Ghost Hunting Theories 2011

(you will not see me in my belly dancing scarf this year, but do expect more Fact or Faked inventive tank top shots now that they were picked up for a second season)

Right now, I'm enjoying doing regular features you can look forward to on certain days, but I will change the series when I get bored with them, but expect me to often have ongoing features:

MONDAYS: "This week in paranormal TV and Horror Movies" My regular listing of what the week has to offer you so you can mark it on you calendar.

TUESDAYS: "Mind Fuck Tuesday" where I share a mind-blowing theory with you to knock around its merit. This will be followed by "What would you do?" where I share a real-life haunting case and give you the background and you tell me how you'd tackle it.

WEDNESDAYS: "My Childhood Haunts" a series telling about some of the ghostly encounters I had as a child.

THURSDAYS: "Dale the Doll Interviews." Dale the Doll will be interviewing my abandoned doll collection and the stories will be very dark and unsettling. These are very troubled dolls... Expect that when FoF starts its new season, I will be doing reviews with tank top shots and of course be inspired to do another in my LAUGH series (bottom right hand side of the screen is the series).

FRIDAYS: "Ghost Adventures Drinking Game." Expect me to put up a fitting music video for the episode and the rules to the drinking game. Followed by "Lonely on a Friday Night." My Friday nights will continue to be lonely, so join me if you wish and we will comment back and forth on the episode of GA, what we're drinking, whether or not ghosts are asexual, you name it, no subject is off limits.

I will also continue to do LAUGH episodes as paranormal shows inspire me and do the quizzes that you have come to love. I will be sharing video on my road trips that I hope to give you a real slice of what it's like to go to these sites and perhaps I will even host some of the episodes. I want to bring it alive and share it with you as much as possible since we are all geographically challenged. Consider it to be a virtual road trip with crazy Autumnforest! I will even take you into the car to evaluate what kind of trash we produce, into the hotel room to see strobe light dancing, and well, whatever else insane thing happen on the trips.

I will be getting published a few times over this year. I say that with confidence because I've discovered I am very ambitious when it comes to spreading my knowledge, experience and writing with the world. And, hell, I'm not dating, so I have plenty of time to write.

There might be some more projects that will shock and amaze and things I have up my sleeves that y'all don't see coming, so stay on-board. I will be doing a lot of more in-depth posts about aspects of the paranormal world and the future of research, cutting edge ideas. I also want to open up the world of psychics and expose the inner workings. As well, I hope to do a few psychic reads on video for you to see the process.

All I can say is that I love y'all and you are my tribe. May my tribe prosper, grow, evolve and find great joy in 2011!


  1. Sounds like you've got a pretty full on year planned!
    Good luck, and happy new year!

  2. Ziggy zoggy ziggy zoggy oi oi oi! Bottoms up babe

  3. Thank y'all. I suspect this will be the year that will be remembered as my favorite ever for many reasons.

  4. New Year's Predictions?

    Happy New Years, buddy! I predict 2011 will be very rewarding in your love life.

    Thanks. I see New Year as filled with lots of new adventures and perhaps a few meet-ups with old friends.

    I predict you'll be put into a new role in 2011, but you will adapt quickly and feel you matured in ways you weren't looking to mature in.

    I see your 2011 being a wild ride of strange connections with people who are well connected and perhaps some unexpected profits because of this.

    Mister Sharaf;
    I predict a 2011 filled with lots of small changes that add up to obtaining a goal you had given up on.

  5. Sadly I have no predictions...only compliments. You cover this topic with brilliance and a creative approach like no one else. Thank you so much for putting up with me as a follower. Best to you in 2011.

  6. CC;
    Yeah, you're a real pain in the butt, buddy. Hee hee. I am curious to see what you do on your blog this next year. Your fishing adventures satisfy the outdoorsy girl in me who seriously misses water and trees and grass and signs of life. I predict a large acquisition for you in 2011, but I suspect it also might cause some rifts--based on jealousy or resentment. It will weed out the dead weight in your life, for sure.

  7. Well, that picture's a good start to the year.

  8. Sucio;
    Go to the bottom of the page and you'll find the video that was inspired by that picture. May your 2011 bring you that resolution you were hoping for in a loved one's health.

  9. Thank you for all features and future promised projects. Hope you have a good New Year.

  10. Hey Echo;
    You too, sweetie. I suspect your 2011 will have one loss but three gains, so if you're sad about losing something, just remember 3 awesome things are coming to distract you.

  11. Happy New Year to one busy, creative lady! From one dotty to another... go, girl!

  12. Brenda;
    I will predict we will meet in 2011. How's that? We have to! I know we will become a couple of crazy red-headed sisters getting into loads of mischief. You might want to warn your home state beforehand, else they'll wonder what's up with the Richter scales triggered by our laughter.

  13. Sounds like you have everything mapped out well. Looking forward to the trips and all the crazy antics we will have on the road.

  14. Yeah, sis, I am so glad you're easygoing because I will come up with more creative and zany ways to do things on the road trips. I still would like to do a dare and I might have to do put that up on the blog and let someone toss out a dare for me to do on our next trip. I want to get some ironic and fun pics at Salton Sea and Desert Center. I suspect that they will make for some amazing pics and reads. I'm also curious as a psychic to see if the salted surfaces of everything in that area might affect reads. I did find the lighthouse where we had our summer home had a certain acute-ness to the reads and even as a kid, I attributed it to the salt air. The more I learn about my skills, the more I'm sure they're tied into something electrical in nature. More to explore this year, I guess.

  15. Rock on! You go, girlfriend! Bring it with your bad self!!!! See, you come up with clever theme day idea names. I wrote about that in one of my posts. I think my end of the year one. I had wanted to do more theme days like that last year. I did okay on a couple of them, but your you! So fun! Here's to you in 2011. Get 'em, She She Wookie Nuts!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Court;
    You match me energy, you know? You crack me up. I will never forget werewolf shorts and I will be parading in those and telling the story behind them.

  17. I'm looking forward to it, Happy New Year!

  18. RuneWake2;
    Thanks. I think everyone has their hopes in 2011. I suspect you already have a game plan for the year and I also think you'll make those milestones before you even expected to. Better plot out the second half of the year because you might actually get bored. Just a hunch.

  19. Looks like a busy schedule. Happy New Year, darlin'.

  20. MM;
    My favorite furry blogger, thank you! I hope your 2011 is magical and profitable and mostly just hilarious because I know you love to laugh as much as I do.

  21. Yay ! I hope that all of your projects pan out. Happy 2011.


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