Destination Truth: You Are Loved!

I'm having Josh Gates withdrawal. Thanks to Barry at Gnostalgia, I found out why Josh wears the necklace. Not as exciting a story as I imagined (I thought it was a talisman) but it does make Josh even more gosh-darned romantic and sentimental.

I have to say, Season 3 was my favorite. It was just the pinnacle of awesomeness. Not saying season 4 sucked, but something seemed off with the chemistry of the cast and the locations weren't as funky as I like. I want to see places no one ever goes to see the extremes of my planet from terrain to local flavor to their urban legends and ancient sites.

So, I'm just waiting around for the live episode to kick off the season on March 17th and thinking about my lost love (“Destination Truth,” although Josh is pretty cute too).

Here's my top 5 favorite episodes and why:

1. Romanian Forest: This had all the elements for totally bad mojo and most delicious spookiness. You have a plane falling apart in midair, strange freaky lights, and then one of the cast getting thrown in front of the camera and scratched. It was just creep-o-rama.
2. Doll Island: Okay, we all agree-super scary idea; an island filled with decades of decaying dolls EVERYWHERE. Add onto that a doll whose eyes open, lots of creepy thrashing around on the roof top and you get an uber scream fest.
3. Mt. Fuji/Suicide Forest: This was just as dark and urban legend feeling as possible. An unnaturally overgrown forest on the edge of Mt. Fuji where youths go to off themselves. It's about as dark as it gets and as scary when they find an empty camp of a suicide victim and then capture something forming on film.
4. Haunted mining town in Chile: This episodes wins for freakiest amount of travel methods to get to a place. This super remote mining town that is abandoned had a super scary graveyard and lots of creepiness. It was just the kind of place I'd give anything to spend a night. The ghost hunter in me appreciated this locale the most for paranormal searching.
5. Bermuda Triangle: This episode cracked me up and gave me the chills. I love when Josh complained about the boat not working and then listed all the things that go wrong including a Jurassic dinosaur. They got some freaky stuff going on and made you wonder if they were right in the middle of it. I didn't expect the triangle to just “turn on” for them, but they went about it a good way, actually finding the place where it was most likely to happen.

Honorable mention: For finding awesome places with perhaps not a lot of activity: King Tut's Tomb, Chernobyl, Great Wall of China. Thanks for the Josh tour and the attempts. It was very bad-ass and very daring. I don't know who Josh has to sleep with to get these locales, but damn he must be good!

Place I'd most like to see him go: I'd like to see him go to Antarctica if it had phenomena. It would be very much like the SciFi movie “The Thing" and he'd look blasted cute in one of those arctic white coats with white fur on the hood, screaming at us over the howling winds.

What works about Destination Truth?

Josh. His team comes and goes, but honestly not many guys can pull this off; making fun of locals but still being well loved and adored. The first times I watched it, I cringed. I wasn't sure it was a relevant paranormal exploration show. It seemed more like a vehicle for a personality. After a few more episodes, I realized that this was genius. If you took a guy in khakis and took him on serious quest for a leprechaun, it's not going to fly. He needs to go to exotic locales, realize how ridiculous the travel experience was, interview intelligently, take on difficult dangerous tasks fearlessly, but still flash a charming smile—you know the routine, Indiana Jones. None of it would have come together if they didn't find a host who was both highly intelligent, truly loves world travel and cultures, seeks knowledge and experiences, and has so much charm.

When I'm done watching an episode, I feel like I traveled with a crazy travel buddy, explored remote exotic locations, spent some time in the dark getting scared, ate some horrible food, took a too-long flight, and actually put a notch in my belt for adventure and seeking the truth.

Keep it up, DT and lucky new season in another month!


  1. I'm a big fan of the show, I just wish they stayed on location longer to really get a feel for each place.

  2. Vapor;
    My thoughts exactly! I think the Russian Yeti one was an 11-day trek, but I'd like them to set up in any location and stay closer to a week and over time see what they find. The fact is, you trek in somewhere, disrupt the hell out of it, and you scare stuff away. You stay a while and you become part of the nature and anything there can come in and curiously check out the new "tenants."

  3. They probably have a bigger travel budget than you. (;

  4. Haven't seen the show, but it looks really good.

  5. You know how much I love this show. We have talked about it on many occasions. The third season is my favorite too and the five eppys you mentioned. Even tho the first two seasons are not as good as the third, I want to collect them all. I like having a DT marathons on those lazy Sundays when there is nothing else to do. Besides, I need to delete the 14 episodes I have in my DVR queue because I don't have much space left, but I can't!!!

  6. Sucio;
    I can't imagine what it's like to pay for the treks they go on with that cast and then the crew. Jeez. It's worth it. I feel like I've traveled to all these places without having to get traveler's trots and eating bad local food.

    It's great. I think has some episodes online you can watch. Exciting stuff.

  7. Sis;
    Don't you know it! I just want to don some khakis and be Josh's partner and kick the rest of the team off. I look awesome in a pith helmet, BTW.

  8. this was brilliant show.

  9. InDAYana Sharon --- "Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory."

  10. Haha. Barry, you are a hoot! I would so kick out his cast and ride alongside him, but I don't like heights or scuba diving.

  11. Echo;
    You know it! I believe in the peter principle and Josh becoming producer was freaking brilliant. I don't want him running SyFy (peter principle probably at work) but he has risen to the level of his competence starring in and producing the show!

  12. That's what we love about you: You're a glass half-full kinda gal. I'm far more critical; whereas you find the fun in many of these shows.

    BTW, what's the reason for the necklace?

  13. Cullan are you weaseling out of seeing the vid? I guess he got it in England when he was a little kid and it kind of hung around everywhere he went, in his room, in his car, and he put it on a new string and then wore it. Now it's become something he wears when he travels. I am an optimist, buddy, but I am not expecting SyFy to feed me anything that is going to change my life, terribly inform me or other, I'd rather depend on PBS for that and upon occasion Discovery. In the mean time, I'm just having a blast and seeing cool shit, laughing and sometimes getting chills. I can't ask more from a channel that makes Gatoroid.

  14. I still say that sharktopus can kill gatoroid ... All Hail the might sharktopus !

  15. LOL! Weaseling out! Love it. Not at all. Although, you're right. I hadn't clicked on the video. :-D


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