Synesthesia: Interesting Disorder

Okay, so I just finished the last post about facial amnesia and let's move on to another disorder that is intriguing and one that I suffer from, although it hardly alters my life in any way. In fact, like my psychic abilities, I didn't know that everyone else didn't store time in their mind in the way that I do.

Now, let me explain.

Synesthesia is a condition in which basically one has a neurological confusion where he puts things together that are not usually teamed up, such as seeing numbers as colors or smelling music or in my case, storing time in a three-dimensional manner outside my body, such as time of day, days of week, hours of the day, months and years. In my case, it is also how I store information when I do psychic reads and makes it possible to store a great deal of reads and types of information I can retrieve like a file cabinet of sorts. These cross sensory confusions make for intriguing things like hearing colors and tasting music.

Types: (from this site)
Spatial sequence (number form) 8.8%
Emotions -> colors 2.8%
Flavors -> colors 6.3%
General sounds -> colors 15.1%
Graphemes -> colors 63.7%
Kinetics -> colors 0.1%
Musical notes -> colors 8.4%
Musical sounds -> colors 18.8%
Odors -> colors 6.3%0
Orgasm -> colors 2.0%
Pain -> colors 5.5%
Personalities -> colors (“auras”) 6.3%
Phonemes -> colors 7.5%
Temperatures -> colors 2.1%
Time units -> colors 23.3%
Touch -> colors 3.7%
Emotion -> smell 0.2%
Grapheme personification 4.4%
Object personification 1.7%
Ticker-tape* ?????
Emotion -> flavor 0.2%
Emotion -> pain 0.3%
Emotion -> smell 0.2%
Emotion -> temperature 0.1%
Emotion -> touch 0.1%
Flavors -> sounds 0.2%
Flavors -> temperatures 0.1%
Flavors -> touch 0.6%
Grapheme -> flavor 0.1%
Kinetics -> sounds 0.3%
Phoneme -> flavor 2.7%
Lexeme -> touch 0.1%
Mirror touch* ????
Musical notes -> flavors 0.3%
Pain -> flavor 0.1%
Pain -> smell 0.1%
Pain -> sound 0.2%
Personalities -> smells 0.4%
Personalities -> touch 0.3%
Phoneme -> touch 0.1%
Smells -> flavor 0.2%
Smells -> sounds 0.4%
Smells -> temperatures 0.1%
Smells -> touch 0.4%
Sound -> flavors 5.2%
Sounds -> kinetics 0.4%
Sounds -> smells 1.4%
Sound -> temperatures 0.5%
Sound -> touch 4.3%
Temperature -> flavors 0.1%
Temperatures -> sounds 0.1%
Touch -> emotions 0.2%
Touch -> flavors 1.0%
Touch -> smell 0.3%
Touch -> sounds 0.8%
Touch -> temperatures 0.1%
Vision -> flavors 2.8%
Vision -> kinetics 0.1%
Vision -> smells 1.3%
Vision -> sounds 2.5%
Vision -> Temperatures 0.2%
Vision -> touch 1.7%

A lot of people don't realize they have it until someone asks them if they see letters or numbers as colors and then they find out others do not store information that way. That list above might have had you observing your own mind storage unit...

A great place to test it out and see what it's about is at this site

Famous synesthetes: Billy Joel, Eddie Van Halen, Marilyn Monroe, Georgia O'Keefe,


  1. Billy Joel, Eddie Van Halen, Marilyn Monroe and Georgia O'Keefe - interesting party guest list.

  2. Yes, made even more interesting if they were smelling the music and tasting their emotions.

  3. Eating own emotions sounds like fun.

  4. I wonder what frustration at the mall shopping for last minute gifts tastes like? Probably like Mrs. Field's cookies, I'm thinking.

  5. This makes complete sense to me. Each individual brain is wired differently which explains why each individual is drawn in by different artists; be it a musician, painter, or performance artist. Your example for that would be Marilyn Monroe. This helps to explain why every individual experiences and interprets artistic pieces differently.

    To take it one step further; the brain goes through a variety of brainwaves at various times. This is why much of today's spa, meditation, Reiki, spiritual music of any type is becoming more about the frequencies as opposed to just the music.

    As a psychic reader, as well; I work very much the same as Autumforest does. I receive information in various forms; be it symbolic, music, color, and so forth. This information is given to the client in whatever form it's received. I explain how the information is pertinent and what it represents.

    The brain is a vast untapped territory waiting to be explored. Many people see colors, hear smells, taste music as we are sentient beings. For some it is far easier than others.

    Excellent post, Autumnforest. And Eddie Van Halen Rocks! So, does Billy Joel, for that matter. Great guest list!

  6. Brenda;
    This is sort of the premise in my psychic book I'm writing. The way you learn information in school and retain information for testing is the same storage method you use when gathering and storing and interpreting psychic info. Some people are visual, others auditory and some mix them up and store info in a way that is accessed and interpreted more efficiently. My ability to store info outside my body (sounds so weird) makes it possible for me hold the information forever--I never forget a read and can go back into that file and review it any time, decades later.

