Friday, February 4, 2011

Blogging: It Saved My Life!

**I'm 1 follower away from 400? How did this happen?**

My blog when I started it, my foot propped up, unable to walk following my Achilles reattachment surgery, was a sad little thing. My son helped me to lay out a foundation for it, but it was very crude, very basic, not much zip or excitement.

Like most endeavors, over time I got a feeling for what it was. I started out with some simple posts, afraid to take a stand, inject my sense of humor (because it was not appreciated by a humorless husband) and afraid to try anything new as a way to present information because I thought no one would get my sense of humor or my restless ability to question everything.

The concept of "Ghost Hunting Theories" was to talk to other like-minded folks who were into the paranormal about theories and how to test them and make a little think tank of (if I was lucky) a couple people. My own town didn't have a lot of open-minded folks (remember, this is the place with laws being passed for important things like being able to take a gun into a bar).

Some things I always knew about myself: I am comfortable with my sexuality and with being sassy, was a tomboy and athlete as a kid so I tend to compete with boys and take up their dares; my mind is quick and a bad thing to leave idling or I get into mischief; I question authority and anyone who claims they are an authority and I have a big heart and love to give people tools to succeed and be motivated. With all those qualities in mind, my blog serves as a place to fulfill all my true potential. I didn't know that at first. I was scared to share all of me with anyone, afraid to be rejected.

Without even realizing it, the blog saved my life; it made me okay with who I am and okay to show it. People didn't mind my sense of humor or me always questioning things or the way I treated everyone like an adopted mommy. Having the blog world to expose my real self, I questioned the situation in my life that kept me hiding the real me and, even worse, being ashamed of her.

Blogging isn't just about sharing with others, it's also about sharing with yourself.

If I hadn't blogged, I would still be miserably married to a man who made me feel as if everything precious I just listed above was a character flaw instead of an asset and who had me wondering at some points why I even existed if I was such a loathsome creature that constantly needed "fixing" and was unworthy of loving attention so simple as a kiss or a compliment or even an interest in what the hell I did with my day.

Have you seen the real me on the blog? Hell yeah! Here's some examples:

Performing surgery on Dale the Doll while drinking a beer

Belly dancing scarf wiggle

Wearing tank tops that say "Fact or Faked" for my weekly reviews of the show

The "Ghost Adventures" drinking game

Mass psychic experiments

Exploring all paranormal subjects with interest and honest curiosity and asking everyone to join in an ongoing conversation about it

Lonely on a Friday Night--I shouldn't be the only one sitting at home alone wondering if I'm the last person on earth (hey, don't forget we're doing it again tonight!)

My LAUGH series poking loving fun at the paranormal shows (bottom right)

My Childhood Haunts and Alone series (bottom right) where I shared my own encounters with the scary and unexplained

Promoting blogs and writers I admire

Counseling folks on the side about all sorts of things, getting them motivated and excited about their lives and their projects

Making everyone a "buddy" a "sweetie" and a "dear."

I'm a real southern gal, and I enjoy being a hostess. I think every opinion is relevant and exciting because it means someone's mind is mulling over what I just presented. The idea of this whole blog is to make you think beyond what you've been told and make new conclusions, exciting finds, and don't take it so damn seriously. It's not rocket science, at least not yet.

This blog set out to be finding the truth and ended up being about finding myself and my "tribe." I love y'all and by now y'all know it because another thing about me--I can't hide my feelings. I'm very demonstrative!

If you learn anything from my example, learn this; be yourself. Everyone can tell the genuine from the disconnected like dogs smell fear.

Please don't forget from 7 pm EST time and all evening, I'm on here for Lonely on a Friday night to chat and laugh. Come and go as you like, but join us if you can. I know most of you should be snowed in, so don't just sit there watching reruns of Ghost Adventures when you can be on here laughing at the episodes of Ghost Adventures with others.


  1. wish you follower number 400 soon

  2. The internet is a wonderful thing. Greatest invention since penicillin

  3. I'm glad that the blog has made a positive influence in your life. I can't wait to see where it takes you next. Ghost Hunting Theories FTW!!!

