Thursday, January 20, 2011

QUIZ: What Horror Movie Do You Want to See That Hasn't Been Made?

It's quiz time, my pretties! You know how I love to make you think about your mental processes. Let's see how mental we are: Count your a's, b's, c'd and d's and see which one you get the most of. Scroll down and find out which horror movie you would like to see that hasn't been made.

1. I sometimes have emotional troubles when it comes to...
a. I can get angry outbursts.
b. I am a bit OCD/obsessive-compulsive about things.
c. I am timid/easily dominated.
d. I depend too much on others saving my ass.

2. My idea of a perfect Saturday is to..
a. Avoid human beings--dealt with them all week.
b. Finish off chores and things I need to get done.
c. Get away to a quiet place.
d. Have friends over and watch something on TV, maybe BBQ.

3. I am really intrigued by...
a. Jack the Ripper.
b. Ancient Egyptians/pyramid construction.
c. Reanimating the dead.
d. Listening for signals from outer space.

4. I like a horror movie to have...
a. Lots of victims/kills.
b. Super badass mindless killers.
c. Creepy stuff from my darkest fears.
d. "Us" versus "them" mentality.

5. Best horror movie locale...
a. The City.
b. Ancient places.
c. Mountain cabin.
d. Caves.

Now, count your a's, b's, c's and d's and scroll down to see which horror movie you would like to see most if it existed...

a. Vampire goes cold turkey and ends up being a serial killer.
b. Zombies build pyramid and perform sacrificial feasting atop it.
c. Dolls take over a mountain cabin and hold people prisoners and torture them.
d. Post-apocalyptic survivors contact aliens and ask them to come save them.


  1. I got one of every letter, plus one. That makes all of the four concepts, more or less. I'd actually be very interested in whether one movie could contain everything here. There's a writing project.

  2. My score reveals that I'd love to see a sequel to Benji the Hunted. What gives?

  3. Even though my answer was a resounding "A", I'm pretty intrigued by the concept of that last alien flick idea. That would be a really cool movie!

  4. You guys are hilarious! I like that concept--a movie that contains all four! Freaking hell! I want to see THAT movie!

  5. haha excellent post, something from all is good :P

  6. Mister Sharaf;
    I was doing these quizzes weekly and got so many other ideas for series, they got on the backburner. I'm back to reclaim them. They're just too much fun to find out what y'all are. Mixed bag of nuts, that's my readers!

  7. A disparate group, comprised of psychics, paranormal investigators, an architect, and an archaelogist, converge on a turn-of-the-last-century hotel to investigate its ghosts, but manage to wake a sleeping evil with catastrophic results.

    Oh, wait... That's my novel. :-D Still, love to see someone buy the movie rights.

  8. "Dolls take over a mountain cabin and hold people prisoners and torture them."

    That's terrifying! I'd have nightmares for weeks :<

  9. Zoe,
    Then that's obviously the movie for you!

  10. Ok, Dolls taking over a mountain cabin???? WTF? LMAO!!! Hmmmm...not sure what to think about this to be perfectly honest!

  11. Sis;
    It sounds like the perfect horror movie. Let's write the script and cast it. I think I'll let the first one tortured by the dolls be Kim Kardashian. It's funny, but every freaking time I turn on E! there they are--the whole lot of them. I seriously keep accidentally calling them all the "Carrdasians" (said in my best Jean Luc Picard voice). I wonder why no one has made fun of that before? It's an easy mistake to make. Okay, I just got off-task here. We were talking about dolls attacking a mountain cabin and my head immediately filled with the idea of that show doing an episode in Aspen--hmm... I wonder if that could be arranged?

  12. I got 2 As a B and 2 Ds. I prefer to see the D movie over the A movie because a vampire movie isn't a vampire movie without Dracula. I'm looking at you Twilight!

  13. I would watch all of them separately or as a giant super-horror flick.

  14. Seriously, imagine it all happening at once? The first sign of the apocalypse? Dracula becomes anorectic and begins strangling people. Then, dolls take over remote locations around the world while zombies build pyramids and eat the survivors. The only group left decides earth is screwed and risks contacting aliens for assistance off the planet. Or did the aliens begin the whole chain of events?? Hmm...

  15. I am "C" all the way. I want to see dolls attack people at a mountain cabin. That would uber scary to me. Well, that and being trapped on Doll Island... *shivers*

  16. Sis;
    You're right about that. Spending a night alone on doll island would be the most wicked awesome thing in all the world!