Obscure Horror Movies Rock!

I went through a phase several years ago where I was obsessed with finding all the most obscure 70s horror I could find, especially British and made-for-tv horror. I wanted to find any title I hadn’t heard of to work on extending my collection. A lot of finds were total clinkers and buying them without seeing them was probably stupid, but enlightening. Some of the really awful ones became beloved movies.

Let me tell you something about horror movies, they’re a lot like food.

How is that?

We don’t look for the great food on every intersection corner at every big franchise restaurant like Burger King and Chili’s. We go off the beaten track and see where locals are going, perhaps try something new we didn’t know about before. It’s only one restaurant, not a franchise, but the food is made with mama’s recipes or by a fine chef. Yeah, it’s not fast and easily available, but it’s sure something we haven’t had before.

Well, movies are just like that. If we go to the big box office movies, we leave feeling hungry an hour later. They aren’t satisfying and us horror lovers will not be pleased with what is being shown in every theater. We need something a bit more garage-made, Indie or perhaps with limited release or even straight to DVD. That’s where we’ll find hungers appeased that we didn’t know we had.

I suggest you think about looking for that one weird and unknown addition to your collection, something that sounds intriguing. You can always pop the title into IMDB and see what kind of comments people have made about it and more details about where it was filmed and such. Start looking at some of these places I found:

Boulevard movies
(obscure, exploitation, animal attack, giallo, film noir, et cetera)

Revenge is my Destiny
(Eurotrash, Hicksploitation, Nunsploitation, horror & gore, biker movies and more)

Rare Horror DVDs
(British site but amazing selection: Asian, splatter and gore, zombies-contamination)

Trash Palace
(giallo, horror, erotica, spaghetti western)

Twisted Anger
(apocalyptic, devils/witches/demons, supernatural/paranormal, giallo)


  1. Wow! Thanks for posting these links, I am checking them out, what great stuff!

  2. great call, and nice links to the horror of choice. i have a movie i had seen in the 70's i can never find out what is is... i remember only one disturbing scene... woman hangs naked upside down and one layer off her skin was peeled covered in blood/shoe polish maybe... movie where people trapped in this house and bad stuff happens... that's it all i can recall, it haunts me still today...

    anyone, in my living room at the time... watching this?

  3. A lot like soul food?

  4. Glad y'all liked it. I am such a horror freak. Jeremy--it sounds like the movie "The Evil" with Richard Crenna.

  5. ooooohhhh, i am going to track it down and see... it would make this nightmare go away...

  6. Jeremy;
    Do you recall if in the movie they meet the devil in the basement and he's a short rotund guy in a white suit? Do you recall if the house's shutters closed and they were locked in and couldn't get out?

  7. Where did you find Blood Beach?!
    I've been hunting for it, for my brother more than me, surprisingly.
    (He saw it at a drive-in in the early 80's and wants to see it again.)

    Yay for getting away by the way,
    and hope you have a Merry Christmas! <3

  8. I love the posters and VHS box covers for these movies as well.


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