"The Physics of the Paranormal" Book Review

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A very dear friend I call "bror" (brother), sent me the book "The Physics of the Paranormal" by Kenneth W. Behrendt. My toes curled at the title of the book, imagine how I felt when I opened it up. My inner geek was giggling in delight at diagrams and studies, explanations and theories.

Here's the chapters:
1. Mental Telepathy and Photography
2. Psychokinesis
3. The Geller Effects
4. ESP and Precognition
5. Ghosts and Poltergeists
6. Astral Projection, Bi-location, Teleportation and Reincarnation
7. Werewolves, Vampires and Bodily Transfigurations
8. Miracle Cures
Epilogue... The Future of Paranormal Research

I hope to write you many posts about the things I've found in this book. Suffice to say that it has my mind working overtime and you do know how I love theories, especially if they have some ground in actual real-life and physics.

I say it all the time, but for the paranormal to be perceived by us, it must enter our rules of physics--work within our realm and therefore is a thing of science not supernatural. Knowing the way it shows itself using our physics, we can learn how to retrieve it, activate it, communicate with it, direct it... it's limitless.

There are discussions of the bodily magnetic fields of sensitives and how they can discern spirit forms, how the electric and magnetic fields in a person's body can be used to do things like erase a magnetic tape. Much of the talk about astral projection touches on a theory I've had a for a long time that at the moment of astral projection or even dream state, we may project ourselves to another location where we are viewed as a ghost form, sometimes only partially visible and only briefly.

You know me, blessed (or cursed) with the ability to read objects, it's discussed in this book that it could be a matter of discerning magnetic and electric fields that were put off by a person and entered objects they came into contact with. I've often wondered at the mode of transport of information and why my mind is able to even translate this information. We all receive it when we touch objects, but only some seem able to take that and notice the stimuli and interpret. That burned out house I tried to read, had lost all its content of readable material--the first sterile site I've ever entered. I actually found a strange bliss in that charred out house I never normally have. I have a high energy person and though I only turn on my psychometry when I focus myself, I know that I am being bombarded constantly with the stimuli and do a great deal with my mind and body to distract myself from stopping and reading these incoming bits of information. That burned out house had lots whatever stored content it once had of the living and like being in nature away from the objects of everyday world, I found my bliss.

This book is intriguing and I highly recommend it to people who like this blog and the idea behind it of knocking around concepts and ideas and looking for more than religion in ghost hunting and old wive's tales, but want to find out the actual mechanisms and hope to unlock the secrets to a new "old" world. Admittedly, some of the theories are totally wacky and out there, but I love that kind of conjecture because it starts the mind going down another path. That's why I do Mind Fuck Tuesday on this blog, to sort of shake your reality a bit and make you view things a new way.

One time, while helping my son brainstorm for an art project, I tossed out random ideas. Finally, he stopped me and said, "This is not helping me. None of these ideas are good. You're going in too many directions." I told him my job wasn't to give him the idea, it was my job to stimulate his mind with my random images to have his mind relate it to something else and then BAM! An idea is born.

Consider this book one long Mind Fuck Tuesday and enjoy! I really did!


  1. Will definitely have to add this book to my Amazon wish list!

  2. Echo; So glad to see you accepted the mind fuck.

    T-Dear; It's a really fascinating book. Some might call it pseudoscience, but many studies talked about were actual studies and one can apply the findings anyways they want. I'm just glad to see someone marrying science with paranormal--they do appear to be of the same origin.

  3. Hiya my little ghost-hunting Sweetheart, hi! It brought tears to my too-often-dry orbits, Autumn, just hearing that this present for you really hit home. Kenneth W. Behrendt's maverick science & sleuthing talent is/was/is a perfect compendium for your own keen mind, dove-tailing magnificently with your own on just soooo many levels. He's got another tome on perpetual motion machines & another one on the technology of Ufo propulsion systems, the field that he really excells at being Ufology. Only Jos. H. Cater's The Awesome Life Force reaches as far into the ethers of unplumbed science as does Behrendt. So glad that it chimed your twanger.

    Best Yuletide wishes,
    A.Q.E von Th.

  4. Bror;
    Chimed my twanger, indeed! You know me too well, big brother. Yes, it was definitely exciting. I'm so tired of people talking about the religious aspects of the paranormal, as no one religion certainly has THE story on our creation and not one religion has THE answer on the paranormal. The fact is, the earth is old, nature works, and there's a lot of the world we still have left to chart and understand. Even though we got some neat ones under out belts like electricity and tectonics, gravity and magnetism, we still are babies in understanding all the other parts of the science of world and especially that which creates paranormal hiccups or glitches that we witness from time to time. I'm up for talking about any possibilities, whether they be geo-based, cosmic-based, spiritual-based or energy-based. I'm so excited to be in this field now as the ghost hunting shows are dying off and we're ready for a new revolution in how we go about studying these things, looking for patterns, repeatability, what provokes it, what alleviates it. This book got me all super excited and an Autumnforest who is super excited is a thing to behold since every moment of my life is full of puppy-dog excitement over the simplest of things.

  5. Hi, everyone. I'm Kenneth W. Behrendt and the author of The Physics of the Paranormal. To say that I'm pleased with your comments on my book would be the understatement of the millenium! I've been a student of orthodox science all of my life, but was always fascinated by the unexplainable and often dismissed phenomena people experience. One day I realized that these phenomena had to have a real physics behind them that is still not in our science textbooks. TPOTP was my attempt to try to change this situation. I read about 50 books on the subject before writing my book so that I would be able to quote actual research in it. No, it is not the easiest book in the world to read. But, for those who are up to the challenge, I think they will be rewarded with a new and much expanded view of paranormal phenomena. Once again, thanks for the kind words.


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