Mind Fuck Tuesday: Time Travel

It's not that far off the mark for me to post about time travel because a theory that runs around in the paranormal community is the possibility that what we are experiencing are not fully perceivable visits from the future or even blips from the past that cross our time period occasionally. Hence, the future might be watching us or we are watching the past.

Let's talk about what most consider to be preposterous science—the design of a traveling machine. H.G. Wells aside, most scientists take newer scientific finds to explain possibilities such as the use of a wormhole created to allow someone to go from point A to point B directly instead of indirectly. This concept is the most popular of all ideas for traveling through time; as you bend space, you bend time.

The question becomes the most classic one. What if you go back and kill your grandfather? Have you just in effect ended your own future existence and if you did that, how could you go back and kill grandpa? Everyone has their own take on this. Mine would be more of the concept that if we travel through time and encounter things, we change the course of that time line, but not the time line we came from, a sort of parallel universe concept.

Is it possible that we can walk through an historic building and feel a deja vu as if we just traveled back in time? Some people report this time shift feeling. Is it actual time shift? I would doubt it because nothing special was done to achieve this state and if it were that random, it would happen more often. More often than not, people are stimulated by sounds, smells, feelings that are deja vu-like and we interpret that as time shifts. It could be that under the right conditions we recognize the past in the form of ghosts, better known as residual hauntings. A moment in time is replayed out and seen visually or auditory or olfactory. What causes that blip in the loop of time is unknown, but it could be more in the individual as a psychic receptor than in an actual playing out of a scene. In other words, if someone were psychically sensitive (perhaps not even realizing he was so), he could visually or auditory or otherwise sense a past moment, as I can read past history in objects.

So, what is your take on time travel and the ability to change destiny?


  1. My personal belief is that time is not linear; but circular. The possibilities are infinite; including parallel universes. So, to be able to experience something from the past, whether it be your own or someone else's is certainly possible; and I believe probable.

    Great post!

  2. Mister Sharaf;
    Thank you.

    Yes, I think there's enough variables in the universe that all kinds of things under perhaps the right cosmic or earth situations can intermittently create weird rifts and strange situations. The truly exciting thing is figuring out how it's done and recreating it. I don't know if I'd visit my future or my past. My very perspective nowadays depends on what I recall from the past and what I imagine in the future. That would really change my course and maybe not in a good way.

  3. I agree with your take on altering the past/multiple timelines theory, or as I like to call it, the Marvel Universe Hypothesis! Comic books are great testing grounds for paranormal theories :D

  4. I have my date all set up. And it's not to change history. I'd going back to 1991 and bet a crapload on the buster douglas Tyson fight. Then I'd invest in apple. Oh, and catch Ghost in the theater.

  5. andalex;
    Isn't that true! I watched an awesome special one time on how things from Star Trek became technology of today. Hell, look at Da Vinci and HG Wells and Jules Verne--forward thinkers.

    I think I'd start dating Bill Gates and get him to marry me. I like nerds, I could deal with it. The only problem is, being married to me might have changed his history because he might not have left the bedroom to work on his geek gear. See, it's the grandfather hypothesis at work!

  6. http://www.impactlab.net/2010/07/22/new-time-travel-theory-suggests-grandfather-paradox-can-be-avoided/

  7. Vapor;
    Awesome! Definitely reading that!

  8. I think if one goes and kills grandfather it will eventually create a butterfly effect for the present.

  9. Echo;
    That is a common belief. It makes sense. I know me getting a divorce had a ripple effect and has me getting published when I probably wouldn't have done it if I'd have stayed in that miserable and unappreciated role. Now, if someone reads one of my books and affects change in his life from it, then the ripples continue on and on and on. Sometimes, just the decision to take surface streets instead of the highway can cause a ripple effect for everyone. It's crazy to think how interdependent we truly are.

  10. I've been traveling through time for many years now. In the left hand lane, at 30mph, with my indicator on.

  11. Damn! Sucio, that was you on the freeway yesterday? Sorry for the horn blowing and the finger gesture, dear.

  12. Sorry sweetie,
    But that was me. Disguised as as Sucio! I was just waving at ya; that's all! ; )

  13. Or it could be vuja-de...the feeling that NONE of this has happend before! HA! I KILL ME! LOL

  14. I like the saying: "Time is God's way of keeping everything from happening all at once."
    But time is truly a human made concept...there is only the eternal NOW.
    Crap happens, but it never happens twice in exactly the same way, so we call the acknowledgment of crap that happened differently from our current experience "the past," because it's never gonna happen that way again, and therefore can no longer be accessed. The crap that's happening this moment we consider the present. There is no future...merely the imaginings in our minds of crap that might or could happen in the now.
    There is no time travel, because if we COULD travel to the past, what we'd be experiencing would still be the now.
    Pretty crappy, huh?

  15. Timoteo;
    It's true. Time is a man-made conception. Why should this moment be somehow more progressive than the last moment. They are all moments. They are neither here nor back there...


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