What's Up With My Books?

Okay, so what is she up to now? I can almost hear Ricky Ricardo chatting quickly in his native tongue about my antics. Yes, I am taking on more projects this year with a singular focus; to get my ass published. Okay, not my ass. I've put that enough times here on the blog. You don't need to see that again any time soon.

I'm in a place in my life now where all the vast information and experience I've accrued in my (not going to divulge to you) many years is going to be put to a good cause; books. I'm working on books I seriously would want to read if they were available, but no one is writing them, so I feel compelled to fill in the need for the curious folks like myself.

Here's this year's book projects as they are plotted out thus far:

Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) The editor is pitching this to the publisher--fingers crossed. Julie and I are very excited. This was a fantastic project to photograph abandoned sites and write up a scene from the past based on a reading I did of someone who had been in that setting and had contact with an object enough to leave their residual memories and feelings.

Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Vanished Cities Edition)
Julie and I are working on this one in February on a kick-ass road trip through AZ and CA desert that we will video and photograph and share with you, even the hotel room hilarity because these road trips with me never go as one would imagine.

Was That a Ghost? This book is one I wrote alone and it's basically an easy and very informative guide to help you figure out if something you encountered was paranormal or not. I do this with clients all the time and I'm sharing my process with everyone. My approach is different than most but being a psychic and synesthete and a highly organized Virgo, it makes perfect sense when you follow it along and you'll probably wonder why no one has taken this approach before. I hope to release this on Kindle/Nook in March. When this does get release, I will have a wicked giveaway of either a Kindle or Nook basic model (winner chooses).

From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic
This is one of my books too. It has my heart. I love writing this one and I love sharing how you can take your basic intuition or gut instincts or premonition dreams and take yourself to the next level. I'm shedding light on the psychic world. It's not as magical and woo-woo as people think. It's simply using skills like an athlete. They are skills EVERYONE has, but some people out of necessity or life situation manage to focus on them more. This will come out on Kindle/Nook probably in late May/early June.

Other things in the works:

Hug-A-Blogger Yes. The project is on again. We are simplifying it by doing AZ bloggers so we can do the road trip and get it done. Go to the site to learn more of how we see this project developing. This is another project with Julie.

Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted This one is the one most people bugged me about. It will take a great deal of research and correlating and Julie has agreed to work on it with me. It's based on my 2009 study of 50 haunted places culminating in my Haunted Formula. This will tell not only what elements help to create a haunted vessel but perhaps even how we could build one and they will come....

So, 2011 is a helluva lot of writing and hopefully a helluva lot of reward. Stick with me through this and I promise you even more information on the spirit world that will blow your mind. And you thought Mind Fuck Tuesdays were draining on your thought process...


  1. My new year's resolution is to show 1/10th the energy you do.

  2. Woohoo, the year to be published. I am excited about our projects together, the road trips to the abandoned places, and doing my very own book. I have appreciate all the advise you have given. It have lots of work ahead, but it will be fun work.

  3. LOL, it sounds like I am still asleep typing that last comment.

  4. Sucio;
    My dear friend, I wish I could rub it off on you too. I am a bundle of excitement. I have a philosophy in life and it has served me well:
    Wherever I am, that is the coolest place to be.
    Whoever I'm with, they are the coolest person to be with.
    Whatever I'm doing, it's the coolest thing to be doing.
    I guess a zen master might say "I'm present." I think I'm just making up for lost time.

    We are going to blaze a trail that will have small town locals talking about us for some time to come. I can't wait until our next road trip. They are always such a freaking blast. But then, again, apply the philosophy above in my comment and it makes perfect sense why we have such a blast.

  5. WOOT! I love, love, LOVE the pics Julie takes and what an awesome idea for you two to put it together in a book! And, Miss Virgo, just so you know...2011 is THE year for us. The planets and stars are aligned for all kinds of publishing and marketing success, so hold on to your werewolf shorts because you are in for a fun ride!

  6. Thanks Court! I am going to pose in those werewolf shorts, don't you know? I will give you warning when that goes up, but they really have to go up. I just need a werewolf bikini top to go with them. I guess it's back to the sewing machine...

