This Week in Horror Movie and Paranormal TV

*I just want to say THANK YOU to AMC channel for showing a marathon of "The Walking Dead" last night. Since missing the first episodes, I was afraid to watch it or miss the story. It was like taking Lost, Jericho and Dawn of the Dead and linking them together. I was shocked how gory it is-seriously! Cutting up a dead guy and rubbing his guts all over their bodies and then hanging his feet and hands and guts all over them like ornaments and using it t make the zombies think they're one of them by the smell, was brilliant and fantastically cool gore. I know I will have to own this series the minute it's on DVD. I can hardly wait!*

It sucks the beginning of the week and but you better suck it all in at the end of the week as two shows have season enders; FoF and GH. But, another kind of cool show starts on Thursday, "Brad Meltzer's Decoded" (see below). If you find this all rather ho-hum, come and join the blog on Friday for the Zombie Walk. There will be links to all the participants doing tons of amazing zombie posts. We will rebel against the anti-horror trend in Deember.



*SyFy: Season ender of “Ghost Hunters”


*SyFy: Season ender of “Fact or Faked:Paranormal Files” (monster in the swamp and lights in Oregon)—sounds great!
*History Channel: “Brad Meltzer’s Decoded” A 10-part series exploring the world's secret symbols, codes and conspiracy theories begins with the a mystery surrounding a cornerstone at the White … “Ancient Aliens”


*Travel Channel: “Ghost Adventures” Villisca Axe Murder House (I am very curious to see this one)


  1. Not too much...
    Like always I am hoping for good season enders but have been disappointed in the past. (Don't forget Bob Saget on Tuesday, lol. I love the BF eppy.) And of course, looking forward to the antics of the GA boys.

  2. Pretty bad ending . The only thing i learned it's rule # 1 for surviving zombie attack is to sleep in the hospital.

  3. NBIO;
    Yes, I agree. Don't be afraid to remove your own IV line too. Somehow, those zombies couldn't figure out how to enter an unguarded hospital room, but everyone else in the hospital were goners.

  4. Decoded does look interesting. Outside of GA...'Meh' to the rest.

  5. Ok, I'm sorry but the Embalmer in me just said "como?" LOL Rubbing dead viscera (guts'n-stuff) all over yourself to smell like a zombie is, well....ok, I'll say it...if you died and weren't will smell like raw meat!

    Kinda makes yer mouth water doesn't it!?!?!? LMAO!

    Sorry, I had a miss my profession moment! ;)

  6. MM;
    I love when you "meh." Yes, Decoded looks hot and sexy to me. I love men with minds and adventure. I will follow them anywhere.

    Yeah, I wondered about the logic of this, they should smell like a buffet to other zombies, but since the guts were from a zombie, I guess it just smells like one of their own. Ew.


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