The Point of This Blog: Example; Baby Aliens in the Americas??

This post should give you the ideal example of what this blog is about. If you're new here, read this whole post and when you're done, you'll know if we're a match made in heaven:

I admit I was thrilled when a couple seasons ago “Destination Truth” rushed to Chile to look at some mines that were supposedly inhabited by little alien creatures and the strange lights seen around the area. They did have some interesting occurrences involving lights and the possible finding of a chicken skeleton wrapped in cloth (sans its head) which was probably some miner's lunch--surely they bury their scraps rather than litter the cave?

I’m interested in Chile because it has the largest copper mines in the world. It is also part of the world that has an enormous amount of UFO sightings. Whether mining and aliens go hand-in-hand, I can’t prove, but I do think there is definitely a connection. I also can’t say if they’re UFO lights or they’re spooklights created by the awesome earth composition there. There are also poor mining conditions in which mercury enters the drinking water of people in the area and can cause all kinds of illnesses including; nervousness, anxiety, fearfulness, irritability and lots of other neurological issues. There is a strange mix of conditions in this part of the world that are intriguing and beg for theorizing.

An article about the supposed Chilean alien baby above was found here. The story is that in 2002, a vacationing family came across this little creature that was just under 3” long. Apparently, a child found it under the bushes, wrapped it up in paper and it the thing lived for 8 days, sometimes opening its eyes. For now, the family keeps the little mummified “thing” in their own keeping. There’s talk of having it tested but it doesn’t seem like this is going anywhere.

Chile is not the only reporter of little aliens. Mexico has them too.

This (above) was supposedly captured alive by a Mexican Farmer. It was covered on the Monsterquest episode about Flying Humanoids (one of my favorite TV documentary episodes ever). I couldn't help noticing how this Mexican alien creature resembled an ancient creature I stumbled serendipitously (don’t I always have this syndrome?) upon an interesting article on unexplained-mysteries. It was the picture of the skeleton of an algeripithecus from 50 million years ago that caught my attention. (below)

Its present-day relative is the lemur found only in Madagascar and the Comoro Islands. Do you notice how the skeleton and the lemur seem very similar to the supposed Mexican alien baby (photo above)? When I saw the skeleton and heard of the algeripithecus’s size (3 oz and could fit into your hand), I couldn’t help wondering…smart locals in Mexico making a really cool hoax using the skeleton from an ancient creature for reference or perhaps an actual still-living ancestor?

More than likely it's a skinned monkey.

Now, I’m about the last person to buy into online hooey or urban legends or any other kind of suspicious story, but I do enjoy conjecture and theories. Sometimes, when these sorts of stories end up being hoaxes, they do prove an important event.

How is that possible?

They make us stop and study something logically, rationally, critically, and then when we have moments of doubt, we consider what we would do if this thing truly was real.

I don’t mind that kind of mental exercise. It’s precisely why I study hauntings and the theories behind them. They keep my skills up because even when I’m debunking, I ask myself “if I can’t find out what caused this and I come to believe it’s truly unexplainable, what is it? What do I do with it?

What can we determine from this unusual case? Well, for me, it’s that alien babies are way cool! I have to admit a fascination with the concept. I can’t quite figure out why this happens south of the border only, but I do hope to find out if such cases have occurred anywhere else in the world and if those places also contain heavy mining activity or rich geology.

If this is a mental exercise in “what would I do if…” then, my logical mind says, if this not a hoax, then this is an earthly life form, perhaps a cave dwelling creature or an animal being mistaken.

Why am I doubtful this thing is a real alien from space? Jeez, about a thousand reasons, but the ultimate one would be basic commonsense:

Take humans for instance. We have thumbs that make us able to create things with our hands. Our ability to walk upright makes us able to cover ground while holding a weapon in our hands. Our advanced cranial capacity gives us powers unlike any other creatures we come up against; the ability to reason and plot. So, our very physiology; intelligence and brawn and dexterity make us ideal to build machinery, manufacture and turn dreams into realities.

Take a group of great apes; lots of brawn, not a lot of intelligence. They have learned to exploit their power and social order, but do not possess the intelligence to design a car to drive themselves out of dwindling mountain forests.

