This Week In Paranormal TV and Horror Movies

I'm bringing it back because a few shows are coming back and we should be aware of it. I still am having Halloween withdrawals but honestly this past Halloween was kind of lame-o. They just showed all in the Halloween series and Friday the 13th series over and over on the cable channels. Can someone please OWN Halloween on cable year-round???

*(one I'm watching)


HISTORY CHANNEL: “Ancient Discoveries

AMC: “Eraser” (movie)
*SyFy: “Ghost Hunters International” (NEW SEASON)
HISTORY CHANNEL: “Ancient Aliens” and “Prophets of Doom”

SyFy: “Ghost Whisperer” marathon
*HISTORY CHANNEL: “Brad Meltzer's Decoded” and “Ancient Aliens” (I'm addicted to this show)

*TRAVEL CHANNEL: “Most Terrifying Places in America” (a few in a row) then “Ghost Adventures” (new episode)


  1. I love ancient discoveries on history! actually I could watch history all day every day haha.

  2. totally, on the halloween film selection... there are than three movies you can show... we need a horror channel, that does not suck...

    kind of like christmas, christmas story and scrooged are great. not for 24 hours straight.

  3. ancient discoveries are the best, i love that show the most.

  4. I admit to being addicted to Ancient Aliens.

  5. I will tune into GHI and see Barry in charge of the new team. Of course I will be watching GA and see who get possessed or groped this week. I will have to be sure to catch the ancient discoveries show. It sounds great!

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  7. Sucio;
    Tell me about it! The last few weeks were utter horror famine. Let's start our own channel, shall we? Something with BBC 70s horror mixed with political hilarious commentary. What will we call it?

  8. I want the Gauss rifle from Eraser.

  9. I watched a Decoded episode a few days ago about Confederate Treasure. It was bizarre, but entertaining.

  10. Pangs;
    I did a post on it once, but when I was a kid, I searched for Braddock's Gold. It was stuffed into cannons and buried in the ground during the war and never found. England claims part of it is theirs if it's found but I think at this point, hundreds of years later, it's up for grabs. I even found a soldier's diary who described where it was buried when his unit was told to hide the payroll while they fought.

  11. no movie is quite as good as Goonies.

  12. Chris;
    Don't you know! It has it all.

  13. i think i had the dumbest response this morning...

    monday is nbc's chuck night! and five-o... then spent. have to be up at 4am for some freelance work, i hope...

  14. Sis! Scanned the Travel Channel for Friday and no America's Most Terrifying Places" is on before Ghost Adventures...only Anthony Bourdain! What's the deal???

  15. Hey Sis;
    It's listed in the west. Perhaps not the east. Poor guys.

  16. Hi there sounds like History Channel in the U.S is the same more or less as the UK.I've seen Ancient Aliens too often in a short period of time now but was glued to it when it first aired.You get Ancient Discoveries over there?.It's the model maker Richard Windly with that waistcoat,grandad shirt n pocket watch explaining how he built a flame thrower in that Brummie accent that makes it for
    We get GHI on living tv but no GA for sometime.Do you get Most Haunted over there?

  17. thebadpenny;
    Yes, we do get Most Haunted here. I haven't seen it listed in a while, but they show it from time to time. They used to show it a lot. It was really entertaining just for the mood and listening to them all gasp and shiver. I would think GB has a lot of spooky shows. I'm a freak for the 1970s BBC spooky shows y'all had over there and the whole era of Hammer films. I dream of being able to hunt in the amazing places there. I don't think I'd even know where to start--so much history and so many stone buildings. When my book comes out about Spirit Vessels, it will hopefully uncover a lot about why Great Britain is so haunted.


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