Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghost Adventures Most Wicked Awesome Episode!

("Back in the Saddle Again" by Aerosmith)

This song seemed appropriate because Zak and the Boyz are heading out to Nevada to go back to that infamous Goldfield Hotel where they were in their 2-hour documentary that kicked off the show. Oh, you know, the infamous place where the brick flew and board went flying after it. I've been awaiting this episode forever. This is a super must-see. Plan on a fun Lonely on a Friday Night here on the blog where we can talk about it as we watch it.

Some shows just deserve a party every time they come on with a new episode and GA is the #1 party show! I just love it. I do make loving fun of it because I am a huge fan. Not of the ghost hunting, mind you, but of the places and the goofy-ass stuff these guys do. For a gal who's lonely on Friday nights, these are my dudes.

(Zak-baby and one of `hiz bitches')

Drinking game:
1. Stay home.
2. Watch the show.
3. Take a sip for every "bro," "dude," "man," every time Zak is touched by the unseen and every time Aaron's mouth unhinges in horror. And, if for some insane reason objects start flying, finish off the whole glass!

Tonight's drink? Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. If you're creative try this one; Miner's Lung Cocktail (got this online) Place three shots of vodka into a pint size beer glass, and fill with Guinness stout.

Don't forget to come on at 7 pm EST to hang out for the evening and chat back and forth and talk about the show or anything else that comes to mind. My Fridays are lonely and if yours are too, come and join me.


  1. We call it the "Zak Ego Show," and never cease to marvel at his hair style choices.

    Our drinking game would include a drink every time they send Aaron down to the basement by himself. He is the very best part of that show. :)

  2. I don't me to correct you, Jude, but it's 'hairstyle CHOICE'. Singular. One style. One unchanging style that has long since gone out of vogue... Those boys need a stylist.

  3. I have been looking forward to the boys returning to the Goldfield Hotel. I will be enjoying a drink while watching the bricks fly...

  4. How cool would it be if Aerosmith were to show up? Now that would make for awesome viewing and some wicked hair. Something for everyone.

  5. Jude;
    Yeah, I adore Aaron. He's a big sweetheart and willing to do anything he's told. Zak getting touched and taunting the empty room is just brilliantly fun too. The hair--yeah, whazzup with that? I would honestly like to see him with Fabio hair. He needs extensions.

    You're right. He either stands it up or flattens it out. It's whacked.

    Oh yeah, we're drinking during the Goldfield Hotel episode. It's going to rock!

    The team does need a rock song and a band. I could see them with Kid Rock.

  6. Cool idea, I must try it once :)

  7. Doo;
    If you're bored tonight, jump on and comment back and forth with us. We will be having the drinking game and watching the show.

  8. I unfortunately won;t be able to watch the show tonight because I;m going out to eat with my family and some friends. Sounds like a pretty fun drinking game, though.

  9. I think their guitarist owns a bar/restaurant near me. (Not a very good one.)