Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vanished Towns: Salton Sea

That's actually me at Nagshead Beach and my siblings in the water. It's been a few years since then (you think?) but I still love the beach. At the time this shot was taken, it was the height of popularity in a California resort town called "Salton Sea." Things have changed a lot since then. Now, it is an almost completely vacated eco disaster area.

It's a lake directly on the San Andreas fault in California. It was a basin filled with water diverted from the Colorado River. It is more salty than the ocean but less salty than the Great Salt Lake. Pollution runoff and inability to add more water to it has made it a very nasty place. Much of it is abandoned and the saltiness has caused corrosion. It's gorgeous to me, but then you know how I love these kinds of places.

Julie and I were hoping our next book in our series about abandoned places and my psychic reads would be vanished towns. This location would no doubt be ideal. Here's a documentary on the Salton Sea that was excellently done.


  1. you are so cute, the photo looks like the start of the monkeys television show... with the heads of your family... equally separated and in height... here we come... walking down the street... hey, hey were the monkeys... da,daa, da

  2. There was movie The Salton Sea abou this place. It's about meth addicts.

  3. Notification of copyright infringement? That sounds serious. Interesting story on the Salton Sea. Great "historical" photo.

  4. Hey Zombie-man;
    I grew up playing in the Chesapeake. My mom wouldn't let me go in the water on this vacation because she feared for me. What she didn't know was that when the tides were low at our summer home, dad would load us kids into a rowboat and take us into the middle of the water in the bay and we'd dive by lantern light for clams in waist-high water. I was doing that since I was 3. I'm a water bug living in a desert. My life is contrasts and ironies.

    Didn't part of that movie about the dude who went to live in the wilderness in Alaska and died in a schoolbus he was using as a home take place at Salton Sea?

    Glad you enjoyed it. I can't wait to hit that place. I think I could get some neat reads on it.

  5. Sis you are just too damn cute! Even as a kid...check out the GAMS!!!

  6. Sis;
    I was gonna be tall, that's for sure.

  7. Okay here's the deal about the Salton Sea.
    It's a smelly sewer.
    No really !
    It smells real bad ,and it's Africa
    Hot !
    Dead fish everywhere.
    Did I tell you it smells bad ?

  8. Max;
    Yeah, I can deal with dead fish smell if I can get some awesome pictures and psychic reads. Definitely not a place I'd want to spend the night, however.

  9. I am very excited about checking out this place along with a couple others you have mentioned.

  10. Julie;
    We're going to have a great time photographing and doing reads on this place. The other place I will be covering in here too soon.