Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Mind Fuck Tuesday: Is There Power in Intention?

It's another installment to turn your brain inside out and make you ponder things in a new way. Today's installment is the Power of Intention.

I talk about intention a lot, but it's that forward motion the mind goes through when you're driving home from work and already considering what you need to get done and by the time you pull into your parking spot, you have no idea how you got there. It's that ruminating we do when we go to sleep at night, considering the next day, next week, next year... It's also the motivation with which we approach things, our personal intentions.

Does our intention also spread to things we come into contact with? Plant studies showed that simply thinking about hurting your houseplant makes it cringe. Praying over water changes it on a microscopic level. What if my Dale the Doll has concentrated my affection and projections into him? As a psychic, I know we leave residual on what we come in contact and it is very much corrupted by our emotional state and mind state. If that dog you meet is disinterested, it could be reading your intentions. If you spend time with someone and trust them instinctively, you might have been psychically privy to their honest intentions.

Every day, we live ahead of ourselves with plans and visions of what will come next. But, what if we die suddenly? Where does that tomorrow go that you are already intending towards? Do you continue in a forward motion through our intentions on a different plane? Is our very ability to live ahead of ourselves and see the future, unlike other creatures, part of our knowledge that we continue on, that our intentions still roll forward for eternity?

I'd very much like to hear how you feel about your intentions and how they create things such as karma and series of intentions that are good or bad depending on your approach and attitude. In pagan beliefs, what you send out comes back threefold. Could this be part of intentions?


  1. There's another way of looking at this. Steinbeck and Ricketts suggest that as consciousness in early humans grew and allowed us to better understand our past, we were able to look better into the future. Given that we might have imagined the future was more of the same painful struggle, hope would then need to appear, to avoid us giving up the ghost so to speak. With our awareness as it is now, the kind of thing you are talking about could be in part a projection of our own need for purpose in a universe that may well seem purposeless.

  2. life is like a car ride where you slumber in the backseat. asking the question "are we there yet"... over and over and over.

  3. You know what's even more F--d up? I read your post with the voice of Rod Serling in my head. ;)

  4. Porky;
    Brilliant observation. It always intrigued me. When my siblings died, they died suddenly and were just talking about what they would be doing in the next week, month, year. Every day we do this and go to bed and act it out as times goes on, but what happens to that morning you were already imagining the night before if you physically end? Are we ever truly living in the moment or always in the past or future?

    Hahaha I love that one! I was doing that in 26 years of marriage. Thankfully, I finally asked to be dropped off at the gas station and walk the rest of the way. I've never been happier.

    Where the hell was that dude from? That dialect? What is that? Does it exist anywhere? What town produces that "sucking in your breath" speech? God, I miss that dude! He was cooler than cool, smarter than smart.

  5. I didn't know that and I'm sorry to hear it.

    For the thoughts on past and present, you could look into S-matrix theory. It's heavy going, but eye-opening and mind-boggling.

    I'm surprised by the reply to Jeremy too. You've lived a lot of life, but you wear it very well..!

  6. Porky;
    I will definitely check into that. I'm starting a series on fringe lifestyles and new-age philosophies so I might be able to work it into that. So far as the divorce in November, it was the smartest thing I ever did to save my life and my sanity. I am the happiest I have ever been as an adult. Yes, I have had lots of losses in this lifetime, but people never really die, you just wear them differently in your mind. Now, I have a sort of spiritual posse that watches out for me and when I crossover some day, I have a huge crowd to greet me. I have a good attitude about it all. It sort of reflects on my way of handling the paranormal. I see it as a wonder and a mystery and a blessing, never something evil or deadly or harmful.