Bedtime Confessions

You were three years old and it was bedtime. It was not just a huge disruption for you, but even more so for your parents.

The ritual might have gone like this:

Warm milk
hot bath
tooth brushing
pony ride to the bedroom
story time
special stuffed animals
light on in the closet
tucking in the edges of the sheets and blankets
kiss to the forehead
door left open.

You're an adult now, right? Bedtime fears are for babies!

It's time for a little confessional. Which have you done as an adult?

try not to let your hand or leg hang off the side of the bed

see a shape in the dark and turn away, afraid to keep looking

remove clothing you have hanging over something because it looks like a person

leave the TV on timer while falling asleep

wake from a nightmare and get up and leave the room so you don't fall asleep again and finish it

sleep hugging a pillow

can't fall asleep because you're finally alone with your thoughts with no distractions for the first time in the entire day

certain a noise is someone breaking in

get up and lock the bedroom door so there's one more barrier from the intruder

change the channel from a horror movie to comedy so you have no nightmares

turn the light on in the bathroom so you don't see weird shapes in your room


  1. Lets see...

    I fall asleep hugging a Pillow, can't fall asleep because you're finally alone with your thoughts with no distractions for the first time in the entire day.

    However the Pillow usually ends up on the floor and once I'm asleep I'm out forever. Lol!

  2. Yeah, I get ya! I keep a journal near the bed now so I can write about my day and let out my frustrations, but I really hate sleeping alone. I don't do it well. I want someone to say "I love you" to before I konk out. So, I whisper it anyways and it feels somehow happier.

  3. I too do not enjoy sleeping alone. When I sleep alone, it takes so much longer to fall asleep.

    But when I do sleep alone, I like the pillow trick. It's no substitution for a warm cuddle, but it does the trick.

  4. Shelby;
    I actually sewed my own body pillow that is about 6 feet long. I'm a tall gal, so for me to wrap myself around a pillow, it needs to be long! It's also really comfortable to sleep. I only wish it had big strong arms.

  5. Well, after seeing that "Army of Frankenstein" trailer, I must admit to being so creeped out I tried to not looking at my dark, open closet, which, incidentally, has a small door which leads to the attic.

  6. HN;
    That's hardcore, dude. I agree with you. I probably would have shoved the dresser in front of it.

  7. With light on. Because sometimes when i wake up in complete darkness i am disoriented.

  8. I like hugging a pillow and won't let anything hang over the bed while sleeping. Usually by the morning, something is hanging off the bed, I am no longer hugging the pillow, and my dog Lucy is snoring loudly in my ear while my chihuahua is tucked under my blanket right next to me. Both dogs won't sleep near my hubby because he thrashes around too much.

  9. Echo;
    I agree. I get up to pee and run into the doorway sometimes. Even after all these months, the apartment is still weird to me.

    If I had a man in my bed, dear, there would be no dogs in the entire room!!

  10. I cannot sleep in absolute darkness. And I did the nightmare thing two nights ago. I got up, watched some porn, 'took care of businesses' and went back to bed, hoping to have perverted dreams instead of nightmares. It didn't work. At all...

  11. L.I.I;
    As wonderfully diverting as porn is, the fact is that your body cycles in arousal in the early morning hours so if you satisfied it, you wouldn't have arousing dreams. For most folks those occur somewhere between 6-9 am. It would be better to put on a comedy channel, or you could always read my laugh series on the tab above. :-)

  12. I think that spiritual presences are all around, but we keep ourselves so distracted that we can't tap into them. I have worked a few graveyard shift jobs and last year I was working one and decided to try to get through a night without music or TV. It was an idea I got from an Aldous Huxley book. Anyway it's easy to get spooked and it takes a while to make silence your friend, but it is a worthwhile endeavor.

  13. Peter;
    So true! I know as a psychic that I have wonderful ways to block out all the information that's out there, but sometimes just for shits and giggles I'll open myself up in a crowd. It's kind of like trying to grab a swirling leaf in a stream. Our environment, all the objects within it, the walls and floors, all hold information from people who have been there. If I left myself open all the time, I'd go daft like a dog with too many scent trails to follow. So, imagine how I feel in an haunted building? Sometimes, I keep my hands behind my back so I'm not tempted to touch anything. The regular person who does not practice their psychometry skills will still sense much from the environment. It's one of the closest times they get to "opening" up to what's out there, when they are without distractions. Lots of stuff floats in and because they aren't used to dealing with it, it scares them, makes them uneasy. The key is just knowing you can let it pass right through and out without grabbing hold and studying any of it.

  14. none of these... at 6'4" and some 250#, i rarely get intimidated - by ANYthing! :P lol

  15. LW;
    Well, isn't it good to know that you're just what every woman needs in her bed to sleep well and safe?


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