Mind Fuck Tuesday: Aliens From Our Future?

Today's mind fuck pertains to aliens. In popular culture, aliens visit us in flying saucers with technology beyond our means, have large heads and weak bodies, sometimes abduct us for experiments and mutilate our cattle.

Is it at all possible that all of these elements add up to the obvious?

Man's head has grown, his body weakened over the evolution of his kind. There is no need for hard labor. There are machines to do all that. Sitting before computers screens and focusing on technology, he has evolved into a life form that barely resembles his origins much like modern day man barely resembles the small chimp-like creatures he came from. His ability to develop time travel has now assured him the ability to go back in time and steal ancient DNA for hybridization and to strengthen some of his weaknesses that have developed over time like muscle wasting and poor vision.

So, what do you think?


  1. Sucio;
    That's purely just for kicks. :-)

  2. Anadæ;
    For some reason Blogger didn't share your comment, so I will put it here and respond:

    "First, Sharon, may 2011 be one of the happiest & most ground-breakingest for you & all those who matter most. Secondly, I used to think that, that the classic Gray alien types are/were us from the future , coming back to our present, their past, to correct what they've (we've) become. Then, I felt that these samesaid types of offworld entities were more akin to replicants, biological & laboratory generated, thought programmed androids of a kind, as in Blade Runner, based on Philip K Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? They're sent here from afar to do menial tasks because their actual masters were even more hideous, incomprehensible, or even lethal to be near. Got radiation?

    Then along came this film! Ever seen it? It's at least worth a viewing. It's got an interdimensional twist on them.

    Then again, there's A Thousand Airplanes On The Roof. It was a so-call'd "Science Fiction Music Drama", the score of which was composed & arranged by Philip Glass, the text/dialogue by the playwright Henry David Hwang, its seemingly holographic sets designed by Jerome Sirlin. It toured only in '88 & '89 &, no, I haven't seen it, but it involves a close encounter of the fourth kind, an abduction, & what that test subject experiences.

    What I'd like to Gno, Sharon, is whatever became of the myriad types of extraterrestrials that supposedly came here for decades & then why are we just getting reports of these Gray types for the last three decades or so?

    There are those who claim it's because of a dimensional Stargate that was opened via sorcery. But why can't it be because they've always been here, part of our own Earth, just from another reality, as in The Jinn Concept?

    Whichever POV we side with, you well can guess that there're confirmations ahead of us to make. Let's all us of inquisitive mindsets & intrepid spirits make those findings.

    In a sunny, wintry Virginia,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro
    AKA Bror of the Boar Clan"

    Response: I just love that. I went to fuck everyone else's mind up and you f'd mine. Thanks, sweetie. You definitely get me excited by all this talk. I love to contemplate theories and then find ways to backtrack and get to the heart of it. Interdimensions to me makes a helluva lot more sense than the concept of going from point A to point B. It's rather archaic of us to assume that life is out there on the planets and it can visit us. It's kind of like believing I'll drive my Corolla to Japan. It ain't happening. So, let's move on. The future seems more feasible than space travel. Still, if one travels through time, they are essentially traveling through dimensions if you want to look at it that way. Residual hauntings to me are either something imprinted in space with sensory, i.e. audio, visual, olfactory or they are blips in interdimensional viewing where we catch a glance of each other and go "was that a ghost?" I love this talk and you know I could do it all night long. Hope you're staying warm on your mountain, dear!

  3. Happy New Year!

    I with you on the time travel thing. Actually though, I'm not sure about aliens. I toy with that idea a lot though so it depends on my mood, I guess. I think we don't see aliens and spacecraft, I think we see time travelers.

    But then, if we go back far enough I bring aliens into my theories for all human existence. Hmmm.

  4. Patricia;
    Yes, people make assumptions based on "Chariots of the Gods" (brilliant) that we're talking about other life forms from other planets who perhaps changed our course or perhaps bred us for this planet, but it's just as possible our future visited and impressed upon us the concept of gods--they did seem to come from vehicles in the sky, and perhaps even gave us jumps in technology, such as during the crucial Cold War era when we came up with technology at a ridiculous rate of speed.