  4. AWESOME!!! I'm very happy for you. However, I'm a tad jealous, too!! :-D I have only 61 followers on my blog. I have often wondered why that is the case. I've been around since 2007, but have had the hardest time enjoying the level of feedback even younger blogs receive. It's not about the numbers, really. It's about the interaction. Sometimes, I can't help but think I'm writing to no one but you. So, thanks for stopping by so often. :-D

  5. Blogging has definitely changed my life too. I was lost for two years after being laid off from work trying to find something to do. Blogging lead me to you and our fun, crazy adventures. I never would have thought that I would coauthored a book let alone doing one on my own. My confidence level has risen and much of it is because of my friendship with you. Thanks my Sis, Love Ya!

  6. ein;

    I certainly wasn't expecting it to be such an influence.


    GHT takes on GA; Autumnforest teaches Zak to be polite to the ghosts! GHT takes on GH; Autumnforest teaches Jason to stop saying "things of that nature."

    I'm like a parent, I try not to have fav's but I have to admit that I read every single entry you make and I think to myself "how is it possible that this guy is the dude version of me?" You always choose all the subjects I want to hear about and you find the coolest shit! I think the only thing going for me is the name of the blog--pretty straightforward if people are searching. The next natural step is the release of more books sharing my paranormal knowledge on a larger scale. I am just thrilled people want to hear it the way I give it. I definitely have a weird attitude, but it makes the paranormal palatable.

    I am like an infection! Hee hee. I really do love to hear about people's dreams and talents because I am a gal who thinks nothing should stop you from actually doing. I think it just infects people. Sorry, gal, no cure now that you've moved forward. Spread the disease, dear.

  7. I wish I could follow twice, just to help push you over the mark. :)

  8. Eric;
    I'm sure some unsuspecting person will wander over probably today if luck is on my side and I will suck them right into my drama and antics :-)

  9. I've got plenty of very nice (and occasionally curious) folks visiting my three blogs, so if you pop up there with any regularity I'm sure somebody will wander over to see you.

  10. Your blog is a treasure house for all sorts of creepiness.

  11. Echo;
    Thanks. I will be having plenty more creepiness coming up! I'm taking on some new paranormal subjects that should scare and delight this next week.

  12. It is most interesting to read how someone got started blogging. Blogging during recovery - from wounds of several varieties. Thanks for sharing.

  13. MM;
    Yes, I was down and hurt and down and hurt. I just needed to find my people. There is no one in my area into paranormal or being zany. I live in an upper middle class neighborhood of Intel workers and conservatives. Can you imagine a tall redhead with a wild personality amongst a bunch of 5-foot tall size 0 bleached blond trophy wives? Definitely not in my element. I'm more like a wild creature of the woods not some primped poodle with nothing between its fuzzy ears.

  14. A very inspiring story, glad to be a small part of it :)

  15. Zoe;
    You are a delightful part of it.

  16. I'm glad you started blogging too! When I come visit I always feel like I'm visiting a friend. A friend who is talented and has a wealth of amazing ghostly info. Congrats people follow because you are awesome lady!

  17. Becca;
    You are a bit of sunshine, sweetie. You are also a very very talented artisan. You make me smile every time I see what you're working on. Keep it up! We need your art in this world. It makes it a spooky but happy place.


    you know it and 400 will be talking about it, cause it is going to happen soon!


  19. Jeremy;
    You're such an enthusiastic pup! Thank you so much. Your art has inspired me to work harder at my art (writing--you really don't want to see my old oil paintings-- a total disaster)

  20. It's been a real treat watching this blog grow, and watching your confidence grow with it. I can't remember how many followers you had when I joined but I'm pretty sure it was way under 100. There's always something interesting going on here, and I also appreciate the fact that GHT has always been supportive of the Reveaux. Looking forward reading your stuff for many years to come!

  21. Bleaux, you are my horror movie dude! I love that you're not just a modernist about horror movie reviewing, you love to do the odd and the old and the classic too. You and I run the same tastes in these things and I really love to see how you put your reviews together because you have a serious writing talent and POV that comes across with a helluva lot of confidence too. You know who you are and that's why I go there and ready our reviews. You are comfortable in your own skin and genuine. I seriously appreciate that.