Video: Abandoned Row

This was taken on Julie and I's trip to Miami, AZ to research for our book about abandoned places. Enjoy! I was fascinated with this hillside street in this mining town.


  1. thats cool, you thinking of moving there :)

  2. Right. I love sharing my space with rattlers and scorpions. They are beautiful. I'm just demented enough that I pass right by McMansions without a glance but should one have been torched and crumbling, it's the prettiest thing on the block.

  3. You like torched and crumbling towns? This mine town seem like had a lot of this.

  4. Echo;
    That place was really a wreck but I found it to be so beautiful. I think because it was built up during the mines heyday and then people just left it and it sat in the hot sun and cold winters. It turned into something with a lot of personality, like the aging on a person's face when they've had a hard life. I find that so beautiful.

  5. That is breathtakingly beautiful and achingly sad, both at the same time. I completely understand why you like this "abandoned row." The lives of those who once resided there must have been difficult and depressing toward the end. It's so sad anything vibrant turns into abandonment, decay, and lingering memories.

  6. Brenda;
    I was struck by your statement
    "It's so sad anything vibrant turns into abandonment, decay, and lingering memories."
    Oh, dear, that's how I feel about myself in my 40s. Hee hee
    It is a beautiful place and to me older things hold more complex dynamics and I love to read them. Sometimes, it seems that weather aging and working away the surface can make some things more difficult to read and I have yet to determine if that is because it becomes more porous and in general porous objects are harder to read or if it's because stored content is in the surface. I hope to present the blog with an experiment for me pertaining to this.


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