Monday, December 27, 2010

My Ghost Hunting Wish List of Places

I did this in 2008 and forgot to do it in 2009. So, I'm remembering in 2010. I like to make a list of places I'd most like to do a hunt at. My tastes change over time, especially once the ghost hunting shows have picked over the usual culprits. I tend to not like to follow the crowd and go by my own motivations and not be outwardly directed. So, here's a list of places I most want to hunt at in order:

1. Aspen Grove. No duh. This is the scene of the crime, the place I grew up in, the one that started my whole venture into ghost hunting. This 250-year-old building was once a Civil War Hospital used by both sides at one time or other during The War. I don't just want to go back to figure out what happened there as a kid, but because since that time I moved away, my father, mother, sister, brother and dear family friend who lived at the end of our driveway all vowed to haunt it and have passed on. With them having known my desire to contact the other side, it's as close to a sure thing as possible. Really, I could just list this and stop at this point because this is what I really want.
2. The Newpoint-Comfort Lighthouse. This one is located on the Chesapeake Bay in a quiet little area few know about. We had a summer home there when I was growing up and I always wanted to go back and see if some of the strange things that occurred on that little stone island still go on there.
3. The cemetery in Newpoint-Comfort. In front of my childhood summer home, a beautiful Victorian style home, it faced a cemetery where as a kid I saw little blue balls of light dancing in and out, up and down and never could explain what the hell it was.
4. Sommerou (spelling?) It was my father's family home in Norway and it housed many of the Thorvaldsen clan and I suspect that it would have a strange effect on me or I would have a strange effect on it.
5. Bird Cage Theater, Tombstone, AZ. This is really in my own backyard and there's no reason I haven't been there other than I hear they charge a shitload to hunt there, but there's something about that town and that layout and that building that tells me it would be a really weird place to hunt.
6. Vulture Mines, AZ. Yet again, in my own backyard. I just hate when these places start charging for people to hunt and it makes me highly suspicious, but I am interesting in going to a mining area where death occurred. I have a strong belief that geology is important in places that become haunted and I would like to feel it myself and see just why.
7. Suicide Forest, Mt. Fuji, Japan. The geology, the forest, the suicides. I think it's got to be truly disturbing.
8. Shepherd Pratt. This was a fortress like old structure in Maryland where my sister was hospitalized during her troubled teens and the energy when I entered the place was like nowhere else I've ever been and I've been in prisons, other mental facilities and even worked in an ER, but never felt this before.
9. The haunted mining town in Chile where "Destination Truth" did the most eerie episode.
10. Romanian Forest. Another "Destination Truth" location that intrigued me and as a hunter and psychic, I would very much like to get into that circle and see what occurs.

So, what would be on your list?


  1. No La Isla de la Munecas on your list? I figured an island full of dolls would be right up your alley

    Hoia-Baciu Forest kind of freaks me out. I think I would like to visit Masada in Israel. Looked rather interesting on Destination Truth.

  2. Doll Island would be my vacation spot, but probably not where I'd look for ghosts. I would love to just wander there at night in the dark and enjoy the creepy feel. Nothing like hundreds of doll eyes on you to unsettle. Honestly, if I had a home again, I'd consider doing my yard with rusted amusement park ride seats and creepy dolls and just make it a dark overgrown scary mess. I'm so warped. I agree--DT seems to have the more fun places go than the ghost hunting shows do.

  3. That's a tough one. There are places rumored to be haunted that I would love to visit, but might be disappointing for an actual ghost hunt. I've never done Gettysburg but the open air environment is problematic. Some of the spooklight places. I usually just stumble into them. And the most active have been the most innocuous. It's not like "Ooh, that big creepy old house". One of them was a J C Penney at a mall built in the 70s, which was WAY more active that the 500 year old battlements of El Morro in San Juan. Recently, an old building in a small town west of me yielded some cool audible phenomenon and environmental anomalies. Nothing terribly special about the place.

  4. You hit it right on the head, Cullan. People keep thinking of the usual culprits for hauntings, but activity happens in the right set of conditions. I personally would go to any place in a mining town and if an area like Bennington Triangle has clusters of different phenomena going on, I know it's going to be hot. Some places hold their activity for a long time and others it pops up, is very hot and then dissipates. I'd like to go to a hot spot like Skinwalker Ranch while it's active. You have a good attitude about it. Most people are dazzled by the heavily trampled famous spots.

  5. I would love to wander the Suicide Forest.

    I'll take a visit to any haunted castle too. Even if it's just tales, I would get to knock about an ancient castle in the night.

  6. Pangs, I'm totally with you on that one, buddy. I'd like to go to the Fraser Castle--relatives distantly. Perhaps having shared blood might actually stir things up. Of course, I'm warped enough that I would request to sleep in a dungeon. That is on my bucket list.

  7. SS;
    I'm a totally weird bird, so you never know each year what might end up on my list, but my childhood home remains #1. I made a promise with myself I wouldn't do it until I could have a film crew and a good team with me. If any place is going to be a sure thing, it's that house with my family refusing to leave.

  8. I think you are good guide to most hunted places on earth.

  9. Echo;
    The ones I'm most intrigued by are ones I've been to and they "haunt" me when I leave and I want to go back or ones that I just instinctively know have the right conditions for a haunt. Some places, like The Myrtles Plantation are think are absolute duds. It does not have the right elements for a haunting even if someone did die there. A haunted place has a mixture of elements that makes it like copper is to electricity--ideal.

  10. Doll Island, lol... I think I would go crazy there! I would like to visit many of the haunted places that DT went to, you named a couple of them. As for the Birdcage and Vulture Mines, I am thinking that 2011 sounds like a great year to investigate those places. Oh yeah, I want to visit Aspen Grove because I have heard so much about that place from you.

  11. I'm with Andrea. I was surprised the doll island wasn't on your list! Good list. I have so many places I want to go. It keeps growing every year. I'd like to make it to Colonial Williamsburg and Gettysburg this year if I can. And I'd love to go to Venice and see Poveglia Island. And this haunted place in Croatia...I think it's Croatia. I saw it on Travel Channel and always forget the name, but know where it is when I look on a map.

  12. Court;
    Very good choices. I love Williamsburg. I grew up going there all the time and I have to admit that I have never had such a deja vu familiar from a past life feeling before. Gettysburg was really hard for me to stand on for long. I got restless, needed to get away. I wonder how I'd handle it as an adult since I have a better grip on my talents.

  13. Interesting list! Williamsburg has that eerie feeling, I agree. But I'd have to go with a castle. Being so old, generally made of stone, and having seen so much history; I'm sure they hold much of the remnants of those who use to reside within the walls.