Monday, December 13, 2010

The Psychic's Biggest Block: Ego, Intellect and Interpretation!

I'm trying to finish writing my book "Was That a Ghost?" but occasionally, I take a break and go to the next book "From Fledgling to Full-Fledged Psychic." I got caught up in a chapter last night that I believe to be the most crucial chapter. If there is only one thing I can tell people who want to develop their psychic abilities it is to:


The concept for this chapter became apparent when I was interviewing Ben from my favorite new paranormal investigative show "Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files" (okay, who am I kidding, it ended up being an ongoing conversation about all things paranormal, I always jump at the chance to talk to such highly educated and curious minds which is why my commenting back and forth with y'all is so extensive--you're my favorite people to knock around theories with).

I handed him a large stone and asked him to read it. He looked it over like any left-brained male and said that he saw some cliffs.

I had to stop him. "Do not intellectualize. You must look at the rock as if it dropped from the sky and you don't know its origins." He was thinking in his head (I'm guessing) "This rock reminds me of the ones in Utah on the bluffs..." No!

The object or person must have absolutely no meaning to you. You want to observe the wear on their shoes, their dialect, the condition of their teeth, but that is being a mentalist. We do not want you to be the mentalist. I have read lots of jewelry that I could have assumed a lot from it. One time it was a man's wedding band. What I got shocked my intellect and my ego (your other enemy) wanted me to not report what I read because it was ridiculous and I would sound like an idiot, but I know to go with first impressions. "A man gave you this ring. He thought it meant more to you than to him. It's been in a junk drawer a long while." In this case, I was totally right. His gay brother gave him his wedding ring and told him that it symbolized more to him. He put it in a junk drawer for 6 or 8 months and finally put it on as a symbol he was okay with his brother's confession.

Giving psychic reads isn't about being right, it's about going down the right path

The best ways for you to avoid the interruption of intellect and ego is to read someone you don't know (no preconceived notions) When you think you know someone, you can come up with a lot of observations that are accurate, but then you know their personality, worries, situation and more. So far as tamping down your ego, you need to not look at the person and tell them not to make a sound, just let you rattle off your findings. A dream read for me is someone who has a piece of jewelry (metal and stones are easy reads) and whom I don't know and who is willing to sit behind me and stay quiet the whole time. Why not look at them or get responses? The ego pops up and you take yourself down the wrong path. You see, we're human even if we are psychics, and if someone gasps, we realize we just hit on an area that affected them, so we want to follow it more, but it might have completely hit a dead end. What we get at this point could be the intellect and ego working together to make assumptions based on what we just read. If we read that they lost their fiance in a car wreck, we might then upon hearing their reaction say "it has not been an easy thing for you to get over" (no kidding, they just started crying).

Interpretation is so critical to reads that many people who claim to be psychics are shot down because they interpreted wrongly. They got the info, they just didn't know how to translate it. They see someone having a relationship problem and assume it's their lover when it might be their brother. It takes a psychic a long while to learn to organize types in her head and relationships.

In my mind, I have a "grouping" system for comparison. I did a read recently on a piece of an object given to me by someone in my paranormal meetup group. I brought it back in with a list of things that came to mind while reading it. Apparently, my read was dead on, except I wrote "Jewish." To me, indigenous people and ceremonial and pagan practices are all very similar with ritual, customary foods and drinks, ethnic touches.

When I wrote "Jewish" it had a sense of ritual, old knowledge, and the woman I associated it with was elderly and arthritic and seemed rather quiet and proud which is how I reflect on Jewish elderly women. It ended up being a piece of HoHoKam indian pottery found in a location I described. To me indigenous and Jewish are locked in a similar vault in my mind.

Another time, I read a young man and told him his brother and he were 10 months apart and he was the more responsible elder one and he was the goof off younger one. I was right in the 10 months apart and that he was responsible and the other brother was the goof off, only he was the younger brother. I interpreted he was the elder by his personality traits.

The only way to overcome interpretation issues is to read often and lots to learn how your mind stores a "sister," "aunt," "boss," and such. They will come to you as a type in which you relate to your own experiences. When I think of a sister, I think of someone who while growing up drove me nuts more than made me happy, who was closely tied physically but not necessarily a chosen friend. To another psychic with a different life experience, a sister may be the confessor and advisor.

So, this is going to be the premise of a chapter, but at this point I'm wondering if I should just do a chapter for each of those three topics since they are so critical to being an accurate psychic and having advanced "full-fledged" skills. Let me know, I could definitely use your intelligent feedback. You are my think-tank on all such matters.


  1. Fascinating. As a writer and somewhat OCDesque organizer, I'd recommend keeping them in one chapter with a common introduction, the split into sections to cover each aspect you've described. They're all so linked as a concept that you don't want to separate them, but they are distinct features to the same approach so they deserve that distinction in treatment.

    I really admire attempts like these to sort of codify psychic/paranormal experience. To me it makes sense to approach this stuff as scientifically as the phenomena allow, so we can make as much sense of them and extract as much convincing evidence from them as possible. I sort of despair at the popularity of paranormal shows, fictional or non-fictional, where people are just blundering around, trying techniques with no consistency or logic, and allowing themselves to be influenced by what they experience, or think they experience. It's an area of study that demands a certain sangfroid and orderliness in order to elicit convincing results, so I'm really happy to read how you approach the use of your psychic abilities.

  2. andalex;
    Your input is definitely going to carry some clout. Having you put it that way, it makes perfect sense. I a highly organized Virgo-type and so I appreciate being succinct. It's hard enough to admit having such a weird talent, but I have found over the many years of ghost hunting and research that everyone has some element f psychic skills and we all have one that's more dominant and if we exercise that skill, it becomes a talent like being a great NBA shooter. I really don't believe any of these skills are paranormal in nature, but actually just brain skills that some of us focus on more because of upbringing and opportunity. That's why I'm writing the book to try and help people develop those latent instincts. I've never been trained in my skills, afraid that someone's instructions might ruin the way in which I get and store information which is synesthetic in nature. I believe that this is tied highly to IQ and the way we store and apply information and so learning someone's school-time learning style will help them develop their psychic skills. I'm discussing the types of fledgling psychics on Saturday's post. I'm glad you found my blog. You'll be a wonderful addition to the smart folks who read this.

  3. You are right wrong paths seem to attract ego like magnet.

  4. Grigori;
    I am glad you agree. It is the burden of most psychics, which is why I do not do it for profit.

  5. Hmmmm....keeping in all in one but yet still sectioning it off into sub-chapters. I know this much, after a reading you did on a certain someone for me, you came back with some things that I felt like I already knew about this particular chick. Yes we went to the same high school, but NO we weren't friends nor did we ever associate together or in the same crowd so I don't "know" her at all. Yet, I got some of the same "feelings" you did. So that's a good thing? Right? LOL

  6. Little sis;
    That's how it goes. People send out stuff all the time and we pick it up. We were talking about this in our latest meeting of the paranormal meetup group. One man mentioned how he did an experiment staring at people and how they would just suddenly look up straight at him, not even looking around for the person staring at them. We do this all the time, feel eyes on us, look up directly at the culprit. It can even happen while gazing at someone in a mirror, they look at you in the mirror. Crazy, huh? Well, just another example of how our intentions can be read long before we even probe deeper. This is also why we sometimes meet someone, shake their hand and then leave saying "I don't like or trust him," even if he was smiling and warm and sweet.

  7. I think it's logical to have three topics in one chapter and not to cut and spread them.

  8. Thanks Echo. I have considered what y'all had to say and have decided to do it that way. It's sort of a chapter on the pratfalls of being a psychic. The other chapters explain the types of fledgling psychics and how to develop skills and the next generation of psychics, so this chapter will help people to avoid the mistakes I made learning on my own.

  9. Thanks, autumnforest--that is very gratifying :) Cheers to your blog and to your book!