Sex With Ghosts?

(okay, the picture isn't a human and ghost doing it, but damn! Isn't Sawyer fine?)

Oh yeah, a favorite subject. I know it is because people love to ask me about this one.

Hell, I love to contemplate it.

Noncorporeal conditions aside, the logistics of ghost sex is a tough one. A spirit certainly has no throbbing blood stream, hormones, erections, lubrication or any other arousal precursors. So, why the hell do they want to have sex?

But, is sex really about the physical release or that feeling that release gives you—that “little death” that makes you feel like the first hill of the world's tallest rollercoaster? You go your entire day thinking about bills, clocks, deadlines, bosses, coworkers, siblings, parents, spouses, children, taxes, debt, weight, but that one moment of climax—that's primal, elemental, as basic as it gets. It is not cerebral. It is spiritual. So, why not consider sex with ghosts as a possibility? It is, after all, not the usual state of being we spent 99.9% of our day in—the analytical practical side.

Sleep state is when a ghost would come to you; when your brain states are not in the analytical task-oriented state, but in the spiritual state. Every night you enter dream states, doing things, being with people, performing tasks you never do in your physical state. You could not be a better partner for a spirit form than when you are in your spiritual state.

So would spirit sex be only spiritual?

No, it would also be physical.

The human body enters an aroused state in the very early mornings hours. If you wake up from an aroused dream, I can almost guarantee you, it's after 2 am, more often near 5-7 am. I have awakened in the middle of climax several times and my hands were no where near my nether parts. My hips were rocking, I was crying out having a full-blow awesome orgasm. Knowing the mechanics of a woman's body and the conditions it takes for climax, how is it possible to get one without physical contact?

Intriguing, hmm?

Next time you wake up with a raging hard-on or slick panties, you might get a smile on your face if you consider that you just had spiritual stimulation. Was it a ghost? Who knows? If you want me to blow your mind, I'll toss out this theory—what if it was with another sleeper you met in the dream world? Talk about a one-night stand!


  1. This really is an interesting concept and much more mature than the whole Ghost BJ thing in Ghostbusters. Sorry, couldn't help it. But in a way, if the ghost lured you into it, if would almost be rape wouldn't it?

  2. Chuck;
    I suppose someone could moralize that the sleep state is equivalent to a mickey, so isn't it like slipping a woman something in a club and doing her back at the hotel? Since it's possible for men to have wet dreams and apparently women too--we may never know the real catalyst. It could be in our biology. But think about this, men get erections during the day but they don't come unless they masturbate or have proper stimulus, so why would they climax in their sleep? What's different then? Something giving them a little edge--acting as a stimulus to catapult them? Intriguing thought.

  3. I am with you on your theory about having spirit sex. Whether its related to dreams of ghost there is some reason people are getting aroused during their sleep stage.

  4. Probably paranormal sex is a lot like posessions, next day feels like you drank 3 gallons of vodka and got hit by a truck and then you need anal exorsism performed.

  5. "Sex with Ghosts?"
    Yes please.

    But seriously, people only experience input from thier senses. This input is just electricity running along your nerves from the point of impact (like your eye for example) to a certain point in your brain.
    The brain itself is incredibly good at faking these sensations, because it only takes a little charge and some chemicals to prompt it. If a ghost could manipulate this when your brain is vulnerable and has little control over input, say, when you're sleeping, you can see how it could make something think they are having sex.

  6. How do you not have the gif of Ray's dream from Ghostbusters on here?

  7. You know it's bad when even ghosts tell me they have headaches.

  8. I hope, should I ever encounter a ghost, that it's the sexy kind!

    (It would certainly take the 'spooky' edge off of meeting a spirit, y'know?)

    And I'm totally with you on the 'little death' of roller coasters.

  9. Having sex with a ghost is like wearing a condom.
    You can't feel anything.

  10. -sex with a ghost is like really long marriage.
    -sex with a ghost is like diddling yourself while thinking of someone else.
    -sex with a ghost is like you are never alone.

    i read this and thought it might be possible... great post.

  11. that gives me chill actually, waking up with a boner and knowing a ghost did SOMETHING to me..

  12. Hum, would I be cheating on my hubby if I had sex with a spirit? Just curious...

  13. I don't know abput sawyer but man Kate is gorgeous.

  14. Y'all, what a bunch of fun readers! Damn! It definitely gets you thinking about nighttime arousal, huh? Some of you might be hoping for narcolepsy at this point. Max, you might be onto something, buddy. Without real parts, I would guess ghost sex would be lacking a certain friction that both sexes will say is vital. Julie, it's not cheating, it's priming the pump.

  15. Sounds interesting hahaha :)

  16. My husband shall be greatly displeased to hear about this one. I shall not tell him and your all sworn to secrecy. HA!!

    "Nope; haven't posted to Autumnforest since.. last time I posted!" That's my alibi. Definitely.

    Actually, it is quite intriguing. Does that also mean that if men ever have wet dreams at whatever the age; they're also having sex with spirits?

    Men and woman of all ages due and most generally a form of release or merely based on an erotic dream.

    Great food for thought and another great post!

  17. Brenda;
    I kind of like the idea that we visit other dreamers. I worked on a short story one time that had the concept that ghosts were simply our spirit selves wandering the earth and acting out our dreams.

    Yeah, I suppose we have to brush aside some technicalities like if it's cheating if we have sex with a ghost or if it's actually necrophilia. I believe it would be called something like spectrophilia. In fact, I have a short story anthology about dark types of sex and sex with a ghost was on it. It was a man having sex with a female spirit. Story doesn't have much substance,though (har har--rim shot inserted here).

  18. Could have sworn I posted a coment earlier and now it's gone. Repost: I don't buy into the ghost sex stuff. Just doesn't work for me. Too many physiological explanations as to why I make wake up in a given way than some ghost playing with little Johnny.

    BTW - Go check out Bipolar Diva. This is the first in a series I think you may enjoy. Diva is pretty cool too.

  19. Autumforest; I am fully on board with the OBE experience. I've traveled, as well.

    Sucio- You are funny. I shall stalk you one day. You will be mine! Right after Dale. Dale is my dream guy and I'm stealing him away from the human. ;)

    Monkey? Clearly your comment was eaten by a pissed off ghost writer you refused to acknowledge and have sex with. Just saying!

    Gotta go! Dale first; duty after. Not that kind. I know where your minds were going. Heehe!

  20. holy crap now that is vary interesting .. hmmm


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