Q&A Time!

It's that time. You can ask anything you want to know about me and what I'm up to or what plans I have for the blog, about investigations, where I grew up, even the personal stuff. Not that I have a lot of personal stuff. Lately, I pretty much work 7 am to 11:30 pm every day--either the full-time job or my book writing. You can ask Dale the Doll what he's up to also or how he feels about anything. He loves to voice his opinion. Nothing is off limits. Now, hit us with questions.


  1. What do you do for work..I thought i worked long hours

  2. How seriously do you take the idea of ghosts and similar phenomena existing? I haven't been here long enough to know whether the blog is more tongue-in-cheek or more in earnest.

  3. Major.Mack;
    I'm a medical transcriptionist by day (work from home). It's typing up hospital doctor's reports. I used to be proud of it, but now it's a sweatshop. I make 1/3 what I used to and the computer types the reports (and totally fucks them up) and then I basically edit (which takes longer than typing them from scratch). I am ready to leave the field. The rest of my free time, I write my books.

    I am lighthearted and playful and I balance that with a very analytical logical mind. It's a constant battle. Any subject you want to know about, there is a search bar on the right side of the screen below Ben Hansen's video. I've written over the years quite seriously and passionately about all subjects in the paranormal world. You will enjoy the upcoming post on alien babies. So far as the ghost world, I question everything and do not follow groups like TAPS who believe that they know what ghosts are, what kinds there are, and how to find them. It's no different than mediums and Ouija boards. None of it is verifiable. I want to get to the part where we can verify and even instigate activity. I want us to question everything. That's why I made GHT, to continue to ask questions and seek answers that ring true.

  4. If you dont like this jobs, what else would you enjoy doing ?

  5. Tigey;
    It's my hope to be a writer full-time. I have a few decades' worth of information and ideas and so much I want to share. Writing is second nature for me and presenting things in a way people can get immersed in it and excited about it is my true purpose. This year's books planned for release are:
    Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)
    Was That a Ghost?
    From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic
    Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Vanished Cities Edition)
    Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted

    My ghost book deals with how to tell if something that happened to you was paranormal or not (my most asked question)

    The Abandoned series are psychic reads and photographs from abandoned sites

    The psychic book is to help people develop intuitive skills to the next level to work them as a psychic.

    The Spirit Vessels book is my pride and joy. It's based on research I did on 50 haunted places and commonalities I found in the buildings from their histories and locations to their very architecture and geology, showing how some buildings are simply better spirit vessels.

  6. sharon - if you could see the world from any point or any angle... where would it be?
    sharon - where do you see yourself?

    dale - boxers or loose change?
    dale - puppets or strings?

  7. Jeremy;
    Insightful question. I honestly want to join a team of researchers who plant ourselves in a haunted location over a period of time, long enough for the place to get used to it, just like when people live in a haunted home. No revolving doors of visitors and sightseers and ghost hunting teams coming in and out. I want to sit there with some serious experts and whenever action happens, document it, but also look for patterns over time, experiment with ways to instigate it, develop new technology and theories as we go. That is the perspective I have waited my whole life for and one I think people are waiting to see. Just talk to some networks for me, I have it all figured out. So far as where I see me--contributing to the field and especially to the average joe's knowledge about the paranormal. We have a huge world out there to explore and we can't assume anything about it. I want open-minded brilliant people to join me asking tons of questions and hopefully formulating some sane answers. In other words, I want to be in the thick of it.

  8. Thanks for the answer. It's good to read, especially "I am lighthearted and playful" and "I question everything".

  9. Mr. Zombie fellow;
    The Human won't provide me with either. Honestly, I'm glad. I don't have junk to store away, so it'd just be a bother.

    Puppets or strings? I'm fucking terrified of marionette puppets, so I'd rather pal around with a sock puppet. Used to have a pet sock monkey. I kind of miss him. I wonder if the Human would get me another one? The make nice pets and never poop.

  10. If you could live absolutely anywhere in the world, where would that be?

  11. HN;
    That's tough. For pure love of the place and feeling totally at home there, I'd pick Oregon. For an experience I would never get anywhere else, I'd choose Iceland. For being happy to be near family and friends, I'd pick Front Royal VA. Close enough to family in WV and friends in the DC area but not so close they bug me. I also love the convenience in the east of going from state to state and I love road trips. Here in AZ, takes at least 3 hours to get out of the state and then you're into another state with not much to offer (sorry NM, but you are a snooze).

  12. What is your favorite song from 1981?

  13. I'm total cheese, but I loved "Jesse's Girl." Yeah, Rick Springfield.


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