UFOs and Ghosts: Lots in Common

UFO's and ghost hunting; both paranormal focuses, but really very very similar in how we go about tackling them.

The first step in dealing with UFO's is to debunk.
The first step in dealing with ghosts is to debunk.

Explanations for UFOs:
Airplanes/military air vehicles/drones/helicopters
Misinterpreted stars in the daytime sky
Reflections of things on the ground
Earth lights
Sprites/jets in the atmosphere

Explanations for Ghosts:

Banging pipes
Poor night vision
High EMF
Mechanical home issues
Car lights
Sleep issues

People who have had encounters with UFOs and ghosts are often ashamed, baffled, their logic is twisted in knot. They don't want to admit it, but they seek answers incessantly by either looking for more UFOs or ghostly encounters.

Both encounters have nearly impossible to prove roadblocks. You can photograph, record or film UFOs or ghosts and these modalities can be shot down by skeptics.

When pondering the origins of both UFOs and ghosts, the explanations run the gamut. UFOs could include aliens and time travelers, military craft and interdimensional travel. Ghosts are explained by history repeating itself in a loop, spirits of dead people remaining behind and interdimensional travel.

What intrigues me the most about UFOs, ghosts and even Bigfoot is that all three have been blamed on interdimensional visitors. What makes that even more intriguing is that there are places in the world where these things happen in clusters; UFOs, ghostly activity and Bigfoot sightings in short-lived hot spots that change frequently. Should all be explained by a portal for interdimensional beings, it would put a bunch of paranormal activity into one basket.

I have to admit that it's rather funny to me when UFO followers laugh at ghost hunters who laugh at Bigfoot hunters. We truly are all in the same trek, facing the same issues and tossing around the same theories. We might actually help each other more than we realize.


  1. There is one general difference between the two. The percipients. Ghost people tend to be sensitive and spiritually aware, generally positive and optimistic. While some seem concerned over demons and evil entities, they are not the the norm. In UFO cases, more witnesses and enthusiasts seem to share traits of paranoia and suspicion, a distrust for authority. In this field, the they-come-from-afar-to-grant-us-wisdom-and-love folks are the minority. In fact, they're often mocked.

  2. Pozbywaj się tego co Tobie szkodzi uczeniem się tego co Ciebie udoskonali rozwijajac Twe życie w nieskończoność.

  3. Everyone needs something to believe in: preferably themselves.

  4. Cullan;
    Very good point. I admit to being humored by the UFO folks I've dealt with and that's because to me they seem a bit out of touch with reality, but then I go on a ghost hunt with a group of folks who think they're getting possessed and everything is evil and I realize--we're really a lot alike. I've experienced both things; UFOs and paranormal phenomena and I have to say that the UFO ones I had to let go of. They were in the sky and never where I can get a true point of reference and get close. The ghostly happenings, however, were something I could get right down and have happen at a more intimate level. It intrigues me to no end how people believe either that aliens visit us in magical crafts--technology driven or they come back from the dead as ghosts--spiritually driven. Either way, they seek answers within either science or spirituality when that may not be their realms.

  5. Inter-dimensional travel sounds like it could be fun.

  6. Ghosts and UFO may be different sides of the same phenomena. And ghosts are more earthbound and associated with emotions , UFO are extraterrestrial and and are more of the mental nature. Probably people with more emotional nature are reflecting on the nature of ghostly energies and people with more mental nature are reflecting extraterrestrial, UFO related energies.

  7. The things we do to keep our imaginations entertained and our unexplainable explained.

  8. Vapor;
    Seriously, I'm bored with this dimension, I want to see what's happening in the other ones!

    Good point. I have noticed that UFO folks tend to think of ghost people as being imaginative and yet here they are talking about Area 51, alien hybrids and other such stuff that sounds equally bizarre. Yet, they seem themselves as having a scientific model. I think not.

    Seriously, I love the crazy questions. As a kid, I was that friend who would lay down in the grass, look at the clouds above and ask my friends "what if..." for hours on end.

  9. I know this is off topic, but Supernatural did an episode on UFOs. It was great! BTW...you would love that show!! Uoi have to watch it.

  10. CB;
    I readily admit, I started watching the series at the beginning and when it switched day/time, I completely forgot about it. I really need to take the time to figure out when it's on so I can follow it again. I enjoyed it. It reminded me in some ways of the episodes of X-File that were the only good ones they did--the creature ones. I hated all the conspiracy/government episodes--a total snooze.

  11. And of course those who do not believe in any of us...well, they think if you can't explain it then it must not exist! I call Bullshit on that! LOL

  12. I think they both are using the same basic energy force, one that we haven't discovered yet.

  13. Unablogger; (BTW, love your name)
    I totally agree. I think there is a kind of "paranormal broth" and we simply need to find out what it is and how it works and we might enter and exit worlds and realities we never imagined.

  14. The same can be said about monsters/cryptids. UFO hunters, Ghost Hunters, and Monster Hunters have lot in common. Look at our examples of evidence: Blurry photos, videos that may or may not be fakes, limited physical evidence, recordings of strange vocalizations/evp's, reliance on eyewitness accounts and personal experiences...
    The other day at work, one of my coworkers was talking about how silly it is to believe in Bigfoot or Nessie. When the conversation shifted to alien big black cats, the same coworker insists that those are real, because she saw one once. :D

  15. BG;
    You are so right! In fact, one time a friend introduced me to a coworker and we had lunch together. Perfectly normal lunch. He giggled when he heard I ghost hunt. He giggled when he heard I was psychic. I am used to that reaction and it used to make me ashamed but I know what it means to me, but I can't control what it means to them. So, I move on to other subjects and talk about the drive to Tucson. Then, he stops me and says, "you know, I can't do that drive anymore." I was like, "Really? Duststorms, huh?" They get so bad between Phoenix and Tucson and the tumbleweeds so profuse it's insane. "No. If I drive it, I have to go past the mountain."
    "What mountain?" I ask--there's a million of them in the desert.
    "That lone one on the left that looks like a witch's tit."
    I know the one he's talking about.
    "Why?" I have to ask.
    "That's where I woke up after the aliens took me."
    It was my turn to snort with laughter. I thought he was getting one over on me, but then he went dead serious, described his abductions throughout his lifetime and showed me scars. I wasn't sure what to make of that. A few minutes ago he thought I was insane. Now, I wondered about his mental state. We are suspicious of each other and we shouldn't be. An encounter is an encounter.

  16. You gotta love those that know the incontrovertible facts about the unknown.

  17. Reading your last post, AF, I have to think some people are actually skeptical of themselves if they've had unbelievable experiences and they are not prone to be believers of such things and their almost strange reluctance to other strangeness is some part of their own difficulty reconciling their own experience.

    I don't think that made much sense, but I don't feel like making it sound better right now :P


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