  7. That is extremely cool. The closest thing I have is associating people to their smells (perfume, etc.).

  8. Vapor;
    I'd be interested to know if just knowing someone online makes you think of a smell when you see their screen name. This is so common that folks don't realize they do it. I've known a lot of people who see numbers as colors and who think colors have smells.

  9. There's a professor of English & Anthropology in Charleston's Trident Technical College, Sean Day, who himself is a synesthete & involved in synesthesia research. He has a very concise, albeit brief podcast on synesthesia, here. You wouldn't be related to him, would you, Autumn? I have the music into visuals synesthesia, sometimes producing emotional reveries to the point of almost being another criss-crossed perceptual difference, that being Stendhal Syndrome. I've had another friend whose version is the words into tactile, even visual & sometimes taste perception, also one of the rarer forms (the words one, I mean). He's a fan of horror like we are, too. I'm really heartened to view your & Brenda's views that, hey, being higher honed-in on psychic informational storehouses, why should it be considered aberrant, when we're all individuals anway? Everyone has their own skills & talents that they excell in, so why should information processing, perceiving, & storing be any different? Anywho, have a great holiday, whether it's the Elven race's Turuhalmë, the Heathen Yule, the Christian Christmas, the Jewish Chanukah, the African-American Kwanzaa, or whatevs. You'll make great headway with your interests & investigations in 2011. May you excell as always.

    Your Bror of the Boar Clan,
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro ~ (•8-D

  10. Hello Bror!
    I hope you're having a merry solstice season. I love your font of knowledge. You always amaze me. Yes, I think having these synesthetic capabilities actually is helpful in IQ, talent and creativity. I know that it is a huge part of my ability to be accurate as a psychic.

  11. I found Bror's post to be highly interesting, to say the least. I'd actually not heard anything about the "dis-ease" prior to your posting. Yet when I listened to the podcast; I had a scentient reaction to the professor's voice. Most likely because the vast majority of my reading whether here or abroad; are by phone. I still receive all the information as described above.

    I suppose it may be possible for some to have reactions as described in the brief link regarding Stendahl's. Many that are considered sane; may not be, and vice versa. I know I've not had such a reaction; but am simply moved by the beauty as decribed at the end of the description.

    Autumforest; you and I work the same; yet in different ways. I understand the "external file cabinets." I've had my own thoughts on things such as this for years; some of which science is beginning to document.

    Energy does not cease to exist; it simply changes form. Therefore; if information from a deceased comes to me; whether through a reading or not, it's nothing more than the energy that has changed form. The human body is energetic. So to myself; it makes sense that when the physical energy no longer exists? The energy transforms.

    The difference between you and I; Autumnforest is that while you retain the information for years, I usually don't. There are cases where I do, especially regarding something extremely big or during clients I've read for before. But when I read; I generally don't. I know why and I believe Autumforest does; as well.

    Perhaps; I'll write a post for my blog on how it works, if anyone is interested.

    Thank you; "Bror" for the informational insights, as well as your encouragement. Perhaps others will be encouraged to experiment for themselves.

    Autumforest; I'll be looking forward to your book when it is published. I'm certain you'll have a great 2011!

  12. Hey Sis;
    Thanks. Yes, we all seem to do it differently but in accordance to how we learn information for testing like in school. I don't do psychic reads professionally for two reasons:
    1. I do not believe in reading the future which pisses people off. They also tend to get real dependent and annoying and won't make decisions without your input. A good psychic should be able to give insight and let them go to use that insight to make decisions, giving them a perspective they didn't have before rather than becoming their parent.
    2. Once I do a reading, it literally becomes part of my memories and it's as if I lived it, felt it, know it like my own life. I can never shake it. I can see someone I never knew before that I did a reading for randomly and it's 25 years later and I can still pull up their info and redescribe it in detail. Argh!

  13. Well stated!

    If you were to read professionally and have to contain all that information in your memory banks; that could be an issue. AARGH; indeed! I pretty much agree with everything you said in #1. I do read future; but only to a point. If a client chooses not to use the information; things can change. I never do repeats more than quarterly, and with some even less frequently. While I'm sure it makes some a lot of money; my wish is that clients not become dependent on me for advise. Sorry for the dissertation; by the way!!

    Have a great day, Sis!

  14. Hey Brenda;
    Yes, I like to think of myself as a catalyst for change. Nearly everyone I encounter somehow leaves the experience wanting to try something they didn't dare before. I'd like to think of being a psychic as a life coach. I give them a few minutes of insight and a new universal perspective and they go out and make things happen. I am happiest when people claim their own energy and forward motion and don't ask me for the answers. I'm not the answer girl. I'm the question girl...


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