  5. Is god an alien? If he does not live here then he is.

    Second, when we find aliens we will attempt to make them our slaves and, if they are more powerful, we will be destroyed in the process. No kind race has ever evolved far before a more deadly and violent one has taken it's place. Thus I think we should fear the green men as it will either be them or us and I see very little possibility of us both working to make a single happy family.

  6. runewake2;
    I loved that. I must admit the imagery of God as an alien because he doesn't live here a cool twist to looking at it. I wonder if we should get drones and build a wall around the Earth? Do you think He/She would be eligible for amnesty for hanging around so long?

    We're assuming that their social construct is the same as ours. Humans have wiring in their brains that simply makes them pack animals and sheep with a few charismatic leaders that can make them do anything, i.e. Hitler/Bush. So, perhaps another evolving life form might have become so technologically advanced because they work in unison like a collective hive, i.e. the borg. It might be that they have no self expression and no ego to drive them to want to be leaders or covet power and wealth. It really does fuck with you mind when you expand the meaning of how life forms can present themselves. Today, we usually portray them as more insect-like such as Predator and Alien, but in the 50s they looked very human with larger skulls and such. Still, they always resemble us with appendages and upright posture. If man created God in his image, then he created aliens in his image too. I suppose if we find aliens, it will depend mostly on who decides to represent the earth. As much as I love Obama and his programs, I fear he would not step forward with any force to represent our open-hearted tendencies and intelligence and it will likely be some country like China trying to win them over for the tools and the power.

  7. I think aliens are hoax. There is only movies about them and stories about crashed in desert UFOs and weather balloons.

  8. You know, Echo. I do theories on here because honestly, there's a helluva lot of ways to explain things. I have seen UFOs several times and truly they were completely unidentified. That, however, does not mean they are alien. Same goes for ghosts. I have experienced many paranormal events I term "haunting" but that doesn't meant it's the souls of dead people. We toss around terms a lot but I do believe in Occam's Razor. This theory basically supports the concept that if you have a lot of theories lying around out there, find the one that most often is accurate, has more proof of its existence, more repeatable predictability and shows that it is the closest to the truth. We are people bound by the laws of gravity and a large planet, we can't imagine others visiting from far distances, so really the explanation of aliens by our present knowledge is the least reasonable one--given our present knowledge of physics. Oh, hell, Echo. I really made that complicated when I meant to just say--I'm with you. Not from other planets. Nope. Seems like a very god-like concept and I generally don't use a god as an explanation for things.

  9. Some theoretical scientists (no links, sorry) think that faster then light travel could be harnessed for time travel. Only problem is that time travel opens up a can of worms.

    Most projects show that it would require infinite energy, objects of infinite length, or people could only time travel back to when the device first existed.

    If somehow we do invent time travel, changing history is a big problem, depending on the method. There's also the question of why. WHy would we come back from the future just to fly around and kidnap rednecks? But on the other hand, why would aliens fly millions of light years to do the same?

    I prefer to think of the hilarious by-products of personal time travel rather than the practicality of it. Like going back in time and giving yourself an idea. The webcomic Homestuck has an interesting exploration of time-shenanigans and information sharing.

  10. Les;
    I love that your mind has taken this and run. I can see that you've thought about this subject before. We assume aliens would be like us and they would go seeking other life forms. If we flew to Pluto and found some kind of life form on there, we would likely decide to go there and study it on its planet instead of dragging it back here out of its element. So, if you think about it, if aliens were from other planets, they should be here amongst us. They would likely not be able to deal with our atmosphere and so they would have to wear gear. In other words, they'd be pretty obvious. If they came from our future, they would be very interested in their ancestors and their DNA especially. It would make more sense. Still, the questions remains whether time is really a fixed thing or truly if it exists at all. When you think about it, time is only measured by events. I sat in the chair this morning, I went to the store this afternoon. Yesterday I ate at the restaurant. Time is just invented by man to explain a series of events. It's not an actual measure except to help us have calendars and clocks. Now, that can fuck with your mind.


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