Now, if a group of aliens are tiny and delicate but highly intelligent, they will not be dexterous enough or mighty enough to manufacture metals and build ships and such. Their advanced cranium; however might make them do all they can with their minds whether it is spiritual, intellectual, philosophical. They are not of the "I fly from here to there" realm of possibilities because their very physical structure makes it very less likely they were building pyramids and manufacturing metal structures like the powerful human competitors. It's natural to work with what you have, and these little land-dwelling shrimps do not have brawn.

If you look at our society as an example, it's apparent early in school that those who are attractive build up social skills, those who are smart join the math club and those who are strong join the football team. You do not often see a not so bright doctor (although I believe I met a few of them in military health care in my youth), nor do you often see a scrawny nerd with an IQ of 150 working in a rock quarry. We work with what we have. If we simply look at these supposedly frail aliens, the idea that they ever used their brawn to learn to manufacture metals and build ships or even could withstand our gravity is a rather absurd assumption.

I might have just rained on the alien parade, but just because you have new knowledge that disputes something doesn't mean you just ruined a concept. If we believed the world was flat and found out it was round, it might disappoint some, but for others they see the excitement in that. How does this round world work? If I keep going, will I come back to point A? What are the physics of this new world? When you put one concept to rest, you open a million more.

Now, we know what it isn't, but what it is remains a vast territory.

I am constantly trying to remind the paranormal research world of this concept. Leaving your mind open makes there be even more wonder. If you don't understand human physiology, the body is an amazing thing. If, however, you understand that the ear is shaped like a shell to pick up sound waves and make us able to hear better, the human body has lost its mystery but is now a miraculous thing.

That is the perspective I strive for on this blog and in my theories. I want to open you mind and spin your head around 360 degrees. Yeah, this is kinda like The Exorcist, but without the vomit--I hope!

My blog is always thought provoking, with a touch of humor because I think knowledge should not come at the cost of the ability to laugh at oneself, and if you keep on following me here, you'll discover that what I've done in this post is very similar to my books, "Was That a Ghost?" and "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" on Kindle and Nook.

If you like it, stick around. If you don't get it, I refer you to GH fan sites. If you don't learn something here, I'm not doing my job. If I don't make you question things, I've failed. If I didn't make you chuckle now and then or smile, then I haven't done my duty as a hostess.

Thanks so much for being the best group of intelligent conversationalists on the subject of the paranormal world that exist online. Y'all seriously keep me on my toes and blow me away with your insights.

You are my buddies, my think tank and my tribe.

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I also do goofy horror quizzes, have a sidekick ventriloquist doll named Dale the Doll who often writes posts. I make silly videos including ones that take you on the Arizona roads with me as I explore. I have a series called Mind Fuck Tuesday where I throw out a crazy theory and let y'all chew on it. I have to tell you, I am lighthearted, but I'm also very serious about the subject matter and very driven to learn more and expand the field.

As well, I am an author and you will find my books in the paranormal field on the sidebar. "Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition)" involved going to 12 abandoned sites in the desert where I did psychic reads of a moment in time in the past and wrote about them and Julie from Above-The-Norm: Bizarre Arizona photographed them. My own book "Was That a Ghost?" helps people to answer the question if something they encountered was paranormal or not. It is filled with deep insights in the field of paranormal as well as practical skills that help you in all aspects of our life. You will be amazed to see how much it covers. Upcoming are "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic" to help the regular person who has some intuitive abilities to go a bit further and exercise that muscle. "Spirit Vessels: Why Some Buildings Are Haunted" will explain the conditions that exist to make ideal haunted buildings.

I like to always be a considerate hostess, a bit of sunshine and a heavy thinker about the field of paranormal. This blog has a little of this and a little of that and it all adds up to my take in the field. Hope I infect you with my enthusiasm. It's a disease we need to spread in the paranormal community.


  1. May be aliens are just the parallel branch of humanity developed not from mammals but from reptiles. Most likely though it's a hoax created by mercury poisoned locals.

  2. Echo;
    If someone would give us one of those babies to examine, we could settle the whole thing. That they mysteriously can't be tested makes me think of those old mermaids made using a monkey and modifying it. I would definitely be more likely to believe a civilization that evolved underwater as man evolved on shore, a creature we know of but mistake or a creature we don't have documented yet, but still my first suspicion would be hoax. It's like Bigfoot in a refrigerator box, except those doofus's were dumb enough to hand over the refrigerator and Bigfoot costume.

  3. So now I know, and I'm in.

    I like the mining connection. If you're thinking from the skies down, Chile also covers a lot of latitude.