  7. You are making the rest of us look awfully lazy. :) Good luck on everything in 2011!

  8. Good luck with your future work :)


  9. Yeah good luck, I`ve noticed You put a lot in and deserve Praise.

  10. Wow, that's quite a list you've got. Good luck, and I hope it all works out.

  11. Thank you, all. I am ambitious, but hey I've got free evenings and days off and a whole lot of things I want to say. The blog has taught me that a lot of the things I have to share could be strung together and made into books and reach the poor folks who haven't figured out how awesome blogging is! I will be watching your blogs and seeing where you take me during 2011. It's the blogs that inspire me and the people who put them together. I've never found a more brilliant and sweet group of people in all the world. This is where they congregate. So glad I found y'all. You've been a huge influence!

  12. I like the Abandoned Places idea, sounds interesting. Those places are always creepy.

  13. Unablogger;
    I am excited about it. Those books will be a series. We have the "desert" version done and in February we research the "vanished cities" version. I also hope to get us doing an Indian Reservation one and perhaps a city one. I spend a lot of time in abandoned sites. I'm a nightmare on a road trip. I want to stop every time I see something rotting along the roadside.

  14. Well dang that is a lot of writing. But I know you have the talent, so rock it. And yeah, l'll be looking for my autographed copies. :D
    wishing you all the best inthis new year!

  15. Thank you, Sandra. I guess if I'm going to have a wellspring, I'm glad it's a writing one. It could be worse. I could be addicted to playing a tuba nonstop.

  16. Very nice blog you;ve got here! I'll be checking it out now that I've found it. BTW, I voted for Rod Serling. I was him for Halloween one year.

  17. Hey Chuck;
    Glad you found my blog. You just never know what you'll find on here. Rod Serling, huh? Damn! I loved the sexy way he talked out of the corner of his mouth. The dude was brilliant.

  18. Writing is not easy and takes a lot of time. I think you choose great topics and hope your books will be top sellers.

  19. Echo;
    You always say the sweetest things, dear. And, sometimes the funniest. I love your sense of humor. You are such a great addition to the blog commenters. I look forward to your insights every time you comment. It's funny, but most stuff is hard work for me, but writing is so easy that sometimes it feels like I'm channeling it. Now, making a painting--that's freaking work! I used to oil paint and it was agonizing. Absolute misery for me. I figured I'd paint a picture with words instead which is much better for the people who had to gaze at my awful paintings.

  20. I am SOOO excited for you! I hope it all goes as planned, I'm sure they will all be great! :) Good Luck!!

  21. Soraya;
    Missed you Friday night. Hope that's cause you had a date. Thanks, sweetie. Your 2011 will no doubt be super charmed because you're in it! :-)

  22. Isn't life funny? Or maybe not.
    Obviously this has all been kismet.
    I started my blog with the intention of just talking about and creating "art". The thought of "writing" had not entered my mind. Not consciously anyway. I see now that over the last year and a 1/2 the pieces just dropped into place. I would narrate my photos and find joy in the story. I would cross paths with fellow bloggers such as yourself that would encourage me to follow my passion. I'm so excited for you and I love all the topics but I am drawn to the "Fledgling to Full-" I've never thought of myself as a possible psychic but I do know that with some animals I feel a complete truth. Does that make sense, what I am trying to say?
    I mean it's knowledge that is without doubt. It's the one true thing in my life, but it doesn't happen with every animal or at will. It's just either there or it isn't. Is this something that I can cultivate? It's definitely something that I want to explore with my writing....
    Yes, kismet. That's what it was.

  23. Cindi;
    You can seriously develop that "creature comforter" tendency and it makes sense that some animals are better than others. People are like that for me. Some are better reads. It seems funny but the more simple minded a person is (less going on inside their head) the harder to read. Uptight, intelligent, overly stimulated people are easier to read. People on drugs and alcohol and having serious emotional problems are very weird reads. An ideal situation would be a high-pressure overachiever who is a multitasker and wears the same watch every day. That would be a dream read. The book will help you find out what qualities you need for your skills to work. We look for commonalities. I can't wait to share it with the world. It seems so complicated but it's really quite simple if you use logical steps instead of spiritual, as bizarre as that sounds.

  24. Heh, Yeah, A Date with two Almost 3 year olds. :-p I baby sat on New Years Eve with a lack of internet connection. :-p
    I did have a date last Monday...but.. It was rather Unsuccessful. >.> Can't even get ahold of the guy now. I wasn't THAT bad... Weirdness.


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