Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dale the Doll Interviews Shattered Sheila

This is another in my series of interviews with The Human's abandoned doll collection. I'm especially excited about this one. You see, I've had my eye on this pretty baby doll. Her name is Shattered Sheila and I was excited to learn all about this fascinating beauty!

Dale: So, I understand from the others that you were the original girl doll, the first abandoned one The Human collected. Where did she get you, pretty lady?

Shattered Sheila: I was in an antique shop when Autumnforest got me, but before that I was living in a home with lots of other dolls, mostly ventriloquist dolls.

Dale: Now you got my attention, sweetie! Why would you leave such an awesome place?

Shattered Sheila: I fell in love with one of the ventriloquist dolls.

Dale: And?

Shattered Sheila: Another ventriloquist doll wanted me too. They had horrible fights. The other doll marred up my Jerry. It was so sad. Disfigured, he would not show himself to me. He hid whenever I came around. In my heartbreak, I sanded off my skin. I wanted to show him that I would join him and we would both be ugly together.

Dale: Damn! You did that for him?

Shattered Sheila: Yes, well, it didn't turn out so well. You see, he only loved me because I was beautiful. I didn't know until I made myself ugly. He rejected me.

What a fool! I don't understand. Your skin doesn't look worn off. It looks shattered.

Shattered Sheila: I wandered from my home and was picked up by some teenagers who put me in their car and laughed and used me as the object of their jokes. Then, one of their mothers found me in there and gave me away to a doll collector. The doll collector thought I looked rather vintage, so she sold me in an antique shop where Autumnforest picked me up. She understood me. I was happy until she brought me home.

Dale: Why is that? The Human usually treats her dolls damn good.

Shattered Sheila: Oh, I liked her very much, it was just that she had one other doll when she brought me home. You.

Dale: Are you saying you didn't like me?

Shattered Sheila: I worried you might like me. I saw you looking at me. So, I volunteered to let Autumnforest make me uglier and scarier. She cut my hair, messed up my clothes and then put crackle paint on my face. It was brilliant! I was too horrifying for any male doll to ever want me again. My heart would never be broken.

Dale: You didn't need to do that, but I appreciate that you did.

Shattered Sheila: You do?

Sure. I like my women dark and edgy. This look you have going, really turns me on.

Shattered Sheila: I don't trust ventriloquist dolls and Autumnforest says you are really not to be trusted, so perhaps I should have her make me pretty again.

Dale: Damn! This interview is over. I have a certain deal to make with The Human even if it means being a good boy all year long. I do not want Shattered Sheila to start looking like The Human or I will be one confused doll if I still find her attractive.


  1. This is talking to you?

  2. I would imagine that ventriloquist's dolls would have "issues".

  3. I'm sorry, but I think SS is lying about two dummies wanting her. She scares the crap out of me. Have I told you that already?

  4. trust in dale, he is the man's man... great stuff!

  5. Hey, I'm just doing this interview series for The Human. The fact that I like Shattered Sheila just made it more fun than usual. And, Max, I am NOT gay! And, I don't need balls. I can get the dollies other ways. Sucio, my only issue is with humans! Copyboy, you should be scared of dolls. We like it that way. Then we can rule the world! Zombie-dude; I am the man!

  6. Dale don't give up on Shattered Sheila, she will eventually give in. Besides, it's either you or Skittles... slim pickin's.

  7. Dale, you have very dark feminine side.

  8. Miss Julie;
    That you are not a jealous creature bodes well for you nature as a human. Besides, I've always wanted to do a 3-some...

    I like to think I have some insight into the female mind...

  9. Sorry Dale but I like the junk in the trunk!