    I'm probably on the side of the argument - for the moment at least - that thinks of exobiology in terms of what might be described very broadly as a sparse ecology, i.e. alien life as a rare abundance. In that view, talk of opposable thumbs and upright mobility can be countered with multiple limbs, prehensility and bouyancy in atmosphere - for some easily imagined examples only.

    We think the same way it seems, and I can see this is going to be good fun!

  4. It's all an attempt by the liberal media to get us distracted while the government drastically changes what its citizens are allowed to do.

  5. When I was a kid, our cats used to store their catches under my up-turned dinghy in winter. In spring, when I rolled it over to put it back in the water, there's be a collection of mummified mice and things like pic #1.

    I suspect #2 is a skinned cat.

  6. Porky;
    Brilliant! We will fast become blogging chums. I love people who think about things and really give them consideration.

    I'd seriously hope not or my liberal people are more clever and intelligent than I already know them to be.

    And had you photographed those, just think of the media sensation you would make!

  7. Hi there this latest post is like your manifesto.Thought provoking and insightful with the right amount of light hearted humour.You'll not encourage me to question because i do naturally and thats what i like you're not content with a nice 'recieved' answer but pushing the angles with reason and common sense.An approach that has always felt the most honest to me.
    As for Chile,or Latin America in general the mining connection is intrigueing,without trying to be offense or generalising terribly I'd imagine the population Roman Catholic culture would lend them to be a little supersticious and less driven to question

  8. BadPenny;
    (I love that name, btw, sounds like you just keep popping up everywhere). You are right about the superstition. Another thing I've discovered is that Latin American has a huge number of people with sleep paralysis and other sleep disorder issues higher than regular populations. I find in ghost hunting that Catholics are sometimes the most driven hunters but also the quickest to say something is evil-related. I know it's part of the culture but it definitely interferes with stopping, taking a breath and separating religious doctrine from genuine investigation. It might be that upon seeing something unexplained the descriptions grow and distort. The number of group witnessed accounts of UFOs and filming of them in Mexico alone -- being a huge mining country and the spot where Starchild skull was found, makes me wonder about Aztec ruins, crystal skulls, copper mining and a history of strange visitations. Not that I'm of the UFOs are aliens bend--yet, but I wonder if there is a set of conditions that make it more possible for them to experience the paranormal which might actually be scientifically based by some sort of reaction to earth energy, copper, mercury and other elements coming together to make an illusion of something or perhaps even creating some sort of creepy animal hybrid. Oh, the possibilities are exciting, aren't they?

  9. we have no idea what is out there..but is not this little creature found in Chile 2 or 3 years ago?

  10. Mister Sharaf;
    Supposedly it was found in 2002. There have also been reports of some other countries in Latin America finding such creatures too, although most of them have no evidence or photos, only stories.

  11. Not on-topic, but I love your new poll.

  12. Vapor;
    Leave it to me to ask the important stuff. You'll love my quizzes. I will have one up this week. The quizzes have you figure out things like what horror movie killer you make love like and what apocalypse you're best prepared for and most likely to survive. The 3-way was a hard one to answer as a woman. The dudes in Supernatural are pretty tasty but they don't have any really special "talents," but I find Edward to be a total wuss. Guess he could always watch.

  13. Oh, I'm looking forward to working my way through this blog! I definitely 'want to believe' but I also realize that critical thinking is the only way to get to the truth.

  14. I'm a little late to this particular blog, but I'm glad I found it. Regarding the mine in Chile, I realized something on vewing that FoF episode, and I think anyone who revisits it will come to the same conclusion now: those "lights" the team saw in the mine weren't lights at all. They were eyes reflecting the team's IR lights! Watch the way the eyes disappear as the their owners turn away. Obviously the beings were surprised by the FoF team and it would seem they made a hasty retreat through the same hole some of the team followed. Now I'll extrapolate a tad and theorize that these beings' ride was waiting outside for them, which might explaing the strange electronic sounds and hovering light. It's a litle outlandish, I know, but when I realized those lights in the mine were eyes, the event seemed to come into better focus. Watch it again, you'll see. Oh... and you're a great writer. Take care!

  15. Greg--I'm definitely going to rewatch that again with that POV. I like it. Intriguing.

  16. Thanks for the reply and look forward to hearing your thoughts. It really does look to me like two sets of reflective eyes going "Whoops! Gotta go!" Also, sorry for the typos up there, I shouldn't be writing before I've had coffee. :-)


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