, seems like werewolves are on everyone's mind today(better the sparkly pansy vampires though :) ) I just did a video to The Wolfman check it out when you get a chance.

  13. Wolf, Love the video! Anyone who wants to check it out, go to


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