Quiz: Which Christmas Bad Guy Are You?

It's quiz time again! In honor of this rosy happy day, let's make it a bad guy's quiz. Count your a's, b's and c's and see which one you letter get the most of, scroll down and find out which Xmas bad guy you relate to.

1. If I see a homeless person panhandling, I think...
a. I would do that in his position.
b. Get a job!
c. I would rather glom off of family/friends.

2. When I'm angry, I tend to...
a. Neglect them, sabotage them, passive-aggressive.
b. Leave, don't talk, snub them.
c. Lash out without thinking.

3. One thing that frustrates me about the world is...
a. The wealthy get wealthier.
b. People slack off and get away with what they can.
c. It's so hard to get ahead.

4. I most admire...
a. Bernie Madoff (scam artist investor)
b. Donald Trump (business mogul)
c. DB Cooper (hijacked plane and parachuted off)

5. The dream home would be...
a. An isolated country home away from the crowds.
b. A McMansion in the suburbs.
c. A city place in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

Count your a's, b'c, and c's and scroll down...

a. Grinch (How the Grinch Stole Christmas)
b. Scrooge (A Christmas Carol)
c. The Wet Bandits (Home Alone)

(Xmas picture of me when I was 11. I had a new niece and I wanted to dress like Santa for her)

P.S. What am I thankful for this Christmas? It is my first Christmas in 26 years I am not "Mrs. S. Clauss" (yes, that was my married name)

Oh, and here's your laugh for today.


  1. Merry Christmas, Mrs. X-Clauss! That quiz is a tough one!

  2. Brenda;
    I am rather famous for my quizzes on here. I haven't done one since Halloween. It was definitely long overdue.

  3. My skin turns green on Christmas.

  4. You naughty boy! No roast beast for you!

  5. Scrooge here!
    I loved the SJP site: I was obliged to watch SatC2 last night - it being the season of goodwill & all.

  6. Yes, Barry. Am I mistaken or didn't the folks of Who-Ville eat roast beast?

    You made me laugh. I thought it was hilarious because for years I've been calling her horse face and apparently I wasn't the only one. I don't get the appeal and I've never watched Sex in the City--desperate middle-aged women only remind me of my own situation. :-) Have a great holiday and lots of laughs (though I can already tell you never go through a day without lots of chuckles--you have a wonderful sense of humor)

  7. Grinch.
    I think SJP looks more like seahorse.

  8. I'm a solid Grinch. I knew I should have gotten the dog some antlers.


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