Can Love Last For An Eternity? Roaming Lonely Ghosts

My favorite romantic movie of all time, "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir" and the stories of lonely female ghosts wandering the halls for an eternity awaiting their sailor or soldier lovers return had me wondering.

Could love last for an eternity? Would it be possible to love someone so much you cannot be without them? Is that a sign of insecurity and co-dependence? And, should a female ghost wander a widow's walk for a hundred years, hasn't her sailor man already passed and shouldn't she be with him? Do they not have GPS abilities in heaven to find ones way to the promiseland?

The story of the "Ghost and Mrs. Muir" was a wonderfully romantic one. A widowed woman and her child move to a seaside cottage. Only problem is, the dead sea captain who owned it is very possessive of his home. He goes to great lengths to frighten the woman and scare her from the place. When she is able to see him, he treats her to his salty language and his prickly ways of a man who has never had to cohabitate with a woman. Nothing scares her. It is now her home and she is running out of options to make a living and survive.

Eventually, the sea captain softens to her and she decides to write his colorful life story into a book that saves her from poverty. They are falling in love, but will always be separated by the fact that he is immortal and she is very mortal. He must watch her grow old and die waiting for her to be with him. Now, that's a love story.

The spirits of women pacing the floors awaiting their men in quaint inns and historic homes around the country may be more a moment in time so filled with ache and despair, loneliness and angst, that their very pacing, sighs and flowery fragrances remain imprinted as a residual.

I like to think that in the afterlife they found each other, but perhaps the depth and power of their love while alive left an imprint.

Well, I am a bit of a romantic but also a real flesh and blood woman, I like to think that if I haunt this world after I'm gone, it will only be in residual and that will show up for the person who owns my bed after me.

You knew I'd have to put a bawdy punch at the end of this Valentine's post!

Y'all have a great day. Have a love, show a love, share a love, dream of a love, appreciate a love, look for a love. Remember: You might just be leaving a residual.


  1. Makes me reconsider buying a 'used' bed. ;)

  2. It could be a blessing if the bed turns the wife on. Some of that residual might jumpstart her leaf blower (line from True Lies)

  3. Believe it or not I was a huge fan of the show especially the theme song and the dog.

  4. Im BACK  >>HERE<< and  >>HERE<<

    and im happy to read you awesome blog once again :)

  5. Sounds like an exquisite salty moody classic.

  6. Okay, I just have to say, I'm intrigued by the answers to the poll on my blog. More details please!

  7. Jim;
    I don't know. It was made in the 1940s, I believe. There was a TV series starring Hope Lange with the same name and premise, but the original movie was soooo much better.

  8. Jessica;
    It is a ghost hunters classic must-see.

  9. How I love that movie!! It was sweet too that the Captain had also visited the daughter through the years too.
    Thank you for reminding me of this movie!


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