Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arizona's UFO Culture

(A UFO my son photographed that we witnessed in August 2008, a triangular one moving on a steady and perfect path without a single sound)

(The Phoenix Lights March 1997-over my house, though I did not look outside!)

(Space Age Cafe in Gila Bend)

(UFO Tours in Sedona)

Arizona has 180 degrees of clear sky almost every freaking day of the year, so could you find a better place to see anything that might be in the sky? We do see a lot of strange things here. I have seen 4 of them that were completely and totally unexplainable by any means I could conceive of.

The Casa Grande Ruins were a Native American astronomical construction for studying the stars. This ancient tribe went missing, but they left much mystery, as did their relatives up at South Mountain who made glyphs that have petroglyphs in the sky's Jeff wondering if they were seeing something in the sky that we're still seeing today.

If you head down to Gila Bend, they have a UFO cafe with a giant saucer in its roof and wonderful alien-themed gifts inside (and the best burger I've had in the entire state)!

If you drive from Phoenix 2 hours north to Sedona's red rock country (the center of healing and all things new age and psychic) and find a UFO shop with UFO tours at night. I like their concept:

"Tours begin at the Ye Olde UFO Store at sunset with a short lecture, recent sightings and video presentation, equipment and safety training, and light appetizers. Explorers will then embark on a tour of UFO hot spots around Sedona, led by guides with multiple levels of contact experience. Our goal is to train a small army of qualified UFO hunters who can confidently identify and document the existence of “other than from this world craft”. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of our team? You will learn what equipment is best used to capture a UFO on video or film and how to avoid techniques that could cause the establishment to call your findings a hoax. Wear appropriate clothing and shoes for the season. Feel free to bring a camera, video camera, or other recording device if you wish."

Hey, you even get a digital picture of yourself through nightvision goggles and a t-shirt!

Yes, if you are into UFOs, seriously, AZ is your place. I have to admit to some strange correlation with UFOs and the mountains around here. Whatever that is could be coincidence, but it does seem to be puzzling. It's a strange state. You might come for the Grand Canyon or the red rocks of Sedona, but your eyes will continue to go to the sky and your chances are very good of seeing every single thing that's up there because it's always turquoise and there's not a tree or hill to obstruct your view.


  1. I think your triangular UFO was a stealth bomber. :)

  2. i love it, taking the ufo's to another world on earth.

    thank you for the "everything"


  3. Hey Eric;
    Nope. It was very distinctly 3 round "ball" shapes attached to each other, moving slowly and steadily south to north with no sound. It appeared whitish when the light hit it. Not a sound, either.Definitely not balloons--we see those constantly drifting off and caught by the wind. This stayed the same altitude and moved steadily and purposely without drift.

    Next time I hit Sedona, I'm doing the damn tour and covering it on the blog. It's way too fun!

  4. Gary and I are going on that UFO tour in Sedona in April. I will report what we find...

  5. These V shaped craft... A lot of ex-officials have said that they began testing these things at Lockheed's Skunk Works decades ago.

  6. I've seen some stuff I've never been able to explain, but I never think about taking pictures until well after the fact.

  7. I don't think it's a coincidence that the Phoenix lights were first seen in Nevada that night and headed down to Phoenix and onward south. My first suspicion would be something from Area 51 being tested.

  8. Vapor;
    Yeah, it's one of those things. We were watching the UFO for so long, we were able to get a camera and take some shots. One time, I was watching one hover for a good half hour or more and I happened to be videotaping the area on a vacation, so I just filmed up at the disk. Didn't look all that exciting on video, but the damn thing just sat completely still in the sky over a mountain in the middle of nowhere. I finally drove off with my friend and we watched it still hovering as we drove away.