Gorgeous Movie-Themed Art

This is what I love the most about blogging. I'm just blogging along, reading other blogs and meeting people and then out-of-the-blue I find out someone I admire also has an amazing talent. During the zombie walk event, I got to know "izombie." He just launched an art site that is my favorite place in the world. I never know what I'm looking for in art, but when I see it and it clicks, I go nuts. Hence the reason he has earned a button on my blog. I want to be sure this talented artist keeps making his stuff and sharing it with the world. In fact, I was so impressed and am buying some of his work, but also am going to get him to design book covers. When I see real talent, I can't help but want to promote the hell out of it because some people are just meant to do it, without interruption by the nasty world outside. I'd like him to be able to just make and sell art. This is what he was meant to do and you will see that when you visit the new shop olivezombies. You are going to look over his movie-inspired art and go-"Oh my gosh!" I gotta get the one of Chunk from "The Goonies" for my son. He has the flying monkeys from Wizard of Oz in a chilling portrayal, Michael Myers as a kid in the clown costume with the knife and so many more.

As soon as I receive my awesome piece of art from him and hang it in the proud place I have prepared, I will get a picture of it and when you see it and where and how it is placed, you will understand that it is exactly perfect.


  1. Beautiful work, I'm now following him.

  2. Great art techniques for posters! I am following .

  3. I have been looking for someone who does movie art without making it look like movie art. Brilliant.

  4. I appreciate those who go against social norms as long as I dislike the norms. Great tip.

  5. thanks for all the help and support, i still cannot get into my email... i can see it, just cannot read it. i will facebook-u!

    thanks for being the my agent and my support guru...

    thanks everyone who can stop by, i made some freebies at my art store.



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