CRAZY GIVEAWAY? MP3 Player for Best Birth Defect

Long story. I decided to put the boombox away--it's the 21st Century and I was doing my 1-hour hip hop dance routine to a boombox that needed the CD changed every few songs and needed coaxing to work,i.e. a good wallop to the side of it.

So, I got an MP3 player and a docking station. Called Philips and asked if they matched. No problem--so long as you have a USB cord. Nope. Not so. The Philips MP3 player and the docking station-not friendly. Do not match.

So, I tried to return the MP3 player to NewEgg. Nope. They don't take returns, only exchanges (I will remember this in the future when I do not use them). So, I had to get an IPOD--compatible. Now, I have an MP3 player that is brand new but I don't need. So, considering that it was a fucking mismatch, I'd do a giveaway for it.

Y'all know me. I can't make this a normal giveaway. The whole incident reminded me of my defect. Ears that are mismatched. My left ear has two earlobes. I had plastic surgery but it only lessened the effect but did not get rid of it. I used to model with an earring in each lobe, but when I went into Miss USA pageant, I knew they would not be thrilled at the prospect of a defect, so I had it fixed. I'm glad it wasn't totally fixed because it really makes me special. Why? Because I hate being "normal." I want one thing that says that in a litter of 5 kids, I was the runt.

So, this giveaway is for all you with a birth defect. It can be a port wine stain, a dimple where it shouldn't be, moles that make the shape of a heart, a white patch of hair in otherwise brown locks, two different colored eyes--whatever ya got. Send me a pic of it, tell me why it makes you special. I'll pick my fav.

*Send the pic and reason why it makes you special to my email by Thursday evening the 20th by 11 pm EST.
*You must be one of my followers
*The winner will be announced on Friday the 21st morning
(Do not send a picture you wouldn't want me to share, y'all)


  1. okay, then... can you delete the above comment... first.

    second, can i just send a picture of me... i am a defunct.


  2. I knew you were a beautiful woman, but had no idea you were into the whole Miss USA thing.

    It seems (to me) to be contrary to your more 'outsider' interests to be participating in such a conformist pageant.

    But there's not a thing wrong with you. As you said, your 'defects' are what make you special, unique... YOU. :)

  3. Jeremy;
    Yeah. There's some head cases out there and that comment that was above (erased) was made by the kind of dude who goes into a grocery store parking lot and shoots innocent folks. Really pathetic and on the emotional level of 3-year-old who has no ability to deal with shit that happens or accept his part in it--blame the other guy syndrome.
    And, you cannot send a pic of your entire self, buddy. I suspect you are just fine and are joshing us all.

    It seems contrary, but when I was little, while I was playing with hot wheels and shooting baskets, I idolized Cher and Miss USA pageant. I said when I was little I would be in the pageant and I have a tendency to do what I say I'm going to do. My mother was not a warm woman and the only bonding we ever had was when I was doing pageants and modeling and then she would pay attention to the fact I was in the same house, so I found it the only way to get her approval. Sort of like having a dad that wants you to play football. For me, it was all about the audience, the lights, the gowns, the makeup and hair. I had a part of me that was very girlie girl and a part that was a spitting, jumping, climbing boy. I still have both inside me. Keeps me balanced or perhaps that's imbalanced???

  4. I guess it's all part of what makes you such an interesting character. :)

  5. Does height count as a defect? haha

  6. CB;
    It's an advantage in certain situations--it just means things line up better for the gals. Perhaps you should have someone go over you with a fine-toothed comb and see if you have any true defects--other than your wicked sense of humor which cannot be photographed (although I'm sure you'd debate that)

  7. Newegg can be a pain, but they also tend to have really good deals.

  8. Thank goodness I turned out normal with my physique.

  9. Vapor;
    They were always my first place to go to for all electronics but that nonrefundable thing can bite you in the butt if you get the wrong product. I ended up going to Best Buy for the laptop and other accessories. I didn't want any chance I couldn't return it.

    Perfect, huh? You'll not win this contest, I suppose, but it's not a bad thing to boast.

  10. Are you going to have a post with an exhibition of rarities?

  11. Echo;
    No, but I don't mind sharing the winner if the winner doesn't mind.

  12. i am a ogre! like shrek... or like living under a bridge...

  13. Jeremy;
    If that's so, you must send a pic of yourself.

  14. Awwwww I can't enter --- that what I get for being perfect.

  15. Barry;
    For being perfect? No doubt loads of admiration and a healthy dose of jealousy.

  16. All my abnormalities are mental.
    I could photograph myself with pencils up my nose and underwear on my head?

  17. It won't work, Sucio. I know you are a photographic manipulation expert.

  18. Ok, this REALLY isn't fair sis! I have a unique birthmark that every man I've ever been with has found intriguing! It's in the shape of a butterfly. But where it is, makes me crazy and I personally HATE IT! Let me think on this! I also can't photograph it myself! Tee Hee!

  19. Sounds like you need a guy with a camera and a cropping tool in Photoshop so we have no point of reference... Good luck and congrats to your beau!


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