Sunday, February 27, 2011

Adventure Sunday: Dressing For Adventure!

(Using a photographer's fanny pack for my ghost equipment, above. You can also consider a fisherman's vest. Heels are optional, but always look good.)

This is the beginning of my Adventure Sunday series. I will be giving you lots of exciting ideas for little do-able adventures to spice up your life. Today, I'm focusing on the fashion of adventures for men and women.

In my own style department, I am a strange eclectic mix of "The Mummy," Victorian era, safari and beach gal. Makes no sense, but I make it work. I don't like designer shit and I don't like what everyone else is wearing or how they're wearing it. I find obscure items and I'm a thrifty lady, so I find things that are well made, versatile and can be mixed and matched easily. I'm also practical about what I use because the weather here in the desert is hell on earth--literally.

So, I'm going to share unusual finds with you and how I use them. MEN-DO NOT LEAVE! I plan on telling you what really turns me on! (This hat below is the first one!)

My buddy, Vinnie, had this hat that whenever we went on adventures, I'd want to steal it from him. He was kind enough to tell me where he got it and I ordered one excitedly. Each one is made differently and with old Brazilian canvas tarp with some writing and lots of aging on it. They have lightweight wires in them so when you stuff it into a suitcase, it bounces right back. The more rain you wear it in, the better. It's light enough to not sweat to death in it and yet keeps the sun from ruining my skin and my red locks. I think it makes me look rather Josh Gates too which is pretty wicked. I can't wait to age this baby and see it get even better. Any man who wears this hat instantly looks dangerous and hot!

My most favorite places to shop??? Army surplus, Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and Etsy.

(This is actually one I use as my everyday purse, it fits alongside my body like it was shaped for it and the canvas strap keeps it from sliding off my sloping shoulders. It goes with everything and I'm a casual gal, so it's fantastic. As well, tons of spots to put stuff including a mesh backside so it can double as my ghost hunting bag for equipment. Armysurplusstore)

(I love these shorts, lightweight, comfy, lots of pockets. I have a bunch of well worn army store cargoes, but these ones from Old Navy are great in our hot hot weather here).

(Doesn't seem practical? I got this bustier tank but it's ideal for here in AZ. I can wear it under my safari vest from Old Navy and remain cool but still look like a gal.)

Okay, men, so let's talk about you, shall we?

(These paratrooper shorts from the armysurplusstore are hot! I love men in cargoes, but especially soft and worn ones--they look wonderful on men's butts!)

(Pocketwatch--mysterious, sexy, steampunk, intriguing. If I saw a guy pull out one of these babies, it would definitely make me want to know what makes him tick!)

(Men, henleys always always always look hot on you! Shove the sleeves up, leave a couple buttons open.

Men: Shop at Eddie Bauer, Old Navy and Army Surplus (no--not camouflage-that scares women away!) But, do think of the outdoorsy and deeper colors like browns/dark grays/black/olive/slate blue-gray.**

Ultimately, guys, every woman loves black tees and jeans!)

Men AND women: How about carrying your laptop in something other than that miserable black bag that it came with or the ones you find cheap in the store. This one is sexy and sharp and $35.95.

Hey, I said these were clothes for adventures, but I wear them every day because life is one big adventure. Don't miss next Sunday when I teach you how to make every day an adventure. As the weather gets a bit more spring-like, I will tell you about awesome unknown things you can do in your neck of the woods for a one day adventure and then some plans this summer for weekend adventures. Yes, the coming new season of "Destination Truth" has gotten me all excited to ask questions, seek answers and do it in wicked cool places!

Speaking of adventures, I'm taking one today with Julie from Above-The-Norm: Bizarre Arizona. Expect some videos coming up of our day of adventures.


  1. Geez, think only Batman carries more things around his waist when he goes out.

  2. zoinks! i was going to say what "the duke" said. lady macgyver, you are.

  3. Hummm.....fanny pack?!?!?? :D

    Spend way too much time in the UK I do :D

    Anyway, when I stopped giggling like the child that I am :D

    Fantastic information great post!!

    Thanks for sharing as always.


  4. Duke & Jeremy;
    I have to admit that I don't usually pack all those tools anymore. Over time, they've proven to not be effective on the ghost hunts, but it still works well for cameras and do-dads.

    Frog Queen;
    It is goofy, but admittedly carrying a bag with equipment turned out to be really tough because you're digging around feeling inside it during a ghost hunt, so the fanny pack made it easy. I know that on the right of center pocket there's an EMF meter, the KII is to the right of it... so, in the dark, I manage to find things quickly. I'm all about what makes life easier.

  5. Throughout the entire post, I had Right Said Fred playing in my mind...

    Did you do your little turn on a catwalk?

    So, as a male I took notes. I have my tan "dexter shirt" henley, a pair of beat up jeans, and an old leather duster I'm wearing if I ever come to AZ.

    The thing I liked most is the fact almost everything is element-proof. You can get rough with it, and it likes it rough. If you're being attacked by evil spirits, you can run tumble and escape, all while looking FAAAAAAABULOUS!!!

  6. What's that?

    Sorry, I missed some of what you said... everything after heels.

  7. I love the look of that steampunk


  8. I don't wear shorts. Ever. Except with knee high tube socks. Unfortunate youthful tattoo incident. But I wear Levi's well, so there's that.

  9. I have a hat quite similar to that one. Mine is oiled canvas and beat to hell. It is awesome! I'm wearing it here: