Monday, February 7, 2011

Arizona Mountains: There's Weird Shit In Our Hills

Yeah, that title grabbed you, huh? After stopping and taking a moment to realize some things about the AZ mountains, the title just rolled from my lips.

Want some examples of what's up with our mountains?

South Mountain: The ancient site of HoHoKam tribes who made glyphs on the rocks often portraying UFOs and strange mutating creatures was also the site of the viewing of the Phoenix Lights UFO event.

Superstition Mountains: In 1845, the first man found gold in this mountain range. Several came out with gold including one called the Dutchman, but many dozens have gone in and never come back out again. The Apache said the gold was protected and to this day locals look up at those mountains with admiration and fear, knowing they contain gold but knowing it also could mean the end of a man.

Estrella Mountains: This mountain range is known for a very large amount of UFO sightings.

Camelback Mountain: An orthodontist taught himself the art of stone cutting just so he could build a castle on the side of Camelback Mountain. It ended up making him lose a wife, 2 girlfriends and all his money. Now, that was a man possessed!

White Mountains: This beautiful mountain range in Arizona is known for its Bigfoot sightings and supposedly the Tribal Police have more official police reports of BF sightings documented than any other US police department.

Grand Canyon: There are a lot of legends here but the most popular one is that an explorer found a cave within that held an Egyptian tomb. It doesn't help that many paths in the Grand Canyon have Egyptian names and there are portions no one is allowed in, raising speculation.

Apache-Sitgreaves Forest: This is the forested mountainside where logger Travis Walton was abducted by a UFO in a famous case with an awesome movie done about it called “Fire in the Sky.”

Sedona: This magical red-rocked land has 4 vortexes or supposed energy areas where leylines meet. These include rock formations within this Valley. It is said they can heal people. I admit to visiting them and they absolutely do have something to them. As well, many believe that there suspicious underground bases in Sedona.

That's just some of it, but most of it revolves around portals and UFOs.


  1. Awesome. Some really cool places. Some I have been to, others I have not. If I recall, the Egyptian tomb story arose from an apocryphal piece of yellow journalism (I may have a scanned copy of that article on my computer somewhere--or I did) and is highly suspect as such. Egyptian inspiration became fashionable a couple different times over the past century or so, often coinciding with discoveries that caught the public's imagination. To wit, King Tut's tomb and the effect it had on the Art Deco period. I can't help think of Cairo, MO and Memphis, TN. There are others, I believe, that were inspired by Egypt.

    The Lost Dutchman mine is a great, romantic legend. I love those lost treasure tales from the southwest--a few here in Oklahoma involving outlaws, Mexican miners, and Spanish gold lust.

    Is it me, or is there something magical--perhaps supernatural--about a man so possessed of a single minded obsession to build a castle in the desert as to lose his fortune and family? Makes you wonder what sort of energies the site has become imbued with....

  2. Cullan;
    Someone I know actually snuck in there (it's abandoned) and got some pics. I'm sure when it was decorated up, it was awesome but now it's rather sad. I would soooo love to have that place. I would find it lucky, except for parking--I'm terrified of the drive up to the place. Julie and I are going at the end of the month back to look at the UFO glyphs at South Mountain and I'm hoping to bring my dowsing rods and compass out of curiosity,but there is also a place there, the mystery castle that we are going to check out and cover for the blogs.

    1. Jeff woolwine that is my husband now ,he has taken me up onto south mountain to explore petroglyphs .he has a book coming out and has a page on youtube, petroglyphsinthesky.he has filmed some blizzard things

    2. I'm glad he's still pursuing this study. He had some interesting concepts from his studies. Glad he has a book coming out. I will have to look for that.

  3. I am looking forward to our trek in the South Mountains. I want to see the glyths and ruins for myself. I love that the AZ mountains hold so much mystery. We need to make a White Mountain trip too and see if BF wants to show him or herself.

  4. I'm totally stoked for a BF hunt. We might have a better chance when the berries are ripe up there. Of course, I might just do what I was talking about before and make him some hemp cupcakes since no one's been able to entice him any other way.

  5. Woo! I'm follower 400! I feel so special.

    My grandparents live in Prescott Valley, and I think it largely has to do with the open desert air. That much open space at night seems to have a haunting effect.

    There are areas in Idaho that have the same feeling. Arco, ID is where a nuke accident happened a few generations ago. I think only 3 people died, but their spirits still haunt the site, and are spotted regularly.

  6. L.I.I; Congrats! You just made my day! Yeehaw! Yahoo! This is most awesome. I am glad you jumped on board. If you click the banner at the top of the blog, it will fill you in on a lot of what the blog is like with a sample post and info about some of the regular things I post. When I moved west from the DC area, I noticed right away that the buildings felt haunted back east, but out west, the land feels haunted. It's a completely different sensation. I would very much like to check out Idaho because I believe geology holds a lot of keys to activity and it shows a lot of promise for some good haunts. I hope you're exploring your state and checking out all the cool creepy places. I'd love to hear about it. I will follow you too!

  7. I am sure you will find a lot of new places to hunt if you don't have buildings to hunt any more.

  8. Echo;
    There are a lot of hauntings related to the land here which I am covering this week on the blog. More of the land has issues with sightings and things than the buildings.

  9. Vapor;
    That actually sounds dangerous and fun. I wonder if you could do something like those Jack Links commercials with messing with sasquatch, but make it messing with moonshiners.

  10. I'd like to see you visit Taos, NM and investigate their infamous "hum"

  11. Eric;
    I've wanted to do that, actually. I'm curious if I can come up with a theory on it.

  12. Jeff woolwine is my husband he has studied south mountain and ufo and petroglyphs for a lot of years his YouTube is petroglyphsinthesky he's filmed some blizzard stuff ,I've seen a few ufo orbs